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  1. I'm normally a wreck guy but recently got a chance to spend 3.5 wks diving the Galapagos on a breather. What made the experience so unique was the ability to interact with all the critters "silently". Pete Mesley & Lust4Rust.Co has branched out to add "Aquatic Adventures" to the brand name with an inaugural trip to Galapagos guided by Jorge Mahauad of Galapagos Rebreathers. The diving was simply amazing with up close and personal interactions (so... many different critters that even now I am still in awe!)......it was that good! If you are a breather guy/gal (and even if you aren't) and want some great photo ops, or simply just take it all in, this is the place! Btw there are many very nice posts on Galapagos here....go read them!.
  2. If your a wreck diver and love shooting WWII wrecks as much as I do, this is a trip worth considering! Technically oriented diving aboard the vessel TAKA with logistical support from "lust4rust.co" Contact Pete Mesley at: 15972716_10154062283121965_3471872164257040848_o.jpg
  3. Hi Nicool The Gunilda is about 70m dark and cold...4C. To get the blue green water background would require very high ISO, and/or exceptional vis....maybe early season? The Windiate always a crowd pleaser and so photogenic! In general the Great Lakes fish tend to be skittish, but they are there from time to time. Visibility on the average 15-40m and great for photo ops. Come Join Lust4Rust for a great lakes adventure. check out Lust4Rust.CO or contact Pete Mesley (owner) Happy Holidays! steve
  4. Although this thread started in January, I thought I would add a few pics of this years trip with Lust4Rust.co to a wreck called the Gunilda, on the North Shore of Lake Superior. She was a mega yacht that sank in 1911 after running aground on a shoal and is possibly the most beautiful wreck in the great lakes!
  5. Sold the Sola 1200's the Sola 800 is still for sale
  6. Hi wetpixel'ers I have 2 Sola 1200 Video lights in used good condition with boxes, cases and chargers. Lights work fine, hold a charge well have narrow and wide beam. The chargers are fully functional but have cracks in the plastic (hence the green duct tape). I have found the lights to be a bit finicky when it comes to charging as they like the connectors to be clean without any corrosion, they also like to be charged regularly to keep them in top shape. I also have a Sola 800 Photo focus light in excellent (barely used) condition. It has a white flood and a red focus light. I would rate the sola 1200's in good condition and the sola 800 in excellent condition. I will split them up but prefer to sell the 2 sola 1200's together for 500 the sola 800 (no box or case) for 250. you can pm me or my email: stevehubbard@charter.net
  7. Price drop 1150 for wet pixel'ers essentially discounting what would have been the ebay commission.
  8. Sold the housing, sorry! Shutter count 5629! Sony NEX7 Mirrorless 24mp camera body Sony SEL 18-200 f3.5-6.3 Telephoto Lens (yep the 18-200! My favorite lens!) Sony 3.5-5.6/18-55 Telephoto Lens Sony 4.5-6.3/55-210 Telephoto Lens Sony E3.5/30 Macro Lens Sony Sel16F2.8 Wide Angle Lens Sony ECU1 ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) Converter Sony ECF1 Fisheye Converter 2 Battery Chargers 5 Batteries 32GB SD card stevehubbard@charter.net I take paypal and will ship at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
  9. Why yes! there is penetration, and some interesting artifacts such as telescopes, engine room gauges, and various cargos still in pristine condition. Fortunately, these era time pieces are protected by law and generally not looted by fellow divers.
  10. That certainly is a problem with tek diving, gear gear and more gear, but I do have to say CCR is especially nice in cold water since the breathing air is warmed by the chemical reaction of the scrubber. Drysuit heating technology has also made this much more comfortable as well. I am ashamed to admit that the great lakes are in my own backyard and I am just now discovering these gems. If you are interested, there is another trip this year, check out Lust4Rust.co for more info. cheers steve.
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