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  1. Great video! Do you / can you use the Magic Filter with that lens?
  2. Highlights of dives in Sangalaki, Kakaban & Maratua in East Kalimantan. Featuring snorkelling with manta ray, drift diving, jelly fish lake and a very large school of barracuda at Big Fish Country. Taken in 2005-2006 with a Sony HC-1000 in an Amphibico Invader housing
  3. I am eyeing the GH2 + Nauticam combo and have been looking at the 7-14mm vs 8mm options. The 8mm is great for shooting WA but coming from video sometimes I want to zoom in to get closer shots of something large like a broadclub cuttlefish, grouper, shark etc. Can the 7-14mm do that satisfactorily? Do you have a sample of a large subject zoomed in at 14mm? What about using magic filter on the 7-14mm, can it be stuck to the lens? Thanks
  4. This guy (http://vimeo.com/28087011 ) has both lenses, I suppose the closer shots were taken with the 7-14mm. The 8mm however has a rear filter holder which would be useful to shoot with a Magic Filter for the wreck. I always set the lens at the widest angle when shooting wrecks, the curved lines in the video is not too noticeable especially if you keep it in the middle of the frame, so I would say the 8mm would be better. But if you want flexibility, the 7-14mm with the gear port from Nauticam will give you that, the lens is about $200 more than the 8mm. Not sure about the port prices though.
  5. This could be good news. http://www.theborneopost.com/2011/08/30/sa...fishing-latest/ Wanting & doing & enforcing the ban are three different things, i'll wait till it happens before celebrating.
  6. This looks promising, especially with the 8mm lens. He posted another video on Vimeo, but the colours are off without lights. I wonder about the MWB on the housing & camera, does it work. - syam
  7. Thanks! Most of it was shot right in front of Billabong & Mabul Backpackers lodge.
  8. Hello all, This is a short teaser video from a dive trip to Mabul a few years back. All comments are welcome, this was shot using a Sony HC-1000 in an Amphibico housing.
  9. Great videos! I enjoyed watching them. The currents look rough on the first video but I like how you show the details of the fish, cleaning & changing colors. On some of the macro shots, I wished you zoomed in closer for the details, I normally use my elbow to keep the shot steady whilst resting the camera on my palm.
  10. Congratulations on your purchase, the Bluefin is a good rig. One newbie mistake that I made in beginning was trying to follow the fish around just to keep it in the frames. It's nauseating to watch later. It's better to do static shots of fish as they swim in & out of frames (e.g. schooling anthias, anemonefish) and try to get close & zoom in for the details if they remain still (e.g. stingray under a rock, grouper being cleaned). Some still photog techniques can also be used like CFWA with a wide angle lense (e.g. close-up of lion fish with a diver in the background). Shooting with the sun behind you also makes a big difference since you rely more on natural light for video.
  11. If you want to carry on, you can try the HPRC roller http://hprc-usa.com/2550w.htm or the Pelican roller http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1510. I travel with the Pelican 1550 carry-on in Asia, so far no problem because it fits exactly in the measurement device they have at the airport.
  12. This is cool Wagsy, this goes into the plus column for having a small setup as opposed to the bulk of EX1/EX3.
  13. Judging for the pics, the AX2000 looks like the size of PD-170. So the question remains for the semi pro underwater shooter who wants to go HD & tapeless - who wants a small camera like the old TRV-950 or HC1000 that can white balance & have 3 CCD/CMOS. Should he, 1. Opt for the Canon HF S11/ Gates combo that has manual WB (Single sensor) 2. Wait for the review of this new AX2000 for underwater shots 3. Forget tapeless and look for a 2nd hand A1U & housing (Single sensor) What do you think Drew?
  14. The colour on the macro shots looks great but yes, the MWB on the wide angle shot of the bumpheads didn't produce the correct colour. Its worrying that the newer prosumer cameras have difficulty doing decent MWB compared to the older SD cameras (TRV900, TRV950, HC1000). Are you using the Bluefin Pro? Great video nonetheless, well done.
  15. You're right, normally its a pain to shoot them, but these soft coral ones are not so bad since it's not so deep (10-15m), the soft coral was in a sandy area (plenty of space to work) and they're not so tall at about half a meter (just nice to shoot them whilst lying down on the sand). Though I should have brought the Gorilla pod for better stability. The DM only found them a few weeks before I was there, she also said they also live on the purple soft coral though I didn't get to see that.
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