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  1. Too high a shutter speed is also my first suspect. Related is maybe the camera is set to rear curtain sync.
  2. The DSLR bodies you are looking at have way more pixels than you need for typical ID book publication. You could go back to cropping if necessary.
  3. The application I want to experiment with is to route cables inside my loc-lube arms. That way cables can never catch on anything and are protected by the surrounding tube. To do that, I don't need to coil the cable in the middle, straight cable will be easier to thread through. But I do need to add a bit of coil/spring towards the ends after the cable leaves the arms to allow for up/down pitch of the strobes relative to the arms. I also need to have some tight bends where the cable leaves the top of the arms through holes drilled in the sides and to fit the cable into right angle connectors to the strobes and to the camera - because there is no point routing cable through the arms if I then have to leave big loops out to straight connectors at either end. The 613 core cable is the only one rated with the tight bend radius suited to right angle connectors (1.5 cable, 3mm. 1.0 cable 1mm). The data sheet for 19-core says minimum 6mm. For single core toslink (which is otherwise excellent value) the minimum bend radius is way worse (about 20mm if I remember correctly).
  4. I am interested in 10m - 20m of the 1.5mm core. I am in the UK. My hesitation/concerns: International postage/delivery costs can easily dominate the actual cost of materials We can end up paying VAT and import duty on international deliveries We can also end up paying more VAT on the delivery cost. The courier company often has ridiculously rip-off charges for managing the VAT and import duty payment, way out of proportion to the actual value of goods. The only way to be sure to not be ripped off is for a personal 'Gift' with a value less than £39. I will need more numbers about actual cost of the spool to whoever is managing this in the US and how international shares of the order can be distributed before confirming my commitment.
  5. I measured the core of a Nauticam cable and got 1.5mm rather than 1mm. Are either of the cables above the best cable for the job?
  6. A neat and clever achievement. When digital first came on the scene, we all wished for a conversion like this. Many entrepreneurs failed, generally because the electronics necessary to do a decent job couldn't be fitted into the space of a 35mm film. Now the electronics can be made small enough to fit into the space of a 35mm film, we have all moved on. Even so, if someone produced this ready made I would be tempted to give it a go. It would never be good enough or convenient enough to replace my current system, but could be fun to play with now and then. I have several Nikon F801 bodies and a couple of housings sitting about that could be dusted off.
  7. That non-word in a diving context is one of my hates. Why can they just say 'I dived there', 'We dived the wreck', 'Only dived 3 times'.
  8. With an SLR I used to have 1 carry on and 2 hold bags, with camera and lenses in the carry on and strobes and housing in one of the hold bags. Dive kit and clothes spread between the two hold bags. Since moving to a M4/3 system, I only need 1 hold bag. Camera, housing and strobes all fit in the carry on.
  9. A few years back I had a trip from UK to the Canaries. On the way out, UK check in insisted I take all batteries out of my hand luggage and put them in my hold bag. On the way back, Spanish check in insisted I take all batteries out of my hold bag and carry them in hand luggage.
  10. There is a good chance of turtles along the sides of the reefs, usually in the shallows. Much more likely than hammerheads in the deep blue. Keep enough gas to end dives hanging out shallow blue behind where all the boats moore. A wide angle zoom offers some flexibility for the oceanic white tips. Its easy to get swept down current from the boats, so be prepared to pop a delayed SMB early enough to be followed.
  11. One trick for getting back into the boat with a fully flooded drysuit is to get your friends in the boat to pull you out with the source of the leak downmost. As this is most likely to be a torn seal or zip, then being pulled out feet first is typical. That way the water runs out as you are lifted and they are only lifting your weight, not your weight plus all the water. You will probably want a regulator in your mouth while they are doing this.
  12. With my first film SLR I started with only a 28-70 lens. With a dome port it got sort of wide-ish angle. I needed a +4 diopter inside the dome to focus. I also had a flat port. The same 28-70 lens without the +4 turned out to be good for shooting fish. With the +4 behind the flat port it was also good for about 1:1 macro, but wouldn't focus on anything further than a few inches away. I subsequently expanded my repertoire of wide angle and macro lenses and ports to go with them. But even with 60 and 105 macro lenses, I found myself often returning to the 28-70 with +4 behind a flat port as a favoured macro set up because, within its short range, it was very easy to focus and could zoom out a little. Eventually the 28-70 lens broke beyond economic repair. :-( All that is several cameras behind me now. Looking back, that 28-70 general purpose lens stirs fond memories, especially with a +4 behind a flat port.
  13. Maybe for macro, but for anything else you need strobes.
  14. I have only ever used PayPal to buy from eBay. Is it possible to use a credit card directly on eBay and get buyer protection that way?
  15. I have always stored housings closed with O ring in place. Never had a problem arising from that.
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