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  1. Hi, when i see the seafan next to it, can not imagine a harvest.... Could it be marks from a waving seafan? Looks a bit radial, but that could be a bent seafan as well. If that goes up and down in a strong current, it could leave sings in the sponge.... A seafan will win against most hard corals in chemical warfare.... Regards, Wolfgang
  2. Hi Phil, is there any optical change if the 28mm is used on a DX camera? Clearly the lens is longer, but does it affect the optical combination with the wet lenses? For sure the angle of view will be narrower, but will the corner quality be still better? Or will the longer lens make problems with the shorter calculated wet lenses? Regards, Wolfgang
  3. Hi, have the Nikon 60mm AFs, the Nikon 70 - 180mm zoom macro lens AFd and the Sigma 105mm macro OS. The AFs is sometimes hunting, the AFd is slow, and the Sigma is great. Used earlier on a D300 and now D500 and D750. Fast af is good, but if it hunts fast, it makes no sense.... Regards, Wolfgang
  4. Hi, bought one for my girl friend, she is using only a single strobe, so she wanted it a bit stronger than her old Z240.... Worked well the hole trip. I was using a pair of Z240s, fine as well, as long as the Led trigger worked...... Regards, Wolfgang
  5. Hi, what about these: unterwasserkamera.at D&D dual slave plugs Sea&Sea size or D&D Sea&Sea slave Winkelstecker 90° With this i do my cables. Sorry just using an Apple but normally Windows, dont know how to copy.... Regards, Wolfgang
  6. Hi, young damsel fishes are hard to id.... Because you said Peru, Chromis alta? The Saphir Demoisell would be Chrysiptera cyanea, but my book is old ;-)) still wrong side of the ocean... Microspathodon dorsalis? The problem is as well that some names / failies were changed after genetic analysis... Good luck, Wolfgang
  7. Hi, what size do you think of? Maybe buying the rights of a pic is a bit easier, because shipping a large aluminum print could be expensive. And if you can let them print near to your place this makes it cheaper and you can maybe get a discount for more pics. What kind of uw pic? Just to make it a bit more easy ;-)) Regards, Wolfgang
  8. Hi, i was using a Nikon D300 and when switched to a Olympus OMD5 in a Nauticam housing. Specially the 60mm macro lens is great. Pretty small setup, good pics. Met Phil in Anilao who used an Olympus OMD1 at that time ;-)) But 2 trips later, i found the limit of that camera: Malapascua philippines, treasure sharks early morning 30m deep with no light. The m43 systems have small sensors, that gives you a small camera. But for low light, the are not good. Had to push the camera to 800 and that looks ........ And was still to slow to freeze a shark. So i changed to a Nikon D500 and all the big and heavy parts...... If i would start complete new, i would select a Sony a6300 setup. Naerly the same as my D500, but you get a Nauticam housing with less than 1kg.... All the FF housing, or mostly start with more than 2,5 kg! That makes a difference in traveling. Regards, Wolfgang
  9. Hi, a worm, maybe something from Enteropneusta? Good luck, Wolfgang
  10. Hi, had some years with lots of mating nudies, and others like this with none.... Was allways first two weeks of february in the philippines ;-)) Two weeks ago in Anda i have seen many egg nests.... Have pics from your number one creating one... Regards, Wolfgang
  11. Hi, yes the sheep is a monster ;-)) Was in Bohol second week of february, and have seen it the first time there..... To get a good pic, you need a lot, but good footage needs much more! Regards, Wolfgang
  12. For that price i would buy it in US. The pitty is that there is 30% custom tax on it, if someone buys it in europe. And not only on the housing price, the EU includes the shipping to the total cost and that makes a huge difference... Regards, Wolfgang
  13. Hi, i was using a 70mm macro lens with external fokus, and it vignetted in infinity 😐 Regards, Wolfgang
  14. Hi, but be awere that the Sigma has no internal focus! Means it will get longer ( centimeters ) if close focused. That can vignet if a wider distance is used....... Otherwise it would be the perfect macro lens. Regards, Wolfgang
  15. Hi, but the low light possibilities for the Olympus are poor... Thats why i went back for a dslr rig.... Have all the lenses... If starting new, i would think about a mirrorless system in apsc. The Sony a6300 makes great shots and film is ok. And uses smaller lenses than the A7 series. The housings are smaller and much lighter as well. Without any light it wont work. But looks that video lamps make more sense for you. Regatds, Wolfgang
  16. Hi, what ports can you get for the Meikon housing? Not sure you will get one of this lenses inside..... And what is your goal? Sharks, wreck or reef scenes? Depending on this, you can choose. Regards, Wolfgang
  17. Hi dreifish, use the Tokina FE with my D500 now, earlier with D300. Yesterday i had the chace to combinate the Canon version with the Sigma MC11,and that worked well and fast on a A6300..... Will try now to find a port and then a Canon based macro lens. The Canon 100mm IS was as slow as the Sony 90mm, and had the same troubles finding focus.... Will tell you, as soon i have better news... Regards, Wolfgang
  18. Hi, Sony says as well that the view finder on the a6... models need more battery than the screen. Maybe a problem of more intern software work? Was wondering as well. Loved the Oly OMD 5e view finder. Regards, Wolfgang
  19. Hi, for macro: the 16 - 50mm is a "cheap universal lens" So that means small, light weighted, but a lot of compromisses.... You can not compare that with a special for macro build lens, And the focal lenght is to short to use a diopter on both of them ( with good results ). A wet diopter is more or less only shortening the focus distance. That means you have to get very close, so the model will look bigger... The 90mm is a good lens, but very slow. But will work good with diopters. I use a Nikon Micro zoom lens, 70 - 180mm with an +10 Subsee. That means i can shoot a pygmy from a distance, without getting so close that i would touch it, and it fills my pic. Makes a great difference. For me, because a nice pic, and for the pigmy because the strange thing is not getting so close.... Supermacro needs a long lens, that you can focus very close with an diopter. A longer lens has a longer minimum focus distance, and only if you have this, you can shorten it good with an diopter. I had a Sony NEx5n with the 30mm lens. Thats a sharp lens, but the focus distance is too short to use a diopter. At that time Sony had not much lenses, so i sold the rig... Now i check out other Sony combinations with third part lenses. Will post what i found out. Regards, Wolfgang
  20. Hi, the housing is made of Plastik, so it could easily change the form under the waterpressure... So the Lever button can be a bit out of the planed middle, and so not work. The Buttons have "weak" springs, so the pressure can start to push them in a bit, so the half way Point is easily reached.... Had a Samsung Plastik housing years ago. Depth rate was 60m. It was waterproof until this, but when you switched the camera on in depth, or during descend, the waterpressure pushed all buttons in, and the camera got an overinput problem. The brain burned throught.... The Company then reduced the operating depth to 40 and later 30 meters.... Regards, Wolfgang
  21. Hi, loking for a lightweight rig for my girlfriend. She was using the Sony RX100 in a recsea housing. Combinated with macro and wide wet lenses.... Now i have got a used Sony Nex6 housing from Nauticam, have invested in the 90mm macro, but what is a working wide angle / fisheye solution? Can get some anon lenses from friends, but which converter first? And which one works with which lens good or not.... If there is a possibilty to take maybe later two Sony Alpha rigs under water, that would cut down the luggage ;-)) The Sigma converter should work with Sigma lenses, Canon EF mount, best would be art series. Metabones is fine with some of the Canon EF lenses. But does it work with Sigma lenses for Canon as well? Looking for lenses as sample: Tokina 10 - 17mm Sigma fisheye for Canon, or the 10 - 20mm, Maybe Tokina WA Maybe Canon 8 - 15mm fisheye The Sony 90mm macro is extremly slow... Has anybody tried the Sigma 105mm art macro in any converter combination? On my Nikon setup, this is a fast and sharp macro lens.... Would be great if we could put a list together that focuses on our underwater needs, and not on brand specific advertise.... Next step would be to try and check the port solutions for the ideal combinations. Thanks for Input, Wolfgang
  22. Hi, will be there in february. Now red that they have a pygmy care rule, that means no torch / focus light...... Has anybody been there in the last time? Any more restrictions? Just to know what is going on during diving. Regards, Wolfgang
  23. Hi, got the bought snoot from PHOTEC yesterday. Well packed and a personally signed book written from him as ad on! Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Wolfgang
  24. Hi, the D2000 type 4 is sold, the type 2 is reserved. Happy new year, Wolfgang
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