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  1. I like the foreshortening effect and I think it works very well and looks natural, they are all excellent in my eyes I’d like to see more. Gary.
  2. Cracking shot, look forward to seeing more.
  3. RE: Don't know why but I like this one Me too, I find it both calming and surreal. Gary.
  4. This may be a way to creat a partial vacuum cheaply : http://www.vacuvin.co.uk/270/Vacuum_Wine_Saver.html Good luck with the project, Gary.
  5. "Wow" cool, and I bet it was. Fair play to you Dan.
  6. Nice, I like the ambience in your kelp shots.
  7. Hi Greg, I have tried generic battery's from Dot.Foto it was a twin pack and to quote the product description was 'Guaranteed to operate in exactly the same way as the manufacturer original battery' . . . . . . and . . . . . . . . they both failed within a week ! I sent them back which they did not like and eventually got a refund, I have since bit the bullet and gone for a genuine Olympus battery. Hope you have better luck than I did. Gary.
  8. Thank you for your comments on the build, the vacuum forming has been an interesting project in itself and I’m now looking forward to getting lots of use from it. Alex, your right about the wide angle end, It’s a bit like a fixed ring flash or snoot in that respect and could also be said for using dedicated macro lenses however switching the flash off does give the ability to use the wide angle where natural light is available, in my case that’s often the beginning and end of the dive. Cheers, Gary.
  9. I’ve been working on this project for a while & now seem to be getting somewhere, the idea was to keep the already versatile NA-EM5 & 12-50 set up as small and light as possible. Made of two sheets of vacuum formed HIPS bonded together with an acrylic diffuser at the front, the inside is white to reflect as much light forward as possible using the standard Olympus flash. Here’s a couple of shots taken with this set up: I would be interested in any thoughts you have on this method of lighting. Cheer's, Gary.
  10. 0:23 seconds in . . . . 'God willing tomorrow there will be more' I sincerley hope not.
  11. Your image sure put a smile on me this morning :0) Nice one Damien.
  12. I use a good few of the controls but not on every dive and you can be sure ‘Murphy’s Law’ would come into play if I had a housing that excluded some of them as eventually I would feel them wanted, so with that in mind I’d rather a housing that allowed the use of all camera functions.
  13. I concur they are excellent and a very good example of what can be seen around our coastline.
  14. Hi, My name is Gary I've been lurking on Wetpixel for awhile now, my interests are in diving & underwater photography. Most of my diving is done around the coast of S/W Ireland plus some in warmer waters while on holiday, I started uw photography with a Fuji f30 then progressed to a Sea & Sea DX-2G, recently this has been passed on to my wife and I've upgraded to an Olympus OM-D E-M5 & Nauticam housing. The information I have gleened from Wetpixel has been very helpful and I look forward to learning a lot more in the future. Cheers, Gary.
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