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  1. I'm interested in Melbourne area diving as well. I've got a trip to Melbourne coming up in November, and can probably get a few days diving in. And so I don't get accused of hijacking the thread, diving the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserver over here in New Zealand should probably be considered. Its semi-tropical: not quite tropical and not quite temperate. Just a thought.
  2. Wow. Excellent work as always, Alex. Its such a treat to see your images.
  3. Well I know I'm late getting in on this, but happy belated birthday, Patricia. Congrats on the new toys for the 5D. I hope you can put them to good use. And is nice to finally be back online now that things are getting settled in Auckland.
  4. Which is why he is a he and not a she! Do we have to explain the "birds and the bees" to ya? Great shots as always, James. *That* must've been the trip of a lifetime!
  5. Cool behavioral sequence. Reminds me of bobbing for apples.
  6. ProShow Gold allows you to pause a presentation/slideshow by hitting the space bar. Found this by accident one day. Not sure about advancing on demand though.
  7. I've used two YS90-DX strobes with fiber optic cable triggering on an old P&S and had pretty good results. I used two fiber optic cables, so each strobe had their own cable to trigger with. I never tried using the strobe in slave mode since this depends very heavily on the slave sensor getting light from the wired strobe.
  8. YMCA OWD - 2001 NAUI Nitrox - 2002 NAUI Master Diver - 2005
  9. I use the same case, and I've travelled rather extensively with it. Its been to Roatan (TACA), Cozumel (Continental), Dominica (Continental & American Eagle), Bonaire (Air Jamaica), and Bali (EVA and Contiental). No one's even looked at it twice. Inside the case goes Aquatica housing, macro and dome port, two S&S strobes, arms, handles, chords, zoom/focus rings, extension ring. The trouble is making the darn thing look light! The camera/lenses/batteries/chargers/etc. go in a Lowepro Orion Trekker backback. I'm looking into a different way of packing everything. I feel I could get more stuff in a smaller space if I really tried. Of course the weight will still be an issue.
  10. Something a little closer to home: Dominica in the Caribbean. Not much on the big stuff, but plenty of little critters, and good macro diving. Castle Comfort Dive Lodge offers dive packages that include shore diving. Camera facilities at the resort are average to non-existent (small rinse bucket on the boats). Plenty of topside attractions such as waterfalls and hiking. Its as close to undiscovered Caribbean as you can probably get.
  11. I've got S&S arms and a tray still available: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16939
  12. My wife bought my copy from Amazon UK as a birthday gift. I don't think shipping was too much, and shipping time didn't take to long either. Just like a subscription to Playboy, I bought it for the articles.
  13. I don't think cabin pressure would have much effect either. Realistically, I don't think there's much danger carrying your camera inside the housing. The forces I was talking about are more the forces of the guy sitting across the aisle from you shoving and wedging his carry on and laptop bag on top of your carry on with such force that it may depress the buttons on your housing & camera. Remember, there's only so much we can control legally. Duct tape may control the screaming kid kicking your seat back and a 2x4 may control the dolt jamming his five "personal items" on top or your carry on, but they're not really acceptable solutions.
  14. Prices Reduced!!!! $140 for the arms $30 for the tray As before, p rices don't include shipping.
  15. Though I've never flown with LIAT or had any dealings with them, I did run into a group in Dominica two years ago that used LIAT. In order for them to get to Dominica on time (i.e. before nightfall), they had to all rush onto their connecting flight. Bad news was their luggage didn't make the connection, and it wasn't until the third day on Dominica that their bags showed up. I flew through San Juan, Puerto Rico using Continental and then American Eagle. All my luggage made the flights as well.
  16. Too funny. I remember films like this from my grammar school days. Oh, and its time to start Crack Spider's Oscar campaign....
  17. I think the conventional wisdom against carrying your camera body inside the housing is that you don't know what forces and pressures are exterted on the housing. The housing's and camera's buttons are meant to be pushed, but I'm sure there's a limit for the force applied to the button and a limit to the duration for that force on the button. How much is too much is anyone's guess, but to err on the side of caution some folks (including me) don't transport the camera inside the housing. Of course, I'm beginning to think I need a better way to pack other than my Lowepro Orion and Pelican 1550.
  18. vheagy, Larry edited the topmost post on Jan 7, and reduced the price in that post to $1500.
  19. So with these airlines that have strict weight limits for carry-ons, do they make you check the bag from the ticket counter or from the gate counter? Maybe its just me, but I feel that I get some peace of mind if I have to gate check a bag knowing that its less likely to see the bowels and that it only has to make the short trip from the gate/boarding area to the baggage hold of the plane. I haven't been asked to check my carry ons yet, other than a gate check on smaller planes that have limited or no overhead storage.
  20. Looks like a sperm whale which would make the 3000m depth within its range though I don't think anyone's been able to put a well in 3000m of water.... yet. Maybe 3000ft? Anyway its a phenomenal capture!
  21. I'd probably go for two 4GB cards instead of the 4GB & 2GB. That way, you'll always have a 4GB card in your camera. Nothing would upset ya more than to accidentally load up the 2GB card instead of the 4GB at the beginning of the day and run out of room on the 4th dive of the day!
  22. Typically, there's no worry. Depending on what you use as a focus light, your stobe will have a higher light output than the focus light and there won't be a noticable hotspot in the resulting photograph. Think of it this way: if someone shines a dive light in your eyes, its unpleasant, but you can cope with it, but if someone were to set of a strobe in your face you'd be temporarily blinded even though the flash is just for a fraction of a second. Some folks use small dive lights that project a narrow and intense beam. These are the kinds of lights that might generate a hotspot in your images. The lights that do best as focus lights emit a wide, diffused beam with no hotspots, such as the light in this review. It also has an adjustable power setting so you can dial in just as much light as you need to attain a focus lock with your camera. My focus light stays on for every picture I take, and I've never gotten a hotspot in my images because of it. I'm much much much more likely to overexpose an image because of too much power from my strobes. And yes, you need to get close for macro photography.
  23. It depends on what you're using as a focus light. I use an independent light mounted on the top of my housing. It stays on all the time. Most lights work this way, as there is no signal between the camera and the focus light. Some strobes have focus assist lights that will shut off when you take the image. Since these are controlled on the strobe, the strobe will shut them off temporarily when the strobe fires, and then turn it back on when the strobe has finished firing. I think some of the Inon and Ikelite strobes have this feature. There may be other brands that have this feature that I'm not aware of.
  24. All right gang, I got some stuff somebody might want, especially if you didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas! First off: 2 sets of Sea & Sea strobe arms. Sea Arm VI model retailed for around $200/set new. Includes everything pictured (4 clamps, 3 double ball sections, 3 strobe head connectors, 2 direct arm connectors , and 2 bracket shoes). Asking $180 for the lot. Second Item: Sea & Sea "W Stay Set" camera tray. Comes with base plate and 2 arm adapters. Retails for $80. Asking $40. Terms: I accept PayPal only. You pay estimated shipping (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) + plus insurance if wanted. Questions, comments, & complaints to my PM here. Thanks!
  25. ChrisJ, The stolen and abandoned luggage was found several miles outside the airport in a dumpster behind a pet store. No one here is really talking about how the bags left the airport or whether it was an inside or outside job. But the Chronicle's article discusses how easy it would be to lift luggage from airport baggage claim areas. Oddly, the article quotes a man that had his bag tags checked against his claim tickets in San Juan of all places.
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