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  1. I am selling body and housing for Nex 5. See ad http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50381 I am in Washington, DC
  2. I am selling my Sony Nex 5 body with the battery, charger, cable and a NEW Meike 16MM Underwater Housing. The housing is rated for 130 ft/40 meters. I have not used this specific housing but have used the one for the 18-55MM lens and have not had any issues with it.There is a scratch on the top of the camera where the "door" is for the flash but it is purely cosmetic and does not affect the camera from functioning. Camera is in excellent operating condition! Perfect for someone looking to get into underwater photography/videography, just add the 16MM lens! $300 Please let me know if you need more pics of the camera or housing.
  3. Do you still have the housing and ports?
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