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  1. though i dive with a 5050/pt-015, i'm not an expert with it to flash in supermacro mode, i need to set the flash as slave (using the menu system) and turn the mode dial to M (manual aperture and manual shutter speed)
  2. Hi all, any one up on the skinny about the differences between lightweight rechargers, such as the ipowerus FC402 (110/240V) and the much (4x?) heavier chargers, often requiriing an ac adapter and often single input voltage? 2mike
  3. Hi Andrea, As I visit the area from time to time, I'd be interested in hearing about diving in GA? Mike
  4. The 80GB Travelstar HDD goes for $300. which is only $20 more than two 40GB 40GNX HDDs. When you upgrade your laptop, you can pull out and sell the new one, and plunk in the 80GB. I bought both an X-Drive-II and a Tripper, both empty, for $250 total, with free shipping, and a 40GB 40GNX Travelstar for $140+tax+shipping. The X in GNX is important and distinguishes it from the 40GN series ( a 40GB 40GN goes for about $100+tax+shipping ). I also have a 40GB 40GN and will be benchmarking the two. I'll be benchmarking the enclosures for speed and power consuption. In the meantime, if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
  5. David, for super simple, extremely flexible batch processing under Win/Mac/Linux, nothing beats ImageMagick. Mike
  6. for batch work, including: - conversions between 87 formats, including PSD, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Postscript - resizings - "proof sheets" (montage of thumbnails) with file names - inumerable other tasks you might find ImageMagick useful. It is free and runs under Windows '95 and later ('95, '98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP) Macintosh (MacOS 9 and 10) VMS OS/2 Linux/Unix http://www.imagemagick.org For batch conversions of raw formats, dcraw might be useful. Written byDavid Coffin, dcraw supports more than 50 different camera models including the S40, and may be found at http://www2.primushost.com/%7Edcoffin/powershot/ The following cameras are supported by dcraw: * Canon PowerShot 600 * Canon PowerShot A5 * Canon PowerShot A50 * Canon PowerShot Pro70 * Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS * Canon PowerShot G1 * Canon PowerShot G2 * Canon PowerShot G3 * Canon PowerShot S30 * Canon PowerShot S40 * Canon PowerShot S45 * Canon PowerShot S50 * Canon EOS D30 * Canon EOS D60 * Canon EOS 10D * Canon EOS-1D (needs ljpeg_decode) * Canon EOS-1DS (needs ljpeg_decode) * Nikon D1 * Nikon D1H * Nikon D1X * Nikon D100 * Nikon E950 ("DIAG RAW" hack) * Nikon E990 ("DIAG RAW" hack) * Nikon E995 ("DIAG RAW" hack) * Nikon E2500 ("DIAG RAW" hack) * Nikon E4300 ("DIAG RAW" hack) * Nikon E4500 ("DIAG RAW" hack) * Nikon E5000 * Nikon E5700 * Olympus E-10 * Olympus E-20 * Olympus C5050Z * Minolta DiMAGE 5 (untested) * Minolta DiMAGE 7 (untested) * Minolta DiMAGE 7i * Fuji FinePixS2Pro * Kodak DCS315C * Kodak DCS330C * Kodak DCS420 * Kodak DCS460 * Kodak DCS460A * Kodak EOSDCS3B * Kodak EOSDCS1 * Kodak DCS520C (needs ljpeg_decode) * Kodak DCS560C (needs ljpeg_decode) * Kodak DCS620C (needs ljpeg_decode) * Kodak DCS620X (needs ljpeg_decode) * Kodak DCS660C (needs ljpeg_decode) * Kodak DCS660M (needs ljpeg_decode) * Kodak DCS720X * Kodak DCS760C * Kodak DCS760M * Kodak ProBack * Kodak PB645M * Kodak PB645H * Kodak DCS Pro 14n * Sigma SD9
  7. for precision to 1/100 of a second, with image files of arbitrary sizes/formats, start your music, then run: animate f1.jpg -delay 31 f2.gif -delay 416 f3.tif -delay 326 f4.jpg -delay 49 f5.jpg -delay 129 ImageMagick runs under Windows '95 and later ('95, '98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP) Macintosh (MacOS 9 and 10) VMS OS/2 Linux/Unix http://www.imagemagick.org
  8. by the way, the Gimp can be downloaded from here: http://www.gimp.org/the_gimp.html and ImageMagick from here: http://www.imagemagick.org/
  9. on the topic of linux and the Gimp, raw files from the 5050 and many other models/mfrs can be converted to ppm files with : "dcraw *orf " using David Coffin's utility, found at http://www2.primushost.com/%7Edcoffin/powershot/ which handles a slew of mfrs and models (or as a plugin for the Gimp) ImageMagick is no slouch either other 5050/linux links http://www.schubart.net/c3040zoom/linux-usb.html http://gphoto.sourceforge.net/ http://www.netspace.net.au/~bmiller/linux/c5050.html http://www.geocities.com/piccolbo/dplinux.html
  10. http://www.the-discount-shop.com/catalog.htm
  11. https://secure3.ozhosting.com/powermarket/p...lient/store.asp
  12. thanks mikeo! i've edited my initial post to motivate the project.
  13. Hi all. As MikeO notes below (thanks MikeO!), there are already a number of media performance comparisions available online, some of which were based on performance in a 5050 But after perusing those sites and threads, I did not end up with any info that would help select between the various 512MB and 1GB cards. Also, as uw snappers, we are constrained by battery life - and there do not seem to be any benchmarks of power consumption (just mfr specs) Various media rank differently in different camera's, as noted by James in another WP thread (thanks James!). This is most appearant in the RobGalbraith site, which benchmarked media across DSLRs ... so it seems imperative to benchmark the media in a 5050. The available online comparisions (see MikeO's link below) benchmark the media in 5050's, concentrating on small cards. But these days, 512MB cards can be had for under $100, and 1GB for just under $200 if one makes use of current $50 and $75/80 rebates. so.... I'm taking requests and looking for advice on running comparision tests of media performance in a 5050 and under linux as pen drives. tests will include half a dozen 512MB and 1GB CF cards, a few smaller CFs, a few SMs and an xD. I'm looking for requests and advice on test protocols. Cheers, Mike
  14. would it be feasible to plug a common 1-3 adpater (1 male plug, 3 female sockets) into 1 power adapter (voltage converter), and then plug the three 110V chargers into into the three sockets? (geometry might require attention)
  15. 1) Cris - there is a <$30 8-cell charger at Thomas Distributing, which would afford redundancy for 16-cell tasks. 2) Can lithium batteries be used in underwater gear? 3) The 5050 retail box that arrived here (item number 225355 and bar code 0 50332 12821 6) contains 4 NiMH AAs (1700mAh), an Oly BU-300 charger (100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.4oz, 4-cell), and a cute little remote -- which I mention because I've vague memories of posts about 5050 Boxes not containing rechargable batteries and no remote control.
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