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  1. I'm selling one Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro strobe. She's a beast, but I just don't need the extra power anymore with the kind of photography that I'm doing nowadays.


    The strobe has some cosmetic use marks, but is in perfect working order. Included in the package is the strobe, battery, and charger.


    Asking $500. Buyer pays shipping.




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  2. House spring is quite small, literally the size of a large swimming pool, and it's right next to someone's house. It's near Jurassic Springs and Hunter Springs (try googling Hunter Springs State Park). Your boat captain should know where it is, and your operator should also be able to provide you with a map if you decide to look by yourself. Would highly recommend it for the water clarity, but I will warn you that Three Sisters was closed every day for my 3 day trip :(

  3. I'm in Crystal River right now, and I can confirm that as of now, a lot of the restrictions regarding Three Sisters have not been put into place. That being said, there is apparently a new guy in charge at the Fish and Wildlife Service, and he has been quite trigger happy closing the springs to visitors. This morning, we arrived at Three Sisters well before 7 and were one of the first boats there, only to have them close the spring right after we got into the water. A lot of the captains are quite unhappy with this new policy. I'm really hoping that we'll be able to make it to Three Sisters tomorrow, as we haven't been able to make it there yet on this trip due to all of the closings.


    With regards to strobes, I didn't bring mine and have been pretty happy about that decision. There is no flash photography allowed until one hour after sunrise, and honestly, in Kings Spring, the place where we saw by far the most manatees, the water is so murky that strobes would only add more backscatter. I suppose they might be worth it if you can actually make it to Three Sisters, but there's so much ambient light there it's almost unnecessary. More than likely, you'll just end up packing two heavy strobes that will only be of real benefit for a few shots. For the rest, you'll probably just have the manatee police yelling at you, regardless of how careful and responsible you are.


    A final note: If you can't make it to Three Sisters, ask to go to House Spring. It's where we ended up this morning, and although it's very small, the water is even more clear than Three Sisters (so I've been told), and it stays less crowded.


    Hope this helps!



  4. Looking to buy a Sea & Sea YS-250 strobe, preferably in the continental US, but open to buying from anywhere. Send me a PM if you have a working strobe in good condition that you're looking to offload!

  5. I'm upgrading to a DSLR, so I'm selling most of my compact camera rig. This includes my Nauticam NA-S110 Housing, Canon S110, Dyron +7 macro lens for 67 mm thread, Inon UWL-100 Type II Wide Angle Lens for 67 mm thread, and Ultralight TR-DM tray with Ultralight TR-DHB handle.


    • Nauticam NA-S110: Bought in February 2013 at Reef Photo Video. Never flooded, it is in perfect working condition with just a few smudges and minor scratches on the back screen as the only signs of use. Comes with the original proof of purchase, manual, grease, spair o-ring, 52 mm thread adapter, and lens cap. Has less than 50 dives on it.
    • Canon S110: Has seen little use (I have two and am only selling the newer one which has has mostly sat in the box) and is in pristine condition. Comes with the original box and all original goodies such as the manual and CD, as well as 2 batteries and an unopened 8 GB memory card.
    • Dyron +7 Macro Lens for 67 mm Thread: This is a great macro lens which helped me take some great pics in Lembeh. Is in perfect condition except for a slight ding on the outer edge of the front of the lens. Does NOT affect the performance of the lens at all, it still functions perfectly.
    • Inon UWL-100 Type II Wide Angle Lens for 67 mm Thread: This is another fantastic lens, especially for wide angle shots of coral and fishlife. It has a few minute scratches that never show up in pictures (no dents or scratches deep enough to actually affect image quality) as well as a small ding to the back threading where it screws onto the housing. It does vignette slightly at its widest setting, but even after zooming in slightly, it's still wide enough to create over-unders (in combination with a good deal of patience and skill, of course). Comes with the front and back lens cap
    • Ultralight TR-DM Tray and Ultralight TR-DHB Handle: Very sturdy construction and design. The handle has a ball adapter so that strobe arms can be mounted with clamps. Includes two pairs of screws

    Looking to sell as a package. $1200 plus shipping.



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