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  1. Interested in a nikon d60 a 10 megapixel camera in aquatica housing. Includes nikon d60 body, aquatica housing, extension for 16-85mm lens, zoom gear 16-85mm lens, 6 inch dome port, ikelite AI strobe and Ikelite 100a strobe. All equipenment in good shape and ikelite 100a strobe in very good shape. It was my backup. Not sure if its seen water. You would just need a 16-85mm lens or whatever lens you have now. $2000usd. To see samples reefscenics.smugmug.com

    You do have to shoot full manual as the strobes are from film days. Very powerful strobe as you only use full power for beyond 4 foot.

    1. trimix125


      have an old S&S D80 housing,
      or if you want something better,
      a Hugyfot D300 housing.
      And there should be an adapter for S&S portsĀ  in the parts box...

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