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  1. Sony already has a housing ready to ship...here is the image leaked
  2. I have only ONE D800 and the oil spots are everywhere
  3. Believe it or not...this is the Sony made housing for A7 A7r https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=751147094911652&set=a.751148051578223.1073741853.108339999192368&type=1&theater
  4. The problem of D600 dust on sensor comes from shutter and ...D800 is not immune from that. Luckily I use D800 for portrait more but the unavoidable stopping down for macro shooting underwater will definite bring more visible dust to your images. I bought a Canon 5d3 later which has much better build quality
  5. I have had two Mark IIs before finally making my decision for Mark III. Mark II is an incrementally improved over Mark I but the build quality, dust in OVF and on sensor remained the same. I happened to have a Sony A850 which is in many ways better than Mark II However, Mark III changes everything. It has much better build quality, lightening fast AF and is a great gear for shooting underwater.
  6. Dear all. I made a mistake thinking Sigma 60 as a macro lens. Well it is not. I used 30/3.5 plus a Subsee 10+
  7. I bought D800 the the same reason....and ending up using Nex5r for underwater. For the time being, it is very good, provided the price I paid for the whole system. Lens line up has begun to be better, and so far the 30 macro does the job for me. Using with a Subsee, I can get closer shots. The pain comes from the AF system so I placed my order for A7, instead of the A7r, for a potential better AF system. I have had a whole set of A mount lenses on land just wonder if any one will launch a housing to be used with Adapter like LA-EA4. If I am buying anything, Nauticam will be my top choice. If I am correct, the manufacturing is undergoing already. Of course, David will confirm this. Let us go back to the lens issue. There will be quality Zeiss FE macro lens by 2015. Samyang also annouses their lenses for FE mount so at least I can use the well known 14/2.8 underwater.
  8. As a D800 owner, I will recommend you a D610 or unless D810 is out there. 36MP is very useful for nature photography and the AF on D800 is awesome. However, D800 shares the same dust/oil on sensor problem as D600 does. My guess is that D610 will have an upgraded version of AF.
  9. Never dive with a camera before 100 logs.. Try shoot with your 7D on land with manual setting like mounting the 580, setting iso to 100, etc etc to gain experience. You may start an inexpensive camera later like the on sale Olympus EM1 set plus a strobe. Personally I will recommend a DC with RAW capability like G15/RX100
  10. I have been diving since 2007 with very similar situation like yours diving with non photographers. My fellow divers do hate taking photos underwater because of various issues. So I took this chance to dive with photographers and that is another story. If you want an intermediate solution...it is a very simple. Buy a cheap mirrorless or an RX100, add a strobe and shoot in RAW. This will temporarily solve your WB solution. The whole setup can be very compact. There are dozens of rX100 housings available from the professional Nauticam to the inexpensive Meikon.
  11. I have two Z240 and although I cannot speak for the TTL, I must admit they are lighter, smaller and more powerful. Highly recommended.
  12. I can't help but ...too excited to get one housing for my Instructor's friend..My instructor only shoots using smaller cameras and currently he is using RX100. I will let you guys know how this housing works with the RX100 II...Nauticam has done a great job in improving already excellent RX100 housing. \
  13. I know currently there are three available products for this little cameras 1. Recsea 2. Ikelite 3. NB (otherwise also known as Meikon, and their clones like Meike, Paloroid etc etc) but...have to tell you guys Nauticam has been very aggressive and the housings are under mass production I am lucky to get one for my friend and to be honest I was shocked by the size and weight of this housing. The only other housingis the Ikelite for RX100. Ikelite is good except...it is larger and heavier.
  14. Even if I have D4, I will choose a D800 for shooting underwater for 1. small body 2. much higher pixel density 3. potential of using DX format at 15MP
  15. May I suggest 1. Bring a less expensive housing with an RX100 or RX100 II camera with ultrawide (weitwinkel) angle adapter. This small digital cameras offers far better image quality than any of camera you mentioned. I personally placed an order from Nauticam for my buddy but for you by the time you start your whale swimming....you will have more than ten suppliers of this little camera. It is small, quick and very compact. 2. Buy the on sale Olympus EPM1 camera with housing at 499.99. 3. Buy an inexpensive Meikon housing for your existing dSLR. Although Meikon housing is not good for deep diving it is perfect for snorkeling. http://www.meikon.cc/products.asp?classid=&id=862
  16. It is very simple...D90 is a bit too old for the game. get the OMD. However, if you use a D7100, I think Hogyfot is better.
  17. I got reply from them...a housing for Mark II RX100 is in production. I placed my preorder for the camera
  18. I am quite sure buddies around me, with EPL5 housing also uses a lot of wet lenses, mostly macro and super wide.
  19. Only after a few trips and shootings for the past months I started to realise that the benefit of underwater shooting using a mirrorless over a dslr is minimal.
  20. Thank you...eventually it comes back to Nexus. My local diving buddies use Nexus housings....
  21. 1. Sigma 60mm macro is a true macro http://www.thephoblographer.com/2013/06/14/review-sigma-60mm-f2-8-dn-sony/ I believe you can use a ordinary port made for other lenses. 2. Nauticam makes a great port for 10-18 http://nauticam.cn/newsview.aspx?q_aid=1327 3. 20/2.8 turns out to be a so so lens
  22. Has anyone tried to use newer Nikon camera bodies into the same housing? Having read Michael's reviews about D7100, I started to notice Nikon has built D7000, D7100 and D600 with very similar camera bodies so they can fit into the same housing. As the dSLR housings have never been more affordable than camera bodies, I started to wonder if I can buy a housing for, say my D800 so I can use an new D400 body later for underwater shooting http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/nikon-d7100-mini-review
  23. thank you for sharing....5D mark II has its advantages...say sensor much larger. Given the price of 7D housing I will prefer buying a 5DIII for the whole upgrade. . You have to notice the depth was very shallow and the author used an extensive list of equipment, other than just the 5D2 camera body.
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