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  1. Hi Guy's, gpaulay, I'm thinking you could be right with the 'gammarid amphipod' ID, the side view looks very much like I remember too. Jim, Because of my memory of the side view I'm not convinced it's a 'Caprella mutica' however I think it's spot on for another question I had in the picture below. Many thanks to you both, Gary.
  2. Could anyone tell me what this little guy is ? Common enough and seen plenty of them, this one was in about 6 meters off S/W Ireland. Many thanks, Gary.
  3. I cannot say as to where to rent a truck from as we got ours in with a package but I can say we had no problems while we were there over there, the advise we had was to not leave anything of value in the vehicle and to leave the doors unlocked and windows either partly or fully down, we were also told it was OK to leave tanks in the back as they are marked and have no value to anyone. As a general rule take a cheap pair of shades and non designer clothing to use while diving, get yourself a waterproof box to carry keys, cards and a small amount of cash with you and you should be fine, hopefully someone else will be able to advise you on truck rental. We found Bonaire to be fabulous especially if you are into the freedom of independent shore diving just relax and have a great time. Gary. PS: If you fancy a genuine eating out experience ask a local for directions to 'Mikeys Sneck' and try the Iguana soup !
  4. 'Wow' what a great experience and fabulous pictures to look back on. Gary.
  5. This was one of many great night dives in Curacao and we found it particularly rewarding due to the amount of octopus out on the reef most of which were sporting a fabulous array of colours, all pictures were taken with an OM-D E-M5 in Nauticam housing. This colourful guy seemed to be trying to stare down the christmas tree worm: Another octopus happy to pose: And: We also stumbled across this little guy doing his best to hide: Gary.
  6. Very nice, I especially like the stingray in the light beam. Gary.
  7. Very nice, particularly like the octopus. :0) Gary.
  8. Thomas your English is easily understandable. Great shots & great story.
  9. The tompots are guaranteed to put a smile on you especially when as bold as this one is, here's another shot taken during that dive:
  10. This took us by surprise. This very friendly tompot came straight out settled on us several times, a little worrying when it was near the face especially after seeing the teeth on Alex's images however he/she showed no aggression and sure made the dive for us. Gary.
  11. Cracking shots Alex, cute and aggressive . . . . cool !
  12. Hi Steve, I agree with you using Ross's method has produced a better image, nice one. :0) Gary.
  13. Cheers Guy's, I wasn't aware of the dogfish/catshark issue so stand corrected Gary.
  14. Hi Steve, If this is what you are looking for then it's available as a 'one click' option if set up as a PS 'Action', I've used your manta shot as an example. I've found it to work on some but not all 'overblue' shots I've tried it on, instructions on how to are here: I'd like to see a few more of those manta images. Gary.
  15. Decorator crab, Bantry Bay - Ireland Dogfish, Bantry Bay - Ireland Red Blenny, Kenmare Bay - Ireland Tompot Blenny, Kenmare Bay - Ireland Tompot dance, Kenmare Bay - Ireland. Well not so much of a dance it looked more like a territorial dispute.
  16. Hi Mark, Possibly 'Idotea linearis' Gary.
  17. Cool idea, interesting with eerie overtones I like it. :0)
  18. Nice . . . . . reminds me of a couple of diving holidays we had in Marettimo (not too far away) thanks for the memories. Gary.
  19. Hi Kevin, Not the easiest of conditions for U/W photography that's for sure, well done. Gary.
  20. Taken on a shore dive at Smugglers Cave, Kenmare Bay, Ireland. Spiny starfish feasting on a dead gul: Grumpy looking Leopard Spotted Goby: Corkwing Wrasse: Attacking Tompot Blenny: Diver in the shallows:
  21. An amazing display of stripes, fabulous pictures Alex. :0)
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