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  1. Hi sam! Galvanic Corrosion can be very aggressive, special if electricity is involved........! I have not seen how the zinc is mounted on the seacam-housing with my own eyes, but if it suposed to have any effect I think the zincplate MUST have physical contact to the housing! Kim! :-)
  2. Hi jcclink and other participants of this thread! I'm very sorry to hear about the problems with corrosion, etc. on housings with this converter that seemed to be a perfect solution to the TTL-problems in the first place! Adding a piece of zinc to the nexus-housing (or other housing made of aluminium for that matter) also means a penetration of the original painting/coatning to get the zinc connected to the housing. I think I would be very carefull about doing this.... also because you will have to mount the piece of zinc with a screw, which needs a drilled hole in the HOUSING!!! Even I'm not a fan of plastic anyway, I think mounting connectors/plugs on the S&S-converter like those of Delrin, found on the Ikelite strobecabels could be a possible solution to the problem.... if it's possible at all to change the connectors/plugs? I have been using Ikelite-cables with these connectors for years without any problems. Just my 2cents words...... Best regards from Kim Meineche
  3. I use a very fine abrasive (in England called wet 'n dry) that is used for car paintwork. Then I finish off with metal polish wadding called Duraglit. I'm sure you can find it in Dk. Check with Lars at DYK. Reckon to spend about 4 Euros. Hi John! Thank you for the info! I googled "Duraglite" and found it to be the same like "Brasso" what is a wellknown product for polishing kobber and silver in DK! I know Lars and will check with him for the details and the experience he has! :-) Best regards and thank you again from Kim!
  4. Well, i didn't buy all the different sandpapers separately but i ordered the Micro mesh kit mentioned in the first post. cheers, Udo Udo, where did you order the Micro-Mesh acrylic restore kit? Seems hard to find inside the European Community, which i think will be the cheapest way to get it, due to taxes shipping and exchanging fees..... Thanks again in advance! Kim! :-)
  5. Yes, i used water with the sandpapers, but for the pictures i dried the port. cheers, udo Ok.... sounds quite simple if the superfine sandpapers are common availiable!? One more question: What brand/name are the abrasive liquid and atistatic stuff, mensioned at the last picture? Thank you very much for your help! Kim!
  6. Hi Udo! Thanks a lot for sharing these pictures with us! Did you just bought the sandpapers and added water in the polishingproces? Best regards from Kim Meineche who also have a port with scrathces!
  7. Hi Anthony! The domeport has no optical effect above the surface but I actually don't no how to explain the soft corners underwater in a simple way, but if the distance to the subject in the focusarea, is very different form the subject in the corner(s), it´s probably caused by the lens, due to it´s abillity in depth of field? Anyone, correct me if I´m wrong......just my 2cents words! Best regards from Kim Meineche! :-)
  8. Hello Friends! After returning from a wonderfull trip to the Red Sea, just a week ago, it is now time to relax with my girlfriend and family, heading for a trip to Turkey! To secure my camera from drying out completely, I would like to get some information on diveoperators in the nearing of Kemer, next week! I have read and been told there are no reefs, etc. in the Mediterranean that is comparable to the reefs in the Red Sea, but anyway, I think the Mediterranean is worth a visit..... wrecks or whatever possible for an underwaterphotographer? Any comments and recomendations will be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot from Kim Meineche!
  9. Thank You Guys! I've ordered 12 x 1,2V 3300mA, Ni-Mh elements (Sub-C) and a charger from www.Ansmann.de The elements should fit inside the black battery-packs and should give me enough power for a dive or two. I'm told that the Anamann charger is powerfull enough to refill one of the batteripacks in 1,5hours which i see as a big advantage over the original Ni-Cd packs which take about 8hours to recharge (I do NOT have the smartcharger). If everything goes right, I'll receive the elements and the charger in 10 days! Best regards and Thank You very much so far! Kim! :-)
  10. Dear users of Ikelite SS200 I would like to know if anyone here has ever replaced the elements in the batterypack for the SS200 substrobe? I'm leaving for a trip to the Red Sea in about 2weeks and it will probably not be possible for me to get a couble of new original packages (The old ones seems to be close to worn out) in time. When I look at the package, it doesn't seems possible to open it right away, but I presume it can be done in some way.... If so, I don't expect it to be a big deal to replace the elements and resample the package in some way... IF it's possible to get suitable elements with the right physical size and mAh. It might also be possible to build a couble of packages from scratch with six 1.2V elements and a couble of wired connectors, which would be nice to have, after switching to digital were quite a lot of the shots to adjust the output will use up the power quickly! Experiences and advices are very welcome. Regards and thank you very much in advance form Kim Meineche!
  11. Why just go at print out on normal paper and then laminate the cards? Just my 2cents..... Regards from Kim Meineche! :-)
  12. Hi Udo! Have you been reading this: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12301 (Thread started by me!). I have been surching the Internet for underwater images, taken with this lens and none of these shows any chromatic aborrations, which I can't say with the topside photos I found! Even quite small pictures shows some CA in the high contrast areas in the corners! So far I came to the conclusion, that the problem with CA is nothing to worry about, as long as we talk about underwaterphotography. Perhaps D2x, D70 users, who are already shooting with this lens can confirm it!? Hope this helps and bring some peace in your soul! Kim! :-)
  13. Just googled "10.5mm fisheye" and found a link to pictures taken with the D70! http://images.google.dk/imgres?imgurl=http...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN Go down to picture number 13 and see..... even these pictures are quite small, it is obviously that picture number 13 has the chromatic abboration in the corners.... Regards Kim Meineche!
  14. Hi again! My D200 fellow an me changed plans and meet tonight instead of tomorrow! Did some testshots on a tripod at my office with both the 10.5mm and my 16mm fisheye on both our cameras, set to A-priority with F2,8 and F8, just to see if the aperture has anything to do with the problem! Result: Exatly the same problem with Chromatic abborations on both cameras and both lenses (10.5mm and 16mm). The aperturesetting has no visible influrence. The 16mm shows slightly less chormatic abboration than the 10.5mm, probably due to it's slightly smaller field of view than the 10.5mm. The Abboration is obviously in high contrast areas (Like at the edge on the monitor and along the wires) if you crop to 100% or more. For those interested, I put a couble of files for download on my webpage, both in NEF and JPG as follows: http://www.photosub.dk/fisheyeproblem/10.5mmF8.jpg (About 1MB) http://www.photosub.dk/fisheyeproblem/16mmF8.jpg (About 1MB) http://www.photosub.dk/fisheyeproblem/10.5mmF2.8.nef (About 16MB) http://www.photosub.dk/fisheyeproblem/16mmF8.nef (About 16MB) Since the abboration is visible at both cameras with both lenses I don't expect anything to be wrong with any of the devices! Best regards Kim Meineche www.photosub.dk
  15. Hi Guys! Thank You very much for your fast replies! :-) I've cheeked the meta-file, just to found out that the WB was actually set to "Auto". The shot I posted was made by hard sunsetlight with a kind of purpel horizon.... I wonder if this could have increased the problem??? I've just made some more shoots indoor with incoming light from the windows (cloudy weather, not sunny at all.) with far less Abberation...... High contrast areas in the corners shows a slightly abboration in the high contrast areas, when I zoom in hard. High contrast shots with 28mm and 105mm doesn't seem to be a problem. It also seems like the correction (NIkon Capture) makes the problem more visible so Thank You for the info about the PanoTools! To see if it can sort anything out, Ive made an appointment with another D200 owner. Tomorrow we will meet up to make some shots with both our cameras to see if there are any differences. If the problem continues, I better get it cheeked..... at least I will show the shot of the bridge to the Nikon Specialist Repaircenter and hear their sugestion. Best regards from Kim Meineche! :-)
  16. Dear WetPixel members! About a week ago I've got a new DX10.5mm fisheyelens for my D200. It looks like a fine lens with great DOF and the correction-tool in Nikon Capture is a really nice feature. I do wonder if something is wrong with my lens, since I've discovered some strange red and green colors on a lot of pictures taken with this lens (looks like an old/ bad adjusted color TV.... maybe called "Abrations" or so???). In hope that someone can tell me, if my lens has any failures I've attached a resized picture and a crop of the problem...... Best regards and thank you so far! Kim Meineche. www.photosub.dk
  17. Hi again and thank you for the info and for replying to my question! :-) Nice to hear that I only have to buy the 10.5mm fisheye and not another port! :-) Well, if anyone is interested, I found the info about the FP-120 here: http://www.usanexus.com/ports_lens.html Have a nice weekend... al the best from Kim!
  18. Hi members of WetPixel! I would like to know if some of the Nikon/Nexus users have used the 10.5mm fisheye lens with the FP-170 port from Nexus! I see Nexus has a smaller 120mm port for the 10.5mm fisheye, but why use this if some one already have the FP-170? I personally use the 16mm fisheye with the FP-170 (F100 Housing) but intend to go digital in a near future and can't see if the FP-170 should perform different with the 10.5mm fisheye on a digital dSLR since they both cover 180 degrees. Best regards from Kim Meineche www.PhotoSub.dk
  19. Dear Wetpixel members! I'm looking for a second hand Nexus Master N90 housing. Must never have been leaking or flooded. Please contact me of the list: kim@photosub.dk Best regards from Kim Meineche, Denmark! www.photosub.dk
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