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  1. Anthony, The other reason I didn't go with the P200 is that there is no case, not even from Ikelite. (At least, not yet.) So I am going to be optimistic and hope to get at least a few good shots from each dive with the SD500. Like I’ve said, I’m not going for magazine quality. I just want something that I don’t have to think too much about while underwater. I’ll post my pictures from Belize where I’ll be using the setup for the first time. Thanks for the information. Paul
  2. Anthony, >>How come you chose that camera when folks recommended a Sony P200 in an Ikelite in the thread you started?<< Actually, the SD500 wasn't available back then, only the S500 was. I tried the SD500, Sony P-200 and DSC W7 side-by-side, and could not find any huge difference between them in terms of performance. The SD500 is one of the only Canons I've used that actually focuses quickly. My other reasons for the SD500 were: Manual white balance, available case, and SD-Memory. Is it true what you said about the aperture being fixed at f2.8 with the flash? If so I think that may be a good thing because some of the strobes I was looking at (YS-15Auto and YS-25Auto) were automatic and needed the camera to be set for f2.8 to work properly. I could not find that spec. in the manual.
  3. I am looking for a reasonable strobe to use on the new Canon SD500. Will just about any work, or are there things to consider?
  4. Now that the SD500 and WP-DC70 are available, does anyone have any comments on using this underwater? I am not looking for magazine quality, just simple no fuss pictures. I tried the SD500 in the store and it's speed is much better than the A95 and S500. Not sure if any of the Wide Angle lenses would work with it yet either... The alternative for me would be the Sony DSC-W7, but it seems as if Canons have more choices when it comes to underwater accessories.
  5. The reason I don't get a housing for the F828 is because that housing would cost more than buying a new small camera and case. I'd rather have an additional small camera too. I also worry about a leak killing my F828. I'd rather risk a cheaper camera. Any thoughts on a Strobe or WAL?
  6. Alright, I've spent counteless hours reading postings, reviews, and playing with cameras in the store. Here's what I have come up with: Canons (A95, S70, S500) nice quality, but can't get passed the slow focusing. I actually owned a G5 and returned it for the Sony DSC-F828 just for that reason. They do seem to have a lot of underwater accessories available. Fuji 810- Hard to find, and reports are mixed about poor battery life. My choices: Sony DSC-W5 or DSC-P200, because they are super fast, excellent battery life, and large LCD's. I would probably lean toward the W5 since it uses "normal" batteries. I also like the small size to use the camera out of the water when I don't feel like bringing the DSC-F828 with me. My dilemma: It doesn't look like a case is availabe for the P200, and I am having trouble finding out if there is a strobe that will work as well as a wide-angle lens (one thing the Canon has an advantage on). Any suggestions on strobes and lenses that would work with the Sony DSC-W5 or P200?
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