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  1. I am looking to buy my first underwater camera set up. I like the Canon S70 a great deal (with the DC40 housing) but am very confused with all the strobe choices. A friend of mine suggested that I look at Sunpak strobes and I found that the G-Flash is rated to 148 feet (deeper than I will go). What are your thoughts on a set up like this? With regard to the type of photographer I am: 1) I want something that is very easy to use – I have no interest in struggling with downloading the pictures or getting the strobe to fire. 2) I would like nice pictures but could care less if they are magazine quality. 3) I will use the camera mostly above water. 4) I most likely will not print too many of the pictures. 5) I would like to keep the cost for the full set up to less than $1500 USD.
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