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  1. Hi James, Good to be back! New baby and new business, all at the same time, derailed my life for awhile lol. Hoping to get back in the water soon with my D200 rig.... and heading to Iceland for 2 weeks at the end of the month Sorry for the shameless /bump but the subal stuff is still for sale ... Cheers, John
  2. Ok, folks.... Price Reduced - $3000.00 for everything. Cheers, John
  3. Hello gang, I've got the following items for sale. The housing is in at least 9.5/10 condtion with only some very minor scratches on the bottom of the housing and on the "subal" decal. The ports are in the same condition with no scratches. Between work and family I just haven't been diving and can't justify keeping the rig - I'd rather see it go to a good home. And make a few bucks! 1.)Subal ND2 Housing for D2X with GS Viewfinder (Nikonos bulkheads) 2.) Subal DP-FE2 Glass Dome Port 3.) Subal FP-FC60 Focus Port for Nikkor 60mm Asking $3500.00 for all of it. Please E-mail me at thetravelking@yahoo.com with any questions. I'll e-mail pictures on request. I'll also ship no charge UPS ground to anywhere Continental US. Thanks, John
  4. I just reset my D200 to the factory defaults. It is still underexposing while in P mode using the built-in flash. Interestingly, if I set it to manual at F8 and 1/250 while using the flash and it is almost perfect every time. I was using the 18-70mm kit lens so far. Haven't tried it with other lenses yet. John
  5. Hi Joe, I have the exact same problem with my D200. I took it to a Nikon authorized repair facility in Thousand Oaks and they checked the metering - said everything was fine. Let me know if you figure it out. John
  6. Very nice images. How did you know? I was getting tired of all those Indonesion critters! (Or maybe it was jealousy ). They remind me of our Southern Californian inverts. What lens did you use - were they cropped? Thanks, John
  7. Hey Todd, If you had asked me about an Alaska cruise a year ago I would've laughed and said I wasn't in my 70s yet. We planned it about a year ago when the baby was born. We're avid hardcore travellers and tried to think of somewhere and something that we felt was baby safe - we weren't going to "not travel" like everyone said with the baby! I also had to pick a place where I wasn't going to feel dissapointed if I missed diving. Little did I know at the time that there is a dive operation in Ketchikan. ChrisM did it about a month prior to our trip. I ended up having a great time on the cruise. I've never been north of the Canadian border before and thought the scenery was amazing. Makes me want to do Port Hardy. We had a Junior Suite which was huge for little more money than a standard balcony room. The balcony was great - most of my pictures of the Hubbard Glacier and Inside Passage were from the balcony. We just left the sliding door open and the baby just crawled in and out at his leisure. Great playgroups for kids - even had 4 other kids all around a year old that I went to each morning. Other than the playgroups, we took him whale watching, on a rain forest hike where we saw black bears, and to the Mendenhaal Glacier hike. Pretty cool stuff. Like I said, ChrisM went on a similar family trip the month before and admitted he had a good time complete with Bingo! I'm biding my time until our Son turns 4 years and we can do the Aggressor family weeks or the Kidsseacamp which looks pretty cool. Richorn laughed at me last year and said my diving trips were over. Never!!!!! John
  8. Mike, I'm pretty happy so far with the D-200. The only thing I have to compare it to is the S2 which I shot the past 3 years. The autofocus is much better and the viewfinder and LCD kicks butt. I used it topside in Alaska on a cruise last month. The gallery is in the same Flickr site. I don't know if you remember my wife Sarah from the Tahiti Aggressor but she says hi. Pictures of her and our new baby who turned 1 yr on the cruise are in the alaska shots. I've got some pretty funny pictures of you I should post! The 17-35 worked well. I didn't have the right zoom gear due to my procrastination and shot everything at either 28mm or 24mm. Only 2 shots in the gallery are cropped at all. With the zoom working I think it would have been ideal. We got pretty lucky with the shark though. A friend was shooting a D200 with a 12-24mm the whole time and got great full frame shots. One was a whole body that filled the frame at 12mm. Very impressive. I would have thought it wouldn't have had enough reach but not so on this particular trip. If I do the trip again, I'll definitely use the 17-35 again (wish the 17-55DX was less). To answer your question after all the babble - I thought the 17-35 was wide enough! John
  9. Hello, I've posted a gallery for the first time using Flickr - pretty easy. The pictures were taken Oct.16-20th, 2006 on the Ocean Odyssey to Guadeloupe. I used a D200 housed in an Ikelite housing with a 17-35mm lens behind the 8-inch dome. Some were shot with a single DS-125. I'm hoping to repeat the trip again next year. Seeing these animals close up was one of the highlights of my underwater experience. http://flickr.com/photos/24559804@N00/sets...57594351193023/ Thanks for looking John
  10. I was actually joking with my wife that it would be a funny picture with me holding up the Ipod wtih the "Jaws" intro on the screen with a white shark in the backround swimming by. Seriously, I found it freakin boring sitting there for hours watching the mackeral going back and forth chasing the hanging baits as they were thrown into the water every few minutes. Everyone was getting pretty despondent by the end of the 2nd day. I plan on listening. to music or Pod casts while waiting. Once the sharks were there - and you were paying attention - they would seem to come out of nowhere and just appear in front of the cage at times. I don't think I'd go all that way to miss a good shot because I was watching reruns of "Friends". John
  11. We spent the first day at the Southern end of the island where the temp was 65 degrees F and the next 2 days at the Northern end where it was a bet warmer at 68 degrees. I started off in a wetsuit the first day then switched to a drysuit. Even in a drysuit I got pretty cold after an hour. Pretty boring too sitting in those cages for hours. Seriously, if I do it again I'm going to house my video I-Pod. John
  12. Hello I returned a few days ago from Guadeloupe Island aboard the Ocean Odyssey. The first 2 days seemed pretty bleak - we had only one shark the first day which only made a few passes between 5-6pm. I was lucky enough to be in the cage during that time and got a few shots. Lighting was lousy and the picures were less than ideal. The second day wasn't any better - we had a large female show up around 9am which only 2 people saw from the cages. I spent hours freezing in boredom the rest of the day waiting for another to no avail. The third day made up for the whole trip! We had a 16 foot female named "Mystery" show up at approximately 9am. She made continual close passes and went for both hanging baits almost continuously for the next 3 1/2 hours! I finally left the cage after 3 hours after I filled a 6-gig card and my battery went dead on my D200. A 12 foot male ("Shredder") showed up right before "Mystery" left and he hung around on and off for the rest of the day. Great end to the trip. My worrying about the crossings from San Diego worked out as well. We had relatively smooth seas in both directions. We also had a Shark researcher join us for last evening who gave a lecture and slide show about his work. He's tagging the sharks with with GPS locators and tracking them worldwide among other things. He said they've identified and named 72 individual White Sharks at Guadeloupe. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice before the trip. All pictures were taken with a D200 and a 17-35mm lens at approx. 28mm. I didn't have the correct zoom gear but I think it worked out pretty well. John
  13. Very cool slide show. Looks like a great trip. My 13 month old son watched the whole thing with a smile on his face. I think I've found something better than Baby Einstein. Thanks!!! John
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