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  1. Hello Phil, This set up looks like very interesting for me. You have compared the viewfinder with the Nex7 but what about the comparaison with the Olympus EM5 (mark 1) ? Is it as small or smaller with the standard housing viewfinder ? What I would like too is a good TTL converter for this housing. Without any wet lens, just with the 28-60 behind his flat port, haw is image quality ? What is the smallest subject to fill the frame 10 or 15 cm ? And how is the corner sharpness at 28 mm for big subjects like groopers ? Hervé
  2. Hello Edward, looks like the RX100 IV performs best at iso 80 ? Is it still ok at iso 125 ? None of your photos were taken at iso 125. Some times image quality looks not so great like the snake and it was just iso 200 ??? How would you compare image quality between RX100 IV at best settings and EM-5 (the first) ??? I am interested in the flexibility of a compact camera and the possibility to do macro and wide angle in the same dive. Do you think battery can support 2 dives with stills only ? Hervé
  3. I don't think it is difficult or very expensive for Olympus to have housings rated for 60 meters. It looks like Fantasea or sea and Sea are making olympus underwater products and they both make "60 meters" products. It would be fine to have a 60 meters Olympus housing for E-M5 even if Nauticam make a "100 meters" housing. I hope Mr Olympus is reading this forum... Rv
  4. Hello, why 45 meters and not 60 meters for Olympus new housings ? UFL-2 strobe is made for 60 meters. It would be nice that Olympus housings doesn't limit selections of dives spots in France. Rv
  5. Hello I would like to know how the GH2 handles highlight ? It looks like not very good on Nauticam galleries but perhaps it is because of the jpeg compression ? Hervé
  6. Hello, so what is your Recsea/Seatool experience ??? I am very interested to have some reports from those housings. Hervé
  7. This camera looks so great and there are Pentax 100, 50 and 35 macro and the fish eye 10-17. Rv
  8. My Subal FS2 was serviced 3,5 years after I bought it. But I dive one or two times in a month. Now I am planing for a D700 and a Aquatica housing. I would like to have the point of view of an Aquatica owner. Thank's
  9. it will need different flash mode with Slow Sync and Rear curtain sync
  10. I just got a Coolpix 8400 for land photography, and would like to get a housing for it. The only housing I have found is the Ikelite. Is there an adaptator Ikelite/Nikonos to connect the Inon Optical Converter D and two D 2000 strobes ? Do you think it is possible to have all the contacts to make TTL works with the Inon system, and to have the choice between TTL and manual control ? If someone have experience withe the Inon Optical Converter D, how long is the batteries life ? Thank you for your answere and excuse me for my poor English
  11. What kind of trouble between housed SB800 and Coolpix 8400 in Ike housing ? Why would it not work fine ? Why Ikelite don't make strobe housing ? If I get a iTTL camera I will need new strobes for under and above water. I will get SB800 as TTL strobe for my S2 pro and as iTTL for Cpx8400. Using the same strobes for land and underwater will be cheaper. Thanks Ikelite for a precise answere
  12. Hello With a Ikelite sync cords #4103.51 and the protective cap Ikelite - to - Nikonos: #0301.1, do you think it would be possible to conect one or two Nikon SB 800 in Subal housing and have iTTL ? If it is possible I would be very interested by Ike housing for the Coolpix 8400 as a complementary camera. If it is not possible I prefere wait for a Subal or Sea and Sea housing. Hervé from France
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