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  1. Aquatica housings only have two ports - a dome and a flat/macro port. Combined with the wide opening, an Aquatica housing accomodates most lenses. It looks like the Sea & Sea has more ports. In this day of luggage weight restrictions, how many ports do you want to lug half way across the world?
  2. That is one fine shot. Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.
  3. For my Canon 20D: Sigma 50mm macro Sigma 15mm fisheye Canon 100mm macro (though I don't own this one.... yet!)
  4. Great find, James! It really is amazing what you can find in WPB. I think the diving there is often overshadowed by other more advertised destinations.
  5. UWPhotoTech sold me a really neat Fantasea 44LED spotter light with about 6" of Loc-Line and the mounting hardware to attach it to the accessory mounting holes on the top of my Aquatica housing. Works great.
  6. Another wetpixeler that was missed was Mary Lou Reid (mreid) for a macro shot. I don't have the magazine in front of me and its not online as an HM, so I think she placed. Way to go, Mary Lou!
  7. I've managed to get my entire rig into a Pelican 1550 (with lots of dive stickers and the padded dividers) that I carry on with me. In the case goes the Aquatica housing for the 20D, dome port, macro port, focus/zoom gears, 2 S&S YS-90DXs, synch chords, and 2 sets of arms. I've even got enough extra room for the housing/tray/fiber optic cable for the Canon P&S camera. You just have to be creative on how you pack it. The 1550 only exceeds the acceptable carry-on size in one dimension by two inches. So far, I haven't been hassled about it. Yet.
  8. I've got the Sigma 50mm macro, and I'd recommend it. The Canon 50mm macro won't do 1:1, whereas the Sigma will. However, the Canon 60mm EF-S macro will do 1:1 and has an extra 10mm of reach, but its only for the Canon 1.6 crop factor lenses.
  9. The one thing I used to do when I was a newbie with a camera was to pile my P&S on top of all the other cameras in the 5 gallon "rinse bucket" and let them enjoy the boat ride back to the resort. I was a little cavalier with my (and everyone else's) $300 camera and housing. So now that I have a much more expensive rig, I'm much more cautious about rinsing etiquette. On dives, I still notice other divers still have a tendency to charge in when I'm working on a subject. Something about a photographer not moving attracts all this attention. Its not like I'm going to scare the eel/shrimp/seahorse/anemone off. If I get some time to take a picture or two, then I'll move out of the way, and everyone else can harass the poor critter. I also wait for other photographers to have their turn. After they're done, I'll go take a look. When the entire group crowds in to see the turtle, I'll hang back because its probably not the last turtle I'll see. I also move a lot slower than everyone else and hang at the back of a group. It gives me room and time to frame my shots with less likelihood of another diver ending up in the shot.
  10. I'm looking at booking some air travel, and one of the options has a 7 hour layover in Tokyo. First, is it possible to leave the airport and do some sight-seeing and still make a connecting flight? Second, if it is possible, what can you do with that block of time? Thanks, Ken
  11. Only two trips this year, and spent the second one figuring out how to shoot a DSLR underwater. It figures that my favorite shot was on my way back to shore during the last dive of my trip. I almost missed the shot. My fiance was frantically pointing and I was looking around for something "fishy" to demand that much vigorous attention. She was pointing at the rope and was looking beyond the rope... way beyond it. That's why she's the spotter! Hydroids on a Rope - Castle Comfort, Dominica Canon 20D - Sigma 15mmFE
  12. Man, Bonaire has some great food and there's no reason to sign up for food at just one resort. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I also agree that the boat dives are a waste. You're catch the boat around 8:00 to 8:30 and you're lucky if you get back to the dock by noon for a one tank dive. I would have rather done two shore dives and be in town for lunch in the same time. If you want to dive Town Pier or Salt Pier, you need the harbormaster's permission. So you'll need to get your dive shop to make the arrangements as soon as you check in with them. I missed Salt Pier because I didn't make arrangements soon enough. Town Pier is a pretty good night dive, but its still got too many folks on the site for me. I bought my fiancee an interactive dive with Dee Scarr and Dee took us to Town Pier one afternoon. We got almost 2 hours on the site and there were only three of us on the pier. She knows where all the critters are on that site, and has named most of them. She also shows you a bit about the ecology and environment of the reef. Fantastic. You might could probably get her to DM/critterspot for you if you asked for a trip on Town Pier. Well worth the money, I thought. When we went to Bonaire, we stayed at Yacht Club Apts. Basic and cheap, but we only slept there. You'll want/need a truck rental to get to all the sites on the island... and then you'll be diving at your own pace.
  13. Wait, wait, wait! Please post some examples. Not everyone, including me, know what these look like. I think if you posted a "correct" example as well as the same image over-saturated and over-sharpened it would really help neophytes like me!
  14. I believe the Canon EF-S 60mm macro will do 1:1 where as the EF 50mm macro only does 1:2. Its a weak argument, but that's my guess as to why they did that.
  15. What size Woody's diopter did you use? 90mm, 100mm, or 110mm?
  16. I was a long time lurker. But that was before I decided to trade up my Canon A40 for one of those fancy 20D's. I think I found this place on google doing a search for uw photography resources. My memory is hazy, but then again, I have a hard time remembering what I did last week.
  17. Post Rita report: From 15 miles north of Houston, we got mostly wind and some rain, though not much. A few tree branches down. We didn't lose power, water, cable, or internet. Worst part was the 48 hour traffic jam on the highway between Houston and Dallas and the fact there isn't any gasoline to be had in all of Houston. All in all, we got lucky! My thoughts are with those affected by this storm in eastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.
  18. Try doing that with slides! Great work!
  19. William, What kind of toothpaste are you using? A gel or a paste? I'd be worried that the abrassives in the toothpaste might damage an acrylic port. Thanks, Ken
  20. Sea & Sea should make diffusers for their strobes. I know my YS-90DX and YS-90Auto both came with a diffuser. You should be able to search online for vendors that sell Sea & Sea products and determine if they will sell you a diffuser to fit your strobe. I think james was trying to say that you should set your custom white balance using your flash. You stated in your followup post that you can do this. Have you tried to set the white balance using your flash? If you did, does it still give you that reddish cast to your photos?
  21. I just got a call from my best friend that evacuated New Orleans on Saturday. He's in Baton Rouge and reports that there's no electricity and that they're pretty starved for info. It'll probably be Wednesday or Thursday before they let people back in NO. New Orleans itself has once again dodged the bullet in that the none of the doomsday scenarios came true. Though the damage in the city is pretty extensive, its not enough to keep the city down. There isn't a Lake New Orleans yet, since there are still some parts of the city above water. I moved out of New Orleans last year about a month before Ivan came ashore. Ivan was supposed to be "the Big One" and Georges was supposed to be "the Big One" back in 1998. Sadly, Katrina may have not been "the Big One" either, but I hope it was big enough for the politicians to realize that they need to put some serious effort into coastal restoration in Louisiana or we may one day have Lake New Orleans. James, I heard a report that there are two unmanned platforms in the Gulf that have broken free of their moorings. I can't remember where I saw it. I also got a "through the grapevine" report that Thunderhorse platform recorded a wave in excess of 100ft during this storm. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but its what I was told.
  22. How about one of those cell phone cameras? Do they even make housings for those? I'm sure there's nothing like taking your Motorola to 15M! Hey Viz'art.... How about getting Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie to pose with that fancy new Aquatica D2 housing?
  23. I guess it all depends on what you want to do. If you want to take good quality photographs, then you'll want to sink the money into a system, bu if you're happy just taking snapshots then a P&S camera with clear plastic housing should do. You could buy a Canon P&S camera and housing for under $1k. The Canon A series gives you a decent amount of control and resolution. I know a lot of folks like the Olympus cameras and housings. I'm not familiar with the Sony Marine Packs, but if you're willing to consider used equipment, they Olympus 5050 and 5060 cameras are nice and not state of the art. I almost bought one of those before I decided to go dSLR. Arnon_Ayal makes a good point of pointing you to digideep. They've got most everything covered. The important thing, is that when you're selecting a camera, you need to be sure to pick a camera that has a housing made for it. No sense in buying a camera that doesn't have a housing for it. Another thing you should consider is lighting. Most on board flashes aren't powerful enough to provide proper lighting in a marine environment. They're useful if you're shooting subjects that are within a foot of your lens. Farther than a foot away, the subject will probably be underexposed or you will get tons of backscatter in the image. That's why we all use external strobes, but that's another expense for a casual diver/underwater photographer. Just my very humble opinions, Ken
  24. And there is the fact that feeding fish alters the natural behavior of the fish. Once the fish get used to having handouts from divers, then it gets more difficult to observe/photograph the natural behavior of the fish. Back when I was just a snorkeler, I was snorkeling off the beach in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Oddly the sargeant majors followed me around. I was later told that they have been nick named "Bahamas Piranas" because divers/snorkelers were feeding them. It was very disconcerting to someone that was just getting used to snorkelling in the ocean.
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