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  1. Keldan LUNA 4 & LUNA 8 YS Style Clamp SKU: # na-kel-638 Offered for $30 shipped. (price new is $54) Great condition.
  2. SOLD. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Hi all, I wish I could put these to use, but it is just not going to happen very soon. So I am offering my two Seacam flash arms. They could easily pass as new. The workmanship on these is incredible. I believe these are FLASH ARM 50/150/150/M8/BAG - $1120 (2x562) when new. Offered for $600 plus shipping. Thanks for looking! Private sale without warranty or returns.
  4. This is new, never used. Unfortunately I need a bigger one. In fact I'd also be interested in swapping with a 1670 case. This came with the original grey padded dividers, that were designed for this case and fit perfectly. Grey is good to find small pieces of gear that are hard to see in black dividers or foam. I can include a print of the original invoice as well. It cost $ 235 new. But I am open to offers. Cheers, George
  5. The 14-30mm seems very interesting, but the photos of the mockup do not show if it has internal focussing, or extending front elements like the 24-70Z. Would considerable extension imply a shift of the entry pupil that would pose problems behind a dome? 14-30-4.jpeg
  6. geo

    WTB Seacam D4 Housing

    Still looking for a Seacam housing for the Nikon D4 / D4S ...
  7. Hi all, it was a pleasure doing business with Vladimir: communication was great, shipping costs were low, and the the strobe arms are like new! Cheers, George
  8. Hi all, I can't say enough good things about Ian: a true gentleman in every way... The dome is in excellent condition, I can't even find the superficial marks he described! Cheers, George
  9. Hi all, I am looking for a Seacam D4 housing with S6 strobe connectors. Preferably in the US (although Europe might be a possibility). Cheers, George
  10. Hi, thanks for the interest, but the housing and all accessories have been SOLD.. Cheers, George
  11. Price lowered to 3000 Euro / 3900 US $ !!!
  12. Hi Andy, the housing has dual S6 sockets. They are the most robust ones on the market, but will not work with the old Nikonos or Ikelite cables. Cheers, George
  13. Hey everyone, I am lowering the price to 4000$ a bargain...
  14. Still available, as most interested buyuers were located outside Europe. One thing to mention: This housing has the costly optional MSC switch, so its one thing to consider regarding the price. Cheers, George
  15. Hi Allan, I sent you a PM and we can discuss things, I am however worried that shipping costs to Australia might spoil the deal.. Cheers, George
  16. I have my brandnew SEACAM Nikon D700 housing for sale. It has never been used at all due to a canceled project, and have sold the D700 since. Price new was 4222,- Euros. Please PM me with serious offers and/or questions. All the best, George
  17. Hi all, I still have a brandnew Seacam Nikon D700 housing for sale. It has never been used at all due to a canceled project I bought if for. Price new was 4222,- Euros. Please PM me with serious offers. Below you´ll find some pictures. Email me if you would like to receive the high resolution original files. All the best, George
  18. Open to sensible offers... click here for images: http://img130.imageshack.us/g/201101306374.jpg/
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