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  1. My wild guess would be housing problem. Under pressure minor deformation of the housing makes contact between command dial and rubberized wheel weaker to a level of not enough friction. As far as I heard it was often (???) applicable to Ikelite housings. But, please remember: all of the above is just my wild guess
  2. I want to find out from the public about magnetic adapters for wet lenses, for example: http://www.divervision.com/howshot-m67-magnetic-lens-mount-MG-M67.html or like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NiteScuba-M67-Magnetic-Mount-with-Lock-for-macro-wide-angle-fisheye-lens-adapter-filter-holder-underwater/32935095899.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.267.61403c00Nd4Kfy - How reliable is such an adapter? - Does it provide good axial alignment between the main lens and the wet lens? - How significant is the change in the distance between the main lens and the wet lens in terms of working distance and image quality?
  3. Dear community, I need to service my 3 years old NA-D800 and would like to do it myself. I can get full rebuilt/service kit. Would it be possible to find service manual for the housing or any other similar ones?
  4. I had the same problem on Nauticam housing with Nikon D800, Nikon 16-35mm / Sigma 15mm, 2x YS-D1 flashes synced via FOCs. The half-donut shape was appearing at the bottom of the image. It was introduced by light from internal flash propagating to the dome (the port opening is much bigger then the lenses). The fix was simple - I used old rubbed hoods (cutted to required size with removed metal barrels) to block the leak Problem solved. I heard (never saw) somebody were producing special blank-offs for the cases like this.
  5. I'm 100% agree with and178schwarz. Can somebody (maybe Miso) provide indication of area(s) need(s) to be protected from conformal coating.
  6. According to L&M info Sola Photo has SOS mode, but no 1 word about activation in User Manual (as well as about locking/unlocking the device for/from travel mode). How to activate the SOS mode?
  7. I'd add: inconsistent idiots. By the way - how was the Aqaba diving?
  8. Sorry, I just provided my PERSONAL subjective experience without any attempt to generalize it. And I'm very sorry to hear such a story from you - I can imagine the frustration...
  9. Emirates flights Johannesburg - Dubai - Male return and local flight Male - Baa Atoll return: All Emirates flights - no problems at all (30kg luggage allowance) and not too much worry about carry-on items Male - Baa - had to pay for over-weight as all items were weighted and I didn't find the way to hide the back-pack Baa - Male - no problems, as there's no place to put scale
  10. Egypt Air flight - Johannesburg-Cairo-Amman return: In Johannesburg we had some troubles with check-in luggage. We traveled in two with 2 check-in cases, total weight was below limit, but we were forced to redistribute weight to not more than 23kg per case . It's the first time in my experience such stupid requirement applied . I did hide my back-pack from check-in counter and successfully passed the boarding Cairo - nobody care about anything Amman - nobody care about anything Cairo - nobody care about anything
  11. to okuma and JimG: I'm very happy I could help you. One more suggestion: RTFM, sometimes it helps
  12. I hope so But I'd like to get more descriptive answer
  13. What are the rules about taking the housing with camera, port, lens just openly on the shoulder? It's good 6-7kg. Does it fall under carry-on luggage?
  14. I don't think you can do it as described: when you switch Leak Sentinel ON at low pressure inside the housing it will do auto-calibration, interpret the current pressure as ambient and go to RED LED state. I tested it - it behaves exactly as I described.
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