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  1. To those who use Olympus housings: Olympus housings for E-M5 provide a very poor view of EVF and an Olympus stuff told me some tips to improve this. When you look EVF through underwater protecter, "style 1" is more preferrable than "style 3," because you can easily see an entire field of view with "style 1." However, if you set "built-in EVF Auto Switch" to "OFF" (a normal setting for underwater), "style 3" will be automatically selected (I don't know why). Following settings will resolve this problem. 1. In "Custom Menu - Built-In EVF" section, Set "Built-In EVF Style" to "Style 1" and "EVF Auto Switch" to "ON." With these settings, you can see photos only on EVF and cannot use a rear monitor at all. 2 Then, Set 'Setup Menu - Rec View' to "Auto," and you will see photos are replayed on EVF for about 2 seconds and after that they will appear on a rear monitor automatically. You can end these replays by half-pushing a release button. With this method, you can use EVF while taking photos, and use a back EL monitor while checking photos. 3. When you would like to use back monitor while taking photos, long-pressing the button on the side of EVF will show you "EVF Auto Switch" menu, and you can turn it ON and OFF to switch EVF and a rear monitor. I hope those will help you.
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