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  1. U.S. Divers has just announced production of a new double hose regulator. (see http://www.aqualung.com/products/mistral.html ). As most divers today will have never used a double hose regulator it may be useful to note that they offer a decided advantage in videography. With a double hose reg exhalation bubbles do not jiggle one's head. This is a real advantage, especially in macro work. With a double hose regulator it is also possible to use a plastic funnel, a piece of hose, and a diffuser to greatly reduce the fright effect of exhaust bubbles on marine life. This is achieved by using the inverted funnel over the reg to route the bubbles up about 10 feet of hose. The hose is held up by a small float and uses a sprinkler head to diffuse the bubbles, a bit like an aquarium air stone. The result is to greatly reduce the sudden and noisy blasts of bubbles and remove them to a point some distance above. Properly set up this can be quite effective and is simple to do. With it one can have much of the advantage of a rebreather with respect to reduced disturbance but without the cost, riisks, and complexities of a rebreather.
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