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  1. RX 100 is one of the compact digital cameras having the most extensive list of housing. There must be one for you. Usually we shoot using manual mode with strobes...and do your two strobe have TTLs....?
  2. I have the 10-18 but it needs a larger port and dome... Still scratching my head to decide between 16 mm with adaptor or this lens. It is a better lens. Other alternatives will be the Sigma 19mm and also the newer Zeiss Touit. As for macro, you can use the 30/3.5 but the newer Sigma 60/2.8 will be better.
  3. I've decided 5r will do the same as 6 so I bought a 5R housing instead....and a new 5r too. The kit lens, though tried, does not have enough resolution. All you need is a good prime lens and good lighting Enjoy shooting
  4. 200/4 was the sharpest macro lens ever made...but to use it underwater will be....will not be on my wish least. I have this 60mm AFS and 150 OS but will definitely bring 60mm underwater.
  5. My first instructor did not allow me to shoot before 100logs. Now with 200-300 logs I still feel a better buoyancy control is needed.
  6. I am so dump...to notice the 6000K reading... well, despite I always shoot raw, it seems not possible to take one with correct colour temp without good lighting.
  7. The body has image stabilization
  8. I tried to figure out but still, the X sync speed of Nex 5 (various) and Nex6 is 1/160. I will try to set it to 1/250 and try out nex dive. BTW, at <300gm, Nex5r is a great diving camera.
  9. Yes, 30/3.5 macro for 90% of the dive, with occasionally Subsee + We are also experimenting by adding a dry close up adapter to 50/1.8 or 30/1.8 to get more light. I will check out the faster flash syn shutter
  10. Borrowed and brought Inon and Subsee for my last trip. As a beginner, the Subsee10+ is a way too much, especially when I mounted in front of macro lens. Better to have them both
  11. I brought a white lens cap 67mm underwater and use it for WB setting...underwater. Fine for a trip. Sometimes, the diffuser for flash also works great
  12. I did this using manual setting, 1/160, f16, iso100 and flah -2ev to trigger my strobe
  13. I am new...but my two Z240 works perfectly with any camera....great if size and weight are also taken into account.
  14. Dear Edward: Thanks for the posting. Is there a zooming gear along with this port? How about black corners? Do I need to mount the lens separately from outside the housing as I did in another brand Nex housing?
  15. We also carried two Meikon housings and one aquatica housing. Meikons did not work in deeper depth and Aquatica still showed some black corners, though very mild. As beginner photographers, we did not have good skill to utilize the full potential of Subsee10+ so closeup shots are pretty much like this
  16. ....flood proof was the word of a local dealer which sells the huge volume of Nauticam and 10bar... After all the wide side of the port does not perfect. When mounted on a 11mm lens, there is this big circle...
  17. Eventually, we bought a total of three 10bar housings and one Aquatica. As beginners, I have asked tons of questions to the dealer and even manufacturers before we leave. 10Bar housings are very heavy and flood proof except a few shortcomings
  18. Have a look here at the galleries...all extensively taken by RX 100 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aquaman-Life-Under-The-Sea/121279531274515?hc_location=stream
  19. I shoot using extensively rigs on land.....I am packing up for my next trip with mirrorless. I have just received my quotation from a dive shop and looking at the endless list of ports, extension tubes, adapters, strobes and I simply think to myself, why not just pick up an RX100 and go. I believe it is better for you to start with an RX100.
  20. Keep the thread alive...I contacted Hugyfot and the guys are very helpful
  21. Balagan I was talking to local Hugyfot about housing for D800 and they recommend me to use the same port for 105VR and 60macro, with extension tubes.
  22. I have both cameras. A recent talk to a local instructor led me to Hugyfot...At similar prices, are all these housings similar?
  23. Just came back from Sipadan in Jan. Comparing to my trip three years ago, underwater environment around Sipadan is seriously polluted. I cannot think of anything but diving. However, among our 20 dives there, none was made dedicating to photography. If you have a chance to tour around Mabul Island, you will still see local village people and how they blast fish for their food
  24. Scott: will you consider using the SEL 30/3.5 macro under water? It can use your existing port as well
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