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  1. Thanks Anthony I was thinking today to pursale a INON D2000 Most off my shots are wide angle shots and I have testing some methods inclusive Mustard´s filter method with great resultat but I shoot always the blue clean waters in Greece and egypt.. I am thining to that a strobe is a great solution.. and maybe time to have one... you never know when you need it,.. Thanks again
  2. This summer I will be a UW Photographer at a freediver competition in Sweden. The visability is approx 5 meters and the waters are green. Most of the photos I will take at a depth of 1-5 meters. I have got an Olympus 5050 with a pt15 Housing and a Inon UWL 100 Lens My Questions are: 1. What do you recommend for settings (The freedivers are very fast in Decent and Accent)? 2. Do you think I need a Strobe and if yes, which do you recommend? Any tips and suggestions are welcome.
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