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  1. I have a well cared for Nikon Sea $ Sea set up camera body with 60 mm lens 105mm and 16 mm fisheye lens Tokina 10 to 17 lens with ports and port extensions and gears for sale $2000 for everything except strobes
  2. For some reason I couldn't upload these photos in the PM you sent me. The fish eye16 mm lens was dropped about 5-10 years ago and it works perfectly fine but the metal is bent it can be bent back but I haven't done it because it wasnt necessary
  3. I am new to this and I'm trying to upload photos in a private message but the only option is the URL upload but not any file attachments can anybody help me with this please unes
  4. I am looking into selling my Nikon D7000 camera, Sea and Sea housing and ports with my 60mm and 105mm and 10-17 tokina and 16mm fisheye lens in a package
  5. Hi I am Unes and I have been diving since 2001, I am currently living in San Francisco bay area. I am an amature photographer and just upgraded to a mirrorless set up, that I have no idea how to use yet Cheers Unes
  6. I am looking to purchase 2 ys-250 strobes. If you have a pair that is in good condition and are looking to sell them I would love to buy them. thanks
  7. are these strobes still available? If yes I would like to purchase them
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