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  1. Thanks for the help. I thought a while ago there was some discussion on software that would automatically shoot and fine tune lenses. I tried to find it on this site but no luck. anyone remember?
  2. Looking for a macro lense for my D7100, in an Ikelite housing. Have an older Tokina 100mm but find it not very sharp. Looking at the Nikon 105mm not sure which version VR or not vs the Tokina Pro any thoughts? Also do users see a big difference between the glass vs plastic lense ports for the macro lenses? Thanks for all the help you guys are great. Mike
  3. I am trying to figure out if I need a diopter for the Sigma 17-70 On a Nikon D300, Ikelite housing with the 8inch port. Any advice would be appreciated. Mike
  4. Thanks Bill. I did do the upgrade, seems much more secure. Is there a trick for keeping water drops from ruining the photos? I don't know if you can use Rain-X on acrylic lenses. Mike Thanks Alex, The article is very helpfull Mike
  5. I am going to Raja Ampat in February and I wonder about techniques for over under photos. I am using a Toking 10-17 and a Sigma 17-70 in the Ikelite 8 inch port on a Nikon D300. I the past I had trouble getting the camera to focus on the over the water portion of the photo, maybe because I had a close up diopter on my lens. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  6. How do you attach the velcro to the lens, did you glue it on. I have been looking for an older non-HSM version of the lens but they seem to have disappeared.
  7. I have looked all over the website, where can I find the article about wide angle macro technique? Thanks MB
  8. I am using a D300 in an Ikelite housing. I use the Nikon 12-24, like it other than it is a little soft on the edges. I have not tried it with a diopter or in the bigger 8 inch Ikelite port. I also use a Tokina 100mm macro which I enjoy. There is a lot of discussion about what a lense should do to make it work well under water. Good glass of course, but also close focusing ( what ever close is). But I also get the sense that a lense that both zooms and focuses internally is advantageous especially if it is behind a dome port. Primarily I am looking for a lense maybe 35 and 70 or 80 mm. Am I looking for the right thing and what specific lenses should I look at. I only get to shoot 1-2 trips per year so not a lot of time to just play with the gear. Thanks I learn a lot in this forum keep up the good work. Mike
  9. Now that Ikelite has conquored TTL for the D 70, maybe that can spend some time with us D100 owners, If there any word in this area or is it a never going to happen. shooting manual is great for polishing up our skills but those fast shots frequently get away.
  10. You guys are right it turns out that the camera was set for compressed NEF. Switching to uncompressed markedly increased the write speed. thanks for the help Mike
  11. I am new to digital photography, I read some discussion about basic editing that most photos seem to need, at least underwater stuff. I am using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. Any suggestions on what steps to take or a process to use?? thanks Mike
  12. I have been viewing the forums since last fall and the info is great. On a trip to Cost Rica last fall I used my D100 in an Ike housing. That was the first time I shot RAW images. Even using a Lexar Pro CF card I was amazed on the time it took to write an image to the flash card, almost 40seconds. I have not gotten the firmware upgrade but plan to do so soon. Is this a normal writing speed and how much improvement can I expect with the upgrade?? thanks Mike
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