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  1. Housing: Ikelite 6871.03 upgraded for TTL compatibility with new 5D generations (5DSR...), had Ikelite instal a vacuum system, and replace all the seals. Haven't used in over a year after having them clean/update the housing. Condition: 9/10 Functions & looks great (see photos) Sale Includes: Housing, vacuum pump, handles, spare parts Price: $1,400 Item: Ikelite 8-inch Dome Condition: 9/10 Functions & looks great (see photos) Sale Includes: Dome, case, o-ring Price: $350 Item: Ikelite 5510.11 FL Port Extension for Lenses Up To 2.75 Inches Condition: 9/10 Sale Includes: port body, locking device, o-rings Price: $100 Item: Ikelite 5510.28 FL Extension for Lenses Up To 5.1 Inches (for lenses like a 16-35mm f/4 IS) Condition: 9/10 Sale Includes: port body, o-rings Price: $150 Item: Ikelite 5509.28 Special Zoom Clamp/Sleeve For Lens Zoom Rings 2.8"-3.0" (for lenses like a 16-35mm f/4 IS) Condition: 10/10- never used Sale Includes: box, and everything is comes with when buying new Price: $10 Item: (2) Ikelite DS 160 TTL Strobes, Arms, Sync Cord- SOLD Condition: 9/10 Sale Includes: strobes, arms, chargers, o-rings Price: $800 Payments Accepted: PayPal Shipping Methods Available: UPS (insured) Shipping Available To: US Item location: WY Best Contact Method: PM Reason for selling: Used for one project & never used it again Feedback: bought/sold over $50k on photography on the net, Fred Miranda (same username) (I also have 5DSR for sale for $1,200 with 5 batteries & 16-35mm f/4 IS for $650 on Fred Miranda & Photography on the net) Sample Photos:
  2. Does anyone know where I can rent the nauticam OMD housing and 12-50 port for ten days. Thanks
  3. I am going to the grand cayman. I live in tampa florida.
  4. I am going on a trip and need the nauticam housing and 12-50 port for ten days. I am having a hard time finding anyone who will rent this. Since I can't really find one to rent this housing and port I was going to buy one and then sell it after the trip. Do you guys know what the housing and the port will sell for used so I can see how much money I will lose. If you know anywhere that will rent this let me know. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am new to underwater photography. I am going to buy the e-m5 and I have questions about the housing options. If I go for the olympus housing with ports it will cost about $1600 without a strobe. Most of you are recommending the Nauticam housing. About how much more would the nauticam be using the 12-50 and 60mm macro. I will be mostly snorkeling (maybe a little diving) on my upcoming trip to Grand Cayman. What strobe would you recommend? Thanks for all your help. (I am a semi pro and I shoot a 5d mark iii above land, but don't feel comfortable bringing it in the water.)
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