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  1. If he's still looking, I have a Sony NX-5N w/ 18-55 lens, Aquatica housing, and appropriate port that is sitting around. Not setup for macro. Could also include Sea & Sea strobe, too.
  2. Seeking to buy a Nikonos dual synch cord in excellent working condition as back-up. Call Jim @ 912-634-9076 between 5:30 - 8:30 evenings Eastern US time
  3. I have a used Sea & Sea housing for the Canon 10D, without ports. It has a very slow leak which might be repairable but I decided to upgrade instead. I would be willing to sell "as is" for a very good price but can't guarantee it can be fixed (Fred Dion at UW Phototech looked at it and said I could try to epoxy it). Might be fine for shallow dives (30' or shallower). If interested, let me know. Also have back-up 10D bodies.
  4. Is this still available for sale? I'd be interested in the Tokina lens, zoom gear and port particularly if you have another housing purchaser. Jim 802-425-2608
  5. I am also in the housing as a back-up. Still available? When was it last used and serviced? Does it come with any ports?
  6. Thanks but I'm only interested in the housing. I already have various accessories and back-up body.
  7. Seeking to buy a Sea & Sea DX-10D to replace my cracked housing. I know it's a long-shot but trying before I end up by a completely new set-up. Must be in perfect working condition. Hoping someone has one in their closet that they are wiling to depart with.
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