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  1. Hi Tim, have a look to the sony A6xxx series housings.... Same sensor, smaller mount, but small housings and only 1kg housing weight.... With adapter the Tokina 10 - 17mm could be used, and many more.... Hi Chris, i had the Oly Omd 5 mk I, nice cam but the low light possibilities were low.... The housing weight for the EM1 mk II is 1.8kg! If i take Subal, i could house a Sony A7.... with 250gramm less.... For sure will the ports and lenses still have their own weight additional. And Sony as well as Nikon will be heavier than Olympus. But if i start with a leight weighted camera and housing, i can stripp the complett rig weight down... And use only one system. Shooting Nikon since 30 years means a lot of glas ;-)) Was using two systems for weight, but didnt made me happy... Oly be better with dof for macro, the others better with bigger sensors.... If there is an additional Nikon adapter, i could use the 15mm or maybe a solution for the Nikonos RS lenses..... Just thoughts.... Regards, Wolfgang
  2. Hi, as a long time Nikon user, 35 years, and more than 25 years under water, this could be a good camera for the next trips. And maybe longer, if the line gets further.... What i would like is a high quality housing like Nauticam, but small and light weighted like the Sony A6xxx series. Between 1 and max 1,5kg 100mm port diameter.... Had a Sony Nex5 and 7, and Oly Omd 5e in Nauticam housings... By now, using a Nikon D500 in a Hugyfot, simply because my first real underwater setup was a D300 in Hugyfot, and still have all the ports and goodies... But travelling with big photo setup gets harder each year.. A camera like the Z50 with a sensor equal to the D500 in a small housing would be a great opportunity for the scene. So please Nauticam realise that and make us happy! Regards, Wolfgang
  3. Hi, where are you located? Can offer a Sony Nex 6 / Nauticam.
  4. Sounds good! Is there a surface animal section here in the forum???
  5. Hi, the difference of low light is not the lens, that you get in a fast aperture from every brand, but the sensor... A m43 with a f 2 lens is simply not as good as a Dx or Fx with a f 2.... Thats physics. Not beliving
  6. You are right, the EM1 mii is a lot better than the other Oly cams, but still not so good as the Sony cams. Not only cost, weight is as well a factor. And the housing for the Em1 mii weights 800gr more, the camera weights 140gr more. Thats ~ 1kg more, and 300€ difference in housing too. The Tokina 10 - 17mm ( 500€ ), a well known underwater fisheye works with the Sigma converter. As well as the original Canon macro lenses or the Sigmas for Canon.... The Oly fisheye is not cheap, dont know the exact prices and differences in the staates, but here in europe the Panasonic FE is 600€, the Oly FE f1,8 pro is 750€ and the f 3,5 is 850€ ( amazon.at )... The big pro for the Oly is the Dof in macro, no question. The Oly 60mm will be equivalent to full frame 120mm, the Sony 90mm be 135mm... I use a Sigma 105mm on my Nikon D500 mostly, or the old Nikon 70 - 180mm macro zoom. Thats the reason i asked for the goal and most use. Regards, Wolfgang
  7. Hi, the choice is not easy ;-)) A Nikon user since more than 30 years.... I had after a D300 for underwater a Oly OMD5e in a Nauticam housing and loved it! For macro a great system, wide angle too. Light weigted, so my prefered setup for a trip could easily fit in the hand luggage... But then a trip with restrictions in light use, Malapascua treasure sharks, no strobes or lights, make the difference. The small sensor is great for macro, big depth of field, but low light, ups.... Forget 800 iso.... looks shi..... So a year later, same destination i switched to a D500 setup, Hugyfot, a lot more weight, much more bulky, but under these conditions, better pics.... Quick focus with every lens, ... But not a 12 - 50mm lens, that can do even macro, light weigthed, big Dof, very universal,.... But, the question is, what is your goal? How many trips a year by plane? How many dives by car? If i would start today, with not my lens park and Nikon history, i would think about a Sony A6400 setup. I have a A6300 and was thinking to get a system for underwater, but will upgrade to the A6400 because the focus. And the Sigma converter gives you the Canon lenses with good focus. Means you can use the Tokina 10 - 17mm and the Sigma 105mm OS or Canon 60mm macro.... And that with only a bit more than 2 lbs of housing weight.... The most leight weighted Nikon Z housing is more than 4 lbs, Sony full frame around the same weights.... Quality of the pics from D500 to A6300 are equal. But so many things to think about ;-)) Regards, Wolfgang
  8. You can use as well some older Inon cables, some of them had a screwed on shoe that will fit as well. But better pick up than shipping to found out thats the wrong one... Regards, Wolfgang
  9. There are two used Inon Z240 type 4 in the classified section! That is a great start...
  10. A pitty you are in the states.... With adding shipping & custom fees they get too expensive ;-(( Regards, Wolfgang
  11. Hi, interested! Will send you a pn. Regards, Wolfgang
  12. Hi, thats a female! The male have the spines on the top, middle und down section of the tailfin. The backfin is different as well... You can find more pics under the old name Cheilinus bimaculatus. Regards, Wolfgang
  13. Hi, my Africa trip is long time history ( 1992 ), was in Malindi but not much to see.... The diving is nothing in relation to a well organiced safari.... Plan the same weight for long & fast lenses, best with stabilisation, and you will enjoy the trip ;-))) Try early morning and dawn, like diving ;-))) Nice trip and great pics for you, Wolfgang
  14. Hi, have an Inon D2000 for sale. Regards, Wolfgang
  15. Autofocus of 6300 and 6500 are the same. The 6400 is newer and got a lot of better AF functions... Stabilising is nice, but not so much worth than a quick autofocus.... Water dimms a lot of shaking against air.
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