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  1. Hi Jan, interested in the 180 viewfinder. Sent you a message.
  2. Looking to buy a used Nikon 16-35mm f4G ED VR lens. Anyone have a used one in good condition they are looking to sell? Thanks
  3. Looking for a Nauticam 180 Straight Viewfinder for DSLR housing. Anyone have one in good condition they are looking to sell? Thanks,
  4. What are you asking for the entire setup? I am interested and also located in FL. Looking to upgrade.
  5. Got my new Zeiss Touit 2.8/12 lens but Zen port is on backorder. Anyone have one for sale or know a shop that has it in stock or for rental? Going on 7 day Saba/St Kitts live aboard trip 3/22-3/29 and really would like to try out the new lens. Thanks.
  6. If still available, I would be interested. You can contact me at heidi@bluewtrlife.com
  7. Just bought a used Seacam 5D MK II housing this week and looking for a Superdome SD Port for it. Also need PVL55 extension & gear. Also interested in a Canon EF 100 Macro 2.8/L IS USM Lens and Seacam P120 Port. If you have any of these items and looking to see, you can email directly at heidi@bluewtrlife.com Thanks, Heidi
  8. I am interested in your Seacam 5DMII housing and pro viewfinder for $1850. Can you email me at heidi@bluewtrlife.com?
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