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  1. HEllo...:-) Yes i know long time.. I was much working topside those days but yes.. Still freediving no money for scuba gear i put those in Studio lights and cameras:-) Yes this is the issue.. Pool & human bodys and faces and fisheye = no good. I have give a try with the 17-55mm but it was a disaster. Sometimes i think that i was soooooo stupid to seel my tokina 12-24. The Issue with the Sigma 10-20 that as its look in the pappers is perfect for narow pools sessions (Offen the pools are very small) Is the sharpness, contrast & color. I am not sure. Positive is that becauce the lens is small , have a intern focus, and good close focus its look like it will work with just my 170 dome and this is to a plus point. to have a small rig underwater Lambis
  2. Hi!!! long time it was but hier i am again and with a question. I have to the same dilemma. Sigma 10-20 or Tokina 10-17 I need a zoom lens and my 17-55 was not great for UW. I am shooting just models underwater and i need good quality contrast and shapness in a lens. As i say I need a Zoom and i am not sure if a fisheye lens as the tokina will deform my models face body Take a look att my portfolio www.apneaimages.com category mermaids so u see what i am shooting. Any recomendations are welcome.
  3. So Now i have test evertything and have try , as good as i can find the nodal point off my lens.. nothing is working. Still Photos lack on quality Btw.. my athena is the same glass dome as the new sea & sea http://www.seaandsea.jp/press/releaseopdome.html These are the D200 measurements Sensor plane - 0mm (ref plane) Body lens flange - 45mm Housing port flange = 88 mm had not sucess to calculate the curvature off the dome will try but i get so tired now:-) jcclink: You use the 17-55mm lens with the custom 12-24 port with +4 diopter & 60mm extension ring. What is the working distance in meters so u can use the full length off the zoom, 17-55? Do use the custom 12-24 port with other lenses? Maybe is better to go with your solution and have peace in my mind again. I have anyway a 20cm, 30mm, 40cm extension & diopters. Just for the case.. i have use the same dome with a tokina 12-24 & 30cm extension with great results and i havent need att all a diopter..
  4. Great..... becuace i need the 17-55 for colse subjects.. from 1meter to max 4-5 meters away if will not get it work i go with your setup..
  5. I dont get it.... you mean that with your custom 12-24 port the 60mm ex. ring & +4 the lens focuses too close so you can use it only from 17mm to 25/30mm? The reason that i like to use the 17-55 underwater is the zoomrange when i am 1-3 meters away from the objects
  6. yes Michael i know.. but you have a other dome.. i with my Athena and 60mm extension and on 18mm the lens hit the domeglas
  7. This is my last try 70mm extension +3diopter(+1 & +2 stucked together) on 17mm you see the corners off domes sunshade
  8. James i have read it .. but i dot get it really , i am so utechnical as is can go :-( I havent try +3 diopter so i give again a try but i hope some one can halp me to finaly calculate what i need in term off extension & diopter Lambis
  9. Today i have tryed with a 60mm extension and no diopter +1 +2 +4 Nothing!!!! There are just in the center off the foto some sharp parts baut around unsharp, very unsharp. So I am totally lost now.. and i love so much to use this lens underwater
  10. Yes James.. I was to thinking that. This Foto magazin is the oldest and most serious magazin in Sweden about photography. Very konservativ magazin. So i was to supriced that i got a cover and a cover with a fine art photo. I have, when they have taken the interview give them a lot off photos to use on the article and they have choise that.. So yes.. very progressive. But then again this is Sweden ;-)
  11. I have only 65mm then 40mm will try with 65 tomorrow. Just curious what u use for you 12-24? becauce i have used with my old tokina 12-24 a 30mm extension and it was perfect---
  12. hm my on 17 is maybe 4-5 mm inside the dome. I have triyed +1 & +2 same problem.. no sharp pictures... I dont think i need a bigger extension .. i am already on 70mm Maybe they have advise me incorect .. but but i dont know what i must do.. Anyone use a Athena opd170?
  13. I have for a long time a Nikon 17-55 thinking using underwater but newer had the chance as 16mm was my fav lens. Today i have try on a fountain near me.. (No access to pool) After recomentations i have a 40+25=65mm & 40+30=70mm extension and a set off +1 +2 & +4 diopters I have try the 70mm & +4 diopter and i see that the lsens focus very fast in any position but the photos are way to unsharp in just on the center off the photos is sharp-- I need some advice how i can go one to find the best combination in a zoom as my Nikon 17-55 This is on 17mm
  14. The swedish magazin Foto have a 6 pages article with many photos about my UW model photos. I am so happy about this but more happy i am that i got the coverphoto on the most serious magazin about photography in Sweden :-) In the same time is great to see that traditional photography beginn to see the posabilities off UW photo.. http://www.tidningenfoto.se/Sites/Foto/Default____24118.aspx As i say.. HAPPY AS I HIPPO
  15. I shoot lots off baby stuff in Sweden. I use now my Nikon d200 with a Nikon 16mm before i have used a Tokina 12-14. One hartenberger 250 strobe. Depens off background and idea i use F9- f13 1/100 to 1/160 Take a look att my underwater potrfolio att my webpage www.apneaimages.com
  16. I will hold soon my first seminar about my UW & model photography and i have really some issus to put together the shema. It will be 2 hours. Most off those that will be there are photografers that have nothing to do with underwater photography I was more thinking to show some off my photos. stay lite on some and tell about how they have been taken, maybe some funny story arount a photo. The pro & contras about shooting UW. Show equickment and talk lite technical about lenses, distrotion, light colors etc.. Off cource i will concetrate about my work and people underwater but still i am not sure. I know many off you have done it before . att least Alex is a guru on this. So i am thankfull if someone give me some this or what they think is so important to tell or what poeple are intresting to know..
  17. This is really a great tool and it was time to come.. will help much in some categories of Photography- For the fashion & model is this not usefull att all becauce the most photos are cloned and strong retushed not eather think as Alex.. that this will be a tool that will show wich one photografer can use the camera.. i know guys that are in both ways gurus and create exeptional photos. But this is a other topic .. becauce the term"manipulation" off a image is very elastic.... Is can beginn for some with just Levels and contrast, others se it more as hard retusch & lens distrotion, some think filters are to a manipulation. I think the final photo is the only that matters and how its have be done , wich old lab or new photoshop way is not relevant. they are just tools in the same way Magic filter is a tool ;-) In freediving photos that i shoot is just color corection levels that i change. In model photos is offen that i must retuch the face off the model or just take away the background off a ugly pool.
  18. Oh thanks guys.. cool to be back to.. i had a heartinflamation and was in the hospital long time. But now back . Is not much to tell about settings really not .. i beginn with f11 and then from there i contol the background and i use my strobe as "strong" fill light in some. I change the settings all the time depense off the framming and the distance. This is done with a Nikon 16mm lens. some lens corection is needet somethimes that i do with photoshop. Now i have a nikon 17-55 to but i havent time to use it under water but on fashion fotografy the lens is great.. Becauce i suck in retush and allt his my Nikon d200 RGB curve is edited av me so i get the photos as i am dreamming them direct from camera. Important think is Highlights!!! those i always be carefull to get them right becauce they can break a face underwater.. My lighting is the same wasy as i shoot fashion. Always one lightsource. Some more photos you can see on Photo gallery is in swedish but is a photogallery and easy to navigate.. Lambis
  19. A small one ca 1.8 metters deep only on those photos..
  20. I am back.... I hope :-) Was very sick last moanths but now everything is going better What to share with you 2 photos that represent a serie off shoots that i am working right now... What you think guys? Lambis
  21. Hi Sam A friend off my have a Nexus d70s multifinder for sale. http://www.nexusamerica.com/Nexus-Housings...70-Housings.php Contition exelent He have to a 120 compact doom for the 10,5 & 16mm and a Nikon 16mm for sale He is out off the country now comes back beginning off january Lambis
  22. I had in past asking myself the same questions Untill now i have test the 10,5mm 16mm, tokina 12-24, nikon 17-55 I have sold the Tokina 12-24 and now i own only 10,5 16 & 17-55 The reasons that i have keep those lenses are follow 10,5mm This is my open water - available light lens. All my freedivers photos are done with this lens and i dont think there is a better one for this purpose 17-55mm I had before the tokina 12-24 but i was not happy with the cromatic aberation, sharpness and just F4 I use the 17-55 for my baby & model photos in pools A Zoom for me is neccecery becauce i dont like to move a lot a readjust all the time the Strobe power. a 17-55 is exelent for full body & face portraits. 16mm I keep it becuace i dont like to seel it;-) But i also use it with available light full body portraits in pools where the 10,5 offen is to wide On the end the most important question is how & what you shoot.
  23. Hi I like to submitt some photos to. moslty i shoot divers and models underwater Wich category i sould chose? Wide Angle Traditional or Wide Angle Unrestricted Lambis
  24. Easy task.. Have you a lokal dealer in your country that can support you or help you so invest you money there. have you just a guy that have no idea about anything and just sell the housings and gear and any question that you have must be send to the manufacturer so buy in Japan Hong kong .. or elsewere I am living in Sweden and there is no one that have the support and service that i need. Just Sea & sea have a good dealer .
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