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  1. <jealousy> I think that would rank highly on anyone's top dive list! Awesome! Can't wait to see the pics! </jealousy>
  2. So how about another newbie question. I just bought the Canon 20D and it came with the 18-55mm lens. From what I've read, this is a good "in between" lens. Not quite macro and not quite wide angle. What kinds of subjects would be good to take with this sort of lens? How would it fare taking "semi" macro or "semi" WA shots? Ken
  3. Hey y'all. I'm a former lurker turned member. I've been diving four years and been shooting UW digital about 2 or 3 years. I've been shooting a Canon A10 and A40 with marginal results. I returned from Cozumel a few weeks ago and after reading a bit on here, I realized my backscatter infested shots were all due to bad strobe positioning. I hate it when you learn the lesson after you've had the test! I'm also the proud owner of a shiny new Canon 20D. I'm in the market for a housing, but I'm patiently waiting on that until I figure out how to use my new toy. I'm designer/programmer for electronic content management systems by day here in Houston, TX and I don't spend nearly enough time underwater.
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