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  1. Dear E_viking Thanks for the reply. My web surfing exactly found what you have just said. They recommended Recsea and Aquacpazza from Japan. I went to check out and found these housings are indeed well made but I cannot tell without actually using them under water. How about 10bar´╝č
  2. Thanks guys. I contacted a local dealer...and they kinda recommend me, moving away from Nauticam though Nauticam is the real biggest player. One point they say is that Nauticam mirrorless housings use single O ring. I cannot confirm this.
  3. Hi everyone. I started my own strobe and arm system connecting to this 5n using a Meikon housing. It is a good housing if I am using it for shallow water sport but not for diving. I started looking for better housing system. Currently I have found Nauticam, 10bar, Aquatica, Recsea, Acquapazza and have been wondering which is the best. I also have a Nex6 camera and Nauticam is the only company providing a housing for this camera. Thanks
  4. I have tested and used this for some time http://www.ebay.com/itm/XPRO-F500-67mm-Close-Up-Lens-Macro-lens-Super-Macro-Conversion-Lens-/280874520769?pt=Camera_Filters&hash=item41656d10c1 mostly using the 49mm on my Nex camera lenses. Images: http://images5.fotop.net/albums7/herbridge/Sipadan_2013/DSC2238.jpg I wonder if this can be used underwater
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