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  1. I have think that the 17-55 will be a better lens for that kind off photos that i do. People Portraits underwater W distrotion that is minimal. a zoomrange that help me to cotrol the backgrounds (Not that wide as 12-24 where offen i shoot a person and behind him the hole pool ) and the ability to make close ups without the distrotion effect that have a 12-24 or a 16mm Then I shoot Studio and for this this lens is exelent
  2. Michael I have contact Ryan and he will send me a zoom gear. Thanks my friend . I have order a a 40cm extension to (have a 20cm & 30cm) so i will test soon but i think it will be 40+30cm Mark What can I say the lens is great not only underwater but aslo a great studio portrait & travel lens. The 17-55 will cover you most needs. Now if this is a good general lens depens off the way yopu take photos and your subjects. For me it is others may like better a 12-24
  3. I just have sold my Subtronic Gamma plus Mark. As you say, exelent strobe but really big and heavey, security issues on airports and not posible to have a reserve internal battery. I stay with my Hartenberger 250. With it i can have a internal backup battery in cases i need one very fast but i am as you thinking to get smaller strobes as INON 240 or IKELITE 125.
  4. I have a question about the old subtronics (Gamma, Mega, alpha...) batterys How long they normaly need ot be exchanged.. ? Depens how offen u use the strobe? And how you deal with Strobes when you need to storage them for some time?
  5. Single & dual strobe use offen have to do with the way we like to capture images and how we see the "shadows" I have now 2 Strobes and still 90% off the time i use only one becuace i like the way the image get more dynamic and contrast The same with studio work Where others uses almost to anything 2 softboxes (tjhat remind me the way most UW photografers use dual strobes) I use only one flash with grid. DUal strobes will help you to rachive a balanced light without hard shadows and in the same time you can use one as fill light. So i really think "dual strobes need" depense , more or less, how you shoot and how you like that your images will look
  6. I use the Athena Done OPD170 on my Nikon d200 with Nexus housing Sigma 15mm will work fine I use a Nikon 10,5 & 16mm without extensions and evertthing is easy and sharp!! Other Lenses that i know that they will work are.. With a 30cm extension a Tokina 12-24 with a 40cm Extension a Nikon 12-24 With a 70 cm extension a Nikon 17-55 O.k. Its Nikon Lenses but you get the point the Done is great and suitable for alonst anything BTW Athena is really going crazy those days.. beauce maybe they have begin to work with sea and sea they told me that the dome is not working with all those lenses But that is just not true!!!!!!!!! So you can easy go with a Sigma 15mm
  7. Alex I do follow On photoshop lens corection i put remove distrotion on 100% and scale on 150% then i do it again with the same values.. also 2x distrotion on 100% and scale on 150%
  8. I try to correct the distrosion off the nikon 16mm Normally i dont correct my photos but on some model photos it is a must if you dont whant that the model have a big nose or head ;-) I have try to make a action for photoshop. take a look , download and tell me if it is working... 16mm Action Any other tips are welcome
  9. Try to find out what extension & diopter i need of my Nikon 17-55 with my Athena opd 170 dome I know that the Nexus Special 12-24 Port & a 60mm extension ring works great but i try not to invest to ane more port. Utill now I have use my OPD with the 10,5 & 16mm with great results, with my tokina 12-24 i have use a 30 cm extension and all the model photos are dome with it so it have work perfeclty 17-55 dont work with my 50cm extension... and any diopter. I can put the lens inside but cant zoom . to near the dome.. i am sure 20cm more is what i need So i am thinking that maybe a 70cm extension ring is needed & maybe a + 2 diopter as Ryan recomment me But i love to be lite sure before i order and put my money to tools that they are not working Lambis
  10. O.k. This time i have try some diferent technics to retush. What i have dome is more or less.. Paint light (highlights) to give the photo a more 3D look. Works??
  11. Thanks Wahrmut If you find some spare bulbs please tell me to. I am to intrested!!!
  12. Now that i got my 17-55 lens i need a zoomgear for it. As i know nexus dont make zoomgear gor the 17-55 and some are using a modified 12-24 zoom gear. Before I order a 12-24 Zoomgear i love to hear you opinions on this.. Lambis
  13. I have finaly ordered a 17-55mm. Hope that it will work with my Athena OPD 170 dome I have used my tokina 12-24 without diopter with a 30cm extension so maybe it will work with the same extension
  14. I have desife.. I will go with the 17-35 or 17-55 hmm I can get both for the same price and I have hear that the 17-55 is beter in Flares and lite sharper. In the same time close focus is better.
  15. I have order a FIX Light HG20DX and i see that there are existing two color temperature filter models: a 4,000K and a 5,500K. Now my question is if it is any need for those filter for those that take photos I can imaging that if i use slow shutter, maybe the FIX Light light color will have an effect on the image. Something lower than 1/15 sec and maybe the 5500K blue filters brightness is a little darker than 4000K filter. In the same time I was thinking to use sometimes the fix light as a Backdrop light, to ligfht up backgrounds and maybe there it will be a good Idea to have a 4000 k filter becuace my strobe is 4300 K But again.. i am not sure.. Lambis BTW .. I have hear that they are existing better Halogen Bulbs for this light with longer burn time, True?
  16. Maybe the new Sigma 18-50 mm F2.8 EX DC Macro lens is a good solution for me, inner focusing system and a minimum focusing distance of 20cm
  17. Hi James Oh off cource i have think about those lenses and follow will work with my dome AF Nikkor20/2.8D AF Nikkor24/2.8D AF Nikkor28/2.8D about the AF Nikkor35/2.0D i dont know if it is working with my dome but this is a lens that have the best sharpness and the lower CA off all those above. But this is a lens where i come to ca 52mm. Sounds as a perfect Portrait lens. Yes they are inexpensive but i have newer see one use them underwater and I dont konw of the shaprness , Saturation & contrast is better that the 17-55. Off cource I think that a zoom will be more flexible but i dont know if i use the 17-55 on 55mm and try to shoot a eye or something how good it will work. Lambis
  18. After i have shoot now many fashion & portraits underwater I fell that i dont really have the right Lens for this job and I serious thinking off Getting a Nikon 17-55 but before that i like to hear your opinions. I have read allt the Wetpixel Threads about this lens but I will use it in different ways so here we go again. My tokina is good but I feel that A is not sharp enough with my D200 & second Cromatisk aberation is a high. The 16mm is exelent Lens but very easy , If i change the angle of the camera , body baprts go out ouf control & distrosion do a ugly job 10.5 EXELENT in open water and really full body portraits BUT not for pool work So I need a lens that have great optics and i can go really near to the subject. I need to can take a photo off just a face and not just full body portraits 14mm Nikon is to a altenativ but i dont know that lens . Courius to read what you guys think
  19. Peter my friend. I had the same problem with my Nexus and a extension ring one time.. was imposible to take away: A small port wrench ( belt wrench) will help. I got my from Yuzo and its work wonders. Lambis
  20. James I have try to simulate my studio setup underwater and have much thinking to build a softbox .. In the same time I have use some difussors to BREAK the light & slave strobe. Many problems comes not just from lighting but from Microboubles and Make up & skin foundations I think together they can be a big problem. I NEWER have thsi problems with babys - PERFECT SKIN ;-) On this Photo was the skin o.k. Strobe was almost straight ahead over the head On this if you see on the left top corner, you see a Light, is not the sun , is a second strobe in Slave mode that illuminate the face & upper boddy
  21. Me to Alex have discover that land photographers and customers love my availabel light photos more that the Strobe ones. Is not about correct colors but more the feeling, like you say, that they get. For editorial & adverting work Strobes are a big help. The same for human skin and fill light effect but i try as good as i can to dont use strobes. With Magic filter, new cameras with low noice in high isos and much experimental work we could take photos that give the UW feeling better that before.. One think that everybody hates strobes or not, Fashion or Landscape photografers is the color MAGENTA!!! I have discover that they dont care if my skin color is lite Greay or yellow but if a corner off the photo have lite magenta NOW THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM Natural Light, to come back to to thema, is the way we see thinks under water and maybe those photos have a more TRUE LOOK
  22. I have newer in my short photographic life check as now my Photos The think that i probably do wrong is that i have use to much NEATIMAGE to fix the skin and have taken to much details away. For Studio shots works perfect but not that good for UW. Two Strobes definitiv the solution. I have use one hartenberger sometimes as slave to create some efects and discover the the different color temperatur is not that big problem I use to dont sharpen my photos att all untill i know where I will use them. lambis
  23. William my god. I need some photoshop training!!!! How exact have you produce this image... i am so courious to know Lambis
  24. Yes the pool was very dirty. Widy all the days .. much sand particles. ISO was 100 but i begin to think that a 2 strobes setup, (dont need to be so powerfull as Subtronic) will make the job to dont iluminate backschatter and so on
  25. Maybe a lite info about this photo that is really a extrem, not like my others and have many problems I haveuse a 16mm fisheye .. 1/125 F11 and i am about 1 meter from the model away. one subtronic gamma plus strobe facing the face in full power.
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