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  1. Good afternoon, I'm selling a AQUATICA PACK for the Canon 5D Mark II. AQUATICA housing for 5D Mark II with Vacuum check LEAK SENTINEL (V6 model). (Revised by SAT in july 2019). AQUATICA DOME 8". Zoom control for Canon EF 24-70 f4L IS USM lens. Port for Canon EF 24-70 f4L IS USM lens. Body of Canon 5D Mark II. Lens EF 24-70mm f4L IS USM. 3 x Ball adaptor (2 at handles and 1 at the housing). The housing was revised by AQUATICA SERVICE at july 2019. The price is 2.550,00 € plus shipping. Best Regards
  2. Hi Joe, I have this port in excellent condition, if you are interested. My mail is asenent@icloud.com
  3. Hi Brandon, I have a Nauticam A6300... If you are interested , please contact with me.... Best Regards
  4. Hello, I am interested in this dome. When you bought it? Best regards
  5. Antoñito


    Hi, I'm interested in the wideport
  6. Hi Martini, Look this..... http://u-seas.es/producto/seacam-canon-5d-mark-ii
  7. Hi Sharky 1961, I'm interested in PVL-20mm. Please contact me at mail asenent@icloud.com or info@antoniosenent.com If is possible, please send me photos and tell me the age of PVL (extensión Rings) Best regards
  8. Hi folks, We have video lights and focus in close out lights that have been used in demo / display in shows, with all accessories and original packaging. Never been wet, but are open box so can't be sold as a new. 4 units of Video Light U5500WSR (7.800 theoretical lumens / 5.500 real stabilized lumens ) - 699,00 €/ud now 560,00 €/ud Technical data U5500WSR Video demo Link Vimeo 6 units of Video Light U1300WRL (1.300 real lumen / 300 lumen red light / laser) - 275,00 €/ud now 225,00 €/ud Technical data U1300WRL Regards
  9. Hi, For focus light i used U1300WRL. http://www.u-seas.es/focos-video/3-foco-u1300wrl.html It has three modes (White Light / Red / Laser), and can adjust power. And other light with more power is the model - U2300WSRUV. Regards
  10. Hi, I sell a Seacam Superdome, in perfect condition, no scratches. Sale price: 800,00 € Shipping to anywhere in the world. With new original o-ring and neoprene cover.
  11. Hi, I have a Superdome for selling. If you are interested contact with me in assonant@icloud.com Regards
  12. Hi Brigitte, i have a Superdome in great condition. I send you a mail. Regards
  13. Hi Gabriella, I have a Superdome in great condition. The price is 750,00 € plus shipping. If you are interested, please contact with me. Regards
  14. Check this link: http://www.u-seas.es/focos-video/3-foco-u1300wrl.html
  15. Hi, I have a Seacam Superdome port, If you are interested contact with me Regards
  16. Hola, Tengo una caja Seacam para la 5D markII. Si estás interesado puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo. Un saludo
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