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  1. A note about the Sea & Sea adapter for WPDC300 Housing. I've been trying to get hold of one of these for a while (in the UK or US). After contacting many companies - I was told that these had gone out of production. Mostly unhappy as I'd already ordered the 16mm Wide and 2x Macro Sea & Sea MMII lenses! Out of desperation I phoned Sea & Sea - and they said that Yes - this had gone out of production - even though that casing could be used for the S45 - a new cam?! BUT (and here's the best bit!) due to massive feedback from all stockists (notice how they are all out of stock!), they would be re-starting production - hoorah! (Be available about mid march '03) As a side note - for a great external strobe - check out the Sea & Sea YS25DX - good on budget, and a fibre optic cable specificly for this casing is available (this also totally blocks off the internal flash so no backscatter - and is removable if you want to take your cam out without strobe). To get an idea what it looks like try - www.camerasunderwater.co.uk - even though it's pictured with another Canon housing. And if your looking for a great tray arm combo for this and want to keeps costs down look at the fish eye tray set at www.underwaterdigital.net - the guy shipped one to the UK for me from the states Hope this helps, Cola.
  2. back to original post..... I've been using this combo for about a year now. The internal flash is perfectly adequate for starting out in UW photography. Tips --- Use the fast action setting - this is the best underwater 'cos all the white balance, shutter speed, apeture, etc are auto - but you can "force" the flash on and off. Basic rules with this - on for macro off for not. This is 'cos it's an internal strobe and will give you backscatter probs. That's all ya need to know. Leave it on the "fast action" auto setting - use the flash on/off and the macro on/off - abd you're away. Then when you get home check out all the pics - pick out your best / worse and look at what settings the camera "chose". Then you can move on to full manual. PS - it works well for video U/W too. Anything else please ask. Thanks, Cola. Some eg's: 3 x Macro & Internal Flash 1 x Flash off Sorry about the quality - had to compress right down to attatch. But you get the idea.
  3. Sorry Mike - This is the model I've got - but I'm not going diving again 'til Kenya in January - I'll post pic's details etc ASAP. I have tried it dry, and it's a good medium distance flash. Cola.
  4. Excellento!! Cheers mate - NimH it is then. Hopefully I won't be exploding! Thanks, Cola
  5. In my Epoque ES-150 Strobe instructions it says to use NI-Cad rechargeable batteries - rather than NimH ones - because there is a danger of "gas" being produced?? Does anyone know anything about this? I'd rather use NimH batteries as they are available with twice the power (up to 1800 mAH = compared to 800 mAH for Ni-Cad's) Thanks, Cola.
  6. Thanks very much for the reply guys. I have had a nose around - and it looks like I'm going for an Epoque - I found one for £75. It does look as if it may not be as powerful as the S&S or Ikelite's - but at this price it's a good start for my first Strobe. Plus it does work with pre-flash. Again - thanks! Andy
  7. Hi - I have a Canon s30 with the Canon Housing. Used it on 2 dive holidays with the internal flash. Now I'm getting more experienced I need to upgrade. I've been looking at strobes for a while now - but still don't have a clue. I'm on a bit of a budget - but I'm always on the lookout for Used gear - so any advice would be great ........... 1. Which Strobe would be best for me for general use (S30 & Housing has no hardware connections for an external strobe - so I guess it would need a sensor)? 2. What would be the best way to connect it up (do I need to block the internal flash off/ deflect it with something, etc?) Very greatful - cheers, Cola.
  8. A big problem with Digicams is the screen - it kicks out a lot of heat - which, when underwater adds to your fogging probs. Try and keep the screen off - until you're ready to shoot -this should help you out. Cheers, Cola
  9. Thanks for that - it's strange - as the pictures were there when I did it yesterday. Do you know of anywhere I can store pictures online - and then link to them on forums like this (for free - looks like you have to pay for Pbase)? Thanks, Andy.
  10. My first UW pics - Canon S30 and Canon WP casing - no extra's, In Nuweiba, Egypt. What d'ya reckon? Any tips? Andy.
  11. My first UW pics - Canon S30 and Canon WP casing - no extra's, In Nuweiba, Egypt. What d'ya reckon? Any tips? Andy.
  12. My first UW pics - Canon S30 and Canon WP casing - no extra's, In Nuweiba, Egypt. What d'ya reckon? Any tips? Andy.
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