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  1. This is my favorite shot of the year. It wasn't until I was reviewing on the laptop that I noticed the eggs.
  2. <sarcasm>To study natural behavior</sarcasm> :glare:
  3. Its pretty sad, really. I'll try not to dog-pile on the TSA and try to keep from sounding like a TSA sympathizer! As much as we're a wide traveling and well-educated lot, there is a large number of folks out there that don't travel that much and don't know the protocols of flying or airport security, despite all the fancy signs and overpaid TSA workers trying to get the message out. As air travelers go, there's just a high number of first timers that just don't know the rules or how to play by them. And it doesn't help that the rules are constantly changing. There should be an airline and airports just for folks that don't know the drill. Let us in the know go to an "express" airport: short lines, competent screeners, lax baggage weight limits, cheap fares, decent in-flight meals, leg room..... Hey! This could be my Christmas list! I'm glad I'm not traveling this holiday season. Instead, I'm making my extended family fly to me! B)
  4. I use a program called ProShow Gold by Photodex. Its relatively inexpensive and a pretty good program and allows you to output your slide shows to CD, DVD, and executable file. I don't know how it compares to the Mac offering, but there are some pretty decent slide shows on the site so you can see its capabilities. There's also a standard and professional version of the software with less and more functionality, respectively.
  5. And replacement backs for other housings.... like the 20D?
  6. I've got $20 that it breaks again and you get so fed up with it, that you consign it to the depths by dropping it over one of Cayman's fabulous walls to never been seen from again.
  7. I did a quick google search, and it seems that you can run an action in PS Elements, but you can't create or record them. It'll take someone with the real deal PS to create it in an "Elements friendly" way and then you can install and run it later. Just google "photoshop elements actions" and you should have lots of hints and tips.
  8. I find the advertisements on Wetpixel to be pretty helpful when looking for expeditions, vendors, and other commercial information related to our wonderful avocation. Its almost a one stop shop for links of most things underwater photography related without having to memorize or search for all the links you need. Like many others have said, the ads are more benefit to me than burden. Their presence one way or the other isn't enough to rule out whether I would consider financial support of Wetpixel. Though I appreciate the cost of running Wetpixel in both time and money, there seems to be little incentive to donate a little cash other than ensuring the continued growth of these forums. So in the context of this particular question, I'd probably pony up the $3/month without expecting much in return. On the other hand (and probably much suited for another thread), I'm sure there are other ways of raising capital which might be more rewarding to the membership while still keeping with the free and non-commercial spirit of Wetpixel.
  9. Ah... the three rings of marriage.... engagement ring.... wedding ring... and suffering. Welcome to the club, Wags. Many happy years to you both!
  10. Be sure to check which version of the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in is compatible with the D200. There are certain versions of the ACR plugin that are incompatible with particular versions of Photoshop/Elements. I vaguely remember seeing something on the Adobe site stating that the latest version of ACR is compatible with Photoshop CS2 or better. From what I remember, it made no mention of Elements.
  11. That's a really creative take on a over/under shot. Sweet image.
  12. Nice site and some good shots in there as well. I like the simple layout, and I find it easy to navigate. I've been looking to go to the Chinchorro Banks. I noticed that the "back to galleries" link a couple pages is broken.
  13. Seems like they've been at it for a while now.... http://www.seashepherd.org/whales/whales_world_Iceland.html This is terrible, especially considering there's no benefit or reason to continue this practice.
  14. Not debating the popularity of Ikelite DS125s, but there is another option. Get the Heinrichs TTL converter of your choice, and you open yourself up to a variety of TTL capable strobes for your particular camera. I know there's an eTTL converter for Canon's 20D, but you should double check for strobe compatability. Oh, and this would also open up your housing choices if you're set on having TTL.
  15. Just so you know... hurricane season in that region begins June 1 and goes through November 30. Generally, the worst hurricane months are September and October. Storms have been known to form in the earlier and later months, though they are fairly rare in June.
  16. Who makes your Fuji housing? I may have a tray/arm setup that would work for you. PM if interested.
  17. Shouldn't be the batteries since those are user-installed. Probably something on the inside of the strobes themselves.
  18. Now on eBay. Ending tomorrow.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=250022958839
  19. I use the Fantasea 44 LED light as a focus light/primary dive light, and I like it a lot. Mine did explode on me in Bali, but it ran like a kid after an ice cream truck before it blew apart. The explosion was all user error since I didn't tighten down the lens face after changing batteries the night before. Water got in, the off-gassing batteries pressurized the light, and when I came back up to 10 feet - BOOM. I missed my light after that. So I've gone ahead and bought two more of the lights so I have a backup when I blow up the next one. <_<
  20. Hey Bruce, I understand what you're saying. I wouldn't want the slideshow to be painfully long, but I'd at least like a second or two to appreciate an image before the next one pops up. It just feels rushed to me, but since its your site, its your choice. - Ken
  21. Pretty nice site Bruce, but one comment. The slideshow images seem to cycle rather quickly, only staying on the page around two seconds before cycling. Do you think you could have the images remain longer (4 secs?) before cycling to the next one?
  22. If I'm at any depth that would cause my Aquatica to flex and pop, I'm sure I would have flexed and popped first. I don't see a thick aluminum housing wall flexing. I'd imagine that the plexiglass port or maybe one of the o-rings to blow before the aluminum deformed to the point of popping. Gawd, that's just a scary thought all around!
  23. One of the advantages to an Ike housing, is that you can see when you get water in your transparent polycarbonate housing. I have also see it said that because the Ikes are transparent, you can visibly check the O-ring to make sure that it has a good seal.
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