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  1. Hi Girelle, thanks a lot for your answer. Do you have the Oly 45mm 1,8 lens to try it? Or the SIgma 60mm? Inon writes that it should be ~ a 80mm lens... So the 45 would be the nearest. Can you maybe post a pic to show how strong the blurr is? Greetings, Wolfgang
  2. Hi, has anybody tried if that will work? Or the possibility to test it? Sensor is very small, lenses are narrow.... Maybe not with the 60mm macro, but the 45mm? Regards, Wolfgang
  3. Hi, if you split, have interest in the Subsee +5 lens. Regards, Wolfgang
  4. Hi, i have the 60mm macro, the 8mm fisheye and the 12 - 60mm in underwater use. The 12mm has not seen water yet ;-)) That will change next year. The 60mm you can use with a Subsee +10 as well. http://www.reefdesign.eu/anilao_2014.html All pics here marked with Wolfgang are made with the OMD5e and the lenses from above. Regards, Wolfgang PS: @ Phil The water is to blue for Anilao last february, or?
  5. Hi, look here: http://www.ebay.at/itm/331297428161?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 regards, Wolfgang
  6. Hi Jools, the fisheye was a converter, so not to compair with a real lens. Was not sharp in the corners as i would have liked it.... And there was / is still no longer macro lens available.... The setup was very small, that was the good thing. But there is now the housing comeing for the new OMDe 10. That looks small as well. Regards, Wolfgang
  7. Hi Jools, in caves it takes a lot of strobes to get good pics.... Have been using only two ( one on the camera, other at buddie ) and in that way you can only light small spots.... If you wanna light a bigger room, it takes 5 to x strobes. Have met slovakian cave divers in Tulmum, one camera, 5 divers and 10 strobes..... Had a Sony Nex5 in the nauticam housing before, now changed to Olympus OMD5, and now i am happy. Regards, Wolfgang
  8. Hi, to update this thread....... I have 2 of this strobes, since years and they always did well.... 2 weeks ago i had a pool shooting, and there was a little water in both battery compartments. Thought that i should have cleaned and greased them maybe a little bit.... So i did this and prepared them again. Today i did a dive in a melting water lake, high altitude and cold. Both strobes did well, but i could see some bubbles from one of the over pressure valves from one cap. Worked still fine. After the dive i opened both strobes and there was some water in both. Never had this before. Could it be that this happens while shallow diving? Is it possible to repair that valve? Regards, Wolfgang
  9. Hi, 1. looks like Lissocacinus laevis 2. from the family Portunus, maybe sanguinolentus 3. not really an idea...... 4. could be Platylambrus validus or Daldorfia horrida 5. hermit crabs are not really my thing, could be Aniculus aniculus..... 6. would say Gondactylus smithii, the eyes are left, holding its tail in front for defense 7. closest for me Xenocarcinus conicus No guarantee for right ;-)) Greetings, Wolfgang
  10. Hi, can offer you a UK Germany housing for a D300, ports for fisheye ( big and small dome ) and macro. Alternative a Hugyfot for D300, some Ports, have too look. Regards, Wolfgang
  11. Hi Karen, maybe you need only an adapter ring for a different diameter. Which port are you using? The macro port or the 12 - 50mm port? NAUTICAM Macro Port 65 for Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm F2.8 Macro (with M67 thread ) or NAUTICAM Macro Port Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ ( with M77 thread ) if its the second, you just need a ring with M77 to M67. Greetings, Wolfgang
  12. Hi Karen, i used a flip diopter holder, that made it easy to change between fish and tiny nudibranch ;-)) Mine is from the same shop as the austrian gear, but was a prototype built by a 3d plotter and 2 rings to fit the M67 fittings. Would take the original one next time ..... Greetings, Wolfgang
  13. Hi Karen, have spent the last 2 weeks in Anilao, first time using the OMD E5 in the Nauticam housing. The 12 - 50 works fine with the Sub See +10mm. My other lenses there the 60mm macro, a realy superb lens, and as well used with the +10, and the 8mm fisheye. Except some troubles with the mode dial, the setup was a pleasure to use. And if i would not have spent 5 days out of the water being ill, there would be a big amount of pics ;-(( Greetings, Wolfgang
  14. Hi, have bought a used Nauticam / Oly combo, thanks Edmond, and ownl a Nauticam EA30 port. Can i use the 60mm macro in this one? Or can somebody give me the inside lenght of the 60mm macro or the 12 - 50mm port? Metric would be great ;-)) Thanks a lot, Wolfgang PS: the lenses are still on the way so i cannot test it, and i would like to fix the order for our february trip.
  15. Hi, thats true, as long as the company offers a special lens sortiment for the sensor size. Unluckily it looks like Sony takes simply the A series lenses and offers them with an E series mount....... If you take the 30mm macro or the 18 - 55mm zoom, the look very similar to their A series uncles...... Regards, Wolfgang
  16. Hi Valeria, another thing is, that you cannot use the teleconverters on the AFS 60mm. I own this lens, and as well the TC20 II, but it is simply physically not possible to combinate these two items! The rear glass of the lens is standing to far outside, so you cannot mount the TC 20 II on it. I dont know if there is a difference between the versions II and III, but the AFS 60mm is also not in the teleconverter charts. The Tamron 1.4x i have as well, fits fine. My standart macro lens is the 70 - 180mm Lens under and above surface. But i use as well the AF 60mmD and the AFS 60mm, but most on my Sony Nex ;-)) Kind regards, Wolfgang
  17. Hi, can offer you a Hugyfot for D300, domeport and macroport. Kind regards, Wolfgang
  18. Hi Tom, i use the Nikon 70 - 180mm Macro zoom lens http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/70180.htm Focus and lightning work both ok. Havent tried a diopter, simply because my setup was not build for one. But for small shrimp in Lembeh it worked fine ;-)) Kind regards, Wolfgang
  19. Hi, i use the Nikon 70 - 180mm macro zoom lens. Not produced any more, but a nice lens for tiuny stuff ;-)) Greetings, Wolfgang
  20. Hi Marsh, i was just testing it above surface, to see if the quality of the pics will be ok. And it looks much better than the Sony E 30mm for me..... That it is not af, is not fine, but would be ok. Specially because the focus spot is too big on my Nex5n. Until now i was using my D300 and the 70 - 180mm Nikon for macros. Thats great for tiny stuff like in Lembeh. And gives you the possibility to play around and shoot bigger things as well. I would be interested in an af adapter as well. And if Metabones is faster than the Sonys, i buy some Canon lenses, or 2nd parties with Canon connector. But that means longer ports, or longer distance rings, and fitting zoom and focus gear...... Greetings, Wolfgang PS: shoot a Sony LA EA1 in ebay last weekend....
  21. Hi, i have a Nex5n in a modified Nauticam 5 housing, and was now testing the Nikon Macro 60mm 2,8 D with a Novoflex adapter. I habve a lot of Nikon stuff, including a D300 in a Hugy housing, but plan a small and light version for trips... Its only manual focus, but gives nice pics, no comparison with the Sony 30mm.... Was as well testing the 70 - 180mm macro zoom, but have no idea how to mount the lens in the port and then the camera at last part ;-)) Has anyone tested the Metabones converter focusspeed against the Sony adaptors 1 and 2? Would be interesting which one is faster. I know that not any lens is possible, Sigma lenses with the HSM drive should work, or? Are there any plans about longer distance rings, so there are not too much o rings between housing and port? Greetings from vienna, Wolfgang
  22. Hi, would be interested in that Hugy strobe connector. Would you ship to europe? Otherwise i can give you an australian adress as well. Kind regards, Wolfgang
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