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  1. For sale: Nikon 105mm (non VR) lens and Subal Type 3 port and extension ring. Gears included on lens. Everything in excellent condition, lens has perfect glass. $550, free shipping. Paypal account required.
  2. Nikon has posted Basic Underwater Photography Tips. Can anyone confirm that they have ever seen this sea star on this soft coral? I don't think so... I think Mr. Wollcott Henry has some 'splainin to do. And I say shame on Nikon for not better vetting their photo pros more thoroughly. http://bit.ly/H1Dkrl Nikon Underwater Photo Tips
  3. To all those who are on my snail-mail list and received the holiday card - and to all those who are not - Happy Holidays!
  4. I concur with Dave's findings on the weight of the 1620. Mine weighs in at exactly 23.5 lbs with the padded dividers. What no one else is talking about is that you can lose an additional 4.5 lbs by removing the bottom panel, wheel assembly and handle, bringing the net weight in at 19 lbs!!! This is easily done with the proper square drive bit chucked into your choice of electric drill, and is just as easily restored. Think about it, if you are traveling abroad, you generally have use of a trolly at the airport, other willing helpers (aka "dive sherpas"), etc. You don't really need the wheels, and wouldn't you love to have the extra 4.5 lbs for that extra body, lens, regulator, strobe, batteries, tools, spare parts... ? Travel light! Ron Lagerlof Lauadi Bob Productions Los Angeles, CA
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