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  1. I discover more and more that the most hard think in Underwater photography for me is the human skin. Especially the face in terms of detail, color , dynamic range. Everytthing is visable and thinks is har to control if you are not taking close face photos. The moment that i take a full body photo and the distange from Lens to Face is more that 1 meters the details begin to disapper. I have try diferent lenses the 16mm and the tokina 12-24. On the 16mm lens the detail is lite better but then i have to fight the fisheye effect. Tokina WA is more suitable for those kind off photos but the Lens is simple not a portrait lens. Hmm i sould may try a 14mm Nikon WA or a 17-35 altenativ 17-55 Anyway I am courious if the quality off the photos are enough to print in sizes off A4 & A3 Then I have discover that RAW programs as Nikon Capture NX, Lightroom & Capture One render the skin color and the details in very unik ways. Her some examples with some fast retush. Any tips are welcome photo original photo retush 100% face detail original 100% face detail retush
  2. I need a new laptop and I simple cant deside between follow SONY VAIO VGN-AR11B Intel Core Duo T2300E / 1.66 GHz X- Black 17" TFT aktiv matrix Price in Sweden ca 1500 Euros and Mac Book Pro with 15, 5" monitor Intel Core Duo 2.16 GHz Price in Sweden ca 2400 Euros I need it for my long travels abroad where it must replace my worktation What i need to do is follow Retuch and burn Photos!!! I use Capture one & Photoshop. I am not shure if Mac Book Pro is worth the ca 1000 euros extra or it the Vaio will be enough for my job I have work with both Mac & Windows so for me is not a problem att all the operativ systems Any recomentations? Lambis
  3. I to have a fantasea housing like this but my sb800 work not on ittl, i need to change the hot shoe cable in my NEXUS to a NCC version, my is a NCC-V2 cable. Lambis
  4. Right james but guide numbers are offen a mysterium Giud numer for Subtronic & Hartenberger is 22 under water and 22 in air !!?? Ike is 10 UW & 20 in air Inon Z-240 is 24 in air & ??? i water Absolut chaos.. untill you have & use the strobe you know nothing att all
  5. So james if i get you right If i go with 2 Ike 125 to replace a one subtronic 270 that will be more or les the same But if i use one Ike 125 this is ca 1 f stop So if i get the photo with a subtronic in F11 1 /125 then i need for Ike lite F8 1/250 Correct? Then i need off cource to adjust the color temperature but this is not the bigest problem. You are right Zombie skin .. hmm must fix with capture one.. Sometimes i think Subtronic is to warm some other times just perfect
  6. Thanks james I know that only Subtronic & Ikelite have warm strobes. My question is simple. Could i do the same photo with the same lighting and colors with other strobes that have a. diffrerent Kelvin b. are not as stronge as my Sunbtronic? Like 2 x Inons 240 or 2 Ike 125 James it is not sand , its a 4x4 meters orange backdrop.
  7. Back from Egypt and the first time that i have use strobes for most of my Photos The feedback that i have is mixed up I love the color that the subronic have and with the 4300 Kelvin I render good skin tones. I like in the same time the bacgroun color when i use the subtronic the bad thinks are With all the security in the airports, (My god what have we done with this world) is a pain to travel way to egypt i must take it in the cabine, Way back, i my send it with my clothes.. they have no clue what they whant. When the batery is emty I just must stop the shooting... IMPOSIBLE if i do Fashion & portrait So i was thinking serious that 2 INONS will be better for those contitions but i am not sure and maybe the ITTL will work great for this kind off photos But then is the color that i love so much This is a example (unretuched ) for what i am doing right now Strobe in full power and 1/125 to F13 , i think Lambis
  8. HA HA James... how true.. long / short legs, Heads like ballons, Gorilla noses and so on.... Offen is a disaster!!!!
  9. I to 99% dont convert my 10.5 images But the 16mm and tokina 12-24 is needed sometimes especially for Fashion shots I will try PT lens...
  10. I am Searching for a lens corection tool for Nikon 10,5 mm Nikon 16 mm Tokina 12-24 Or if somebody have the data for Pano tools for those lenses Lambis
  11. I am right now in Dahab and for the first time i use my strobes very much day in day out.. The think that i have discover is that if i use the strobes some times the recycle time get longer and longer.. Now maybe this is normal becaoce both my strobes , Hartenberger 250 & Subtronic Gamma are not new ones and the batteries are not as now. But is it normal after 100 shots that i have this problem? Lambis
  12. how agout color temperatur if you have 2 strobes that have diferent color temp . as for example 5000K & 4300 K Is the a way to control the temperatur if you want to make it warmer or colder like make a 4300 stobe to 5000 k strobe or make a 5000 K strobe to a 4300 K strobe or is just to put the camera in manual Kelvin in ca 4700 K? BTW have a difuser something to do with color temp ro it just difuss?
  13. Hi Col I use a 30cm extension with my Tokina 12-24 Now about soft or sharp edges . I really havent test is as I shoot all the time people in pools But here 2 photos ... (I think its F4 - F5) you telp me... are they sharp? I dont know eather if i need a diopter ...
  14. Matt soory i have seach before i have post my question.. how the hell have i miss it??????????? Maybe is late and i have wrote it in Swedish hehe Thanks for the link
  15. Oh thanks Jean I think to that it will work will try the 24 next week and the 16mm works great as you say. have test it with good results.. Great to have just one dome and so many lenses
  16. Searching for a simple and not so expensiv tripod or solution for using underwater I will use it for my strobes and camera. It must be light so i can travel with it and good agains corrusions have think that maybe some light stand tripods will work but they will go corrused underwater... The weight off the subtronic is almost Zero underwater so tte tripod must not be especially stable and i will use it only in pools Lambis
  17. Sea&Sea 5-pin Dual Sync Cord N 110 euros New newer used Sea&Sea 5-pin Sync Cord N 50 euros New- only used one time in a pool Together 150 Euros
  18. Lacie & Eizo Coloredge are the best ones for photoshop & professional photo work
  19. so james .. you think for people photos a 12-24 tokina WA lens in a croped sensor and behing a 170 dome is better?
  20. Michael i have think about it.. the question is tokina or 15 / 16mm I see u use the 12-24 & the 15mm with wich done u use them and what extension?
  21. Maybe is lite strange question and i have discuss this before with some friends but her we go again Untill now I have use a lite dome port with my 10.5mm & 16mm I have done maybe something stupid and sould my 16mm Lens Now i have a 170 dome and i use the 10,5 & a tokina 12-24 Offen i think that i miss the 16mm lens. No offens 12-24 is great but behind a dome i think a fisheye fast lens will perform better that a WA zoom I hope to get more contast, high quality and better corners in the same time more light in the lens But i am not sure.. I shoot mostly human full & halvbody portraits. and if the posing and body fell the frame maybe a fisheye behind a dome is a better solution
  22. James you are right... this is hard to find and more hard to train.. I tech then NEGATIVE DIVES.. also exhale the air and then dive.. becauce if the model have air in the lungs is positiv and so she cant hold the place or dive down and then you see it in the face and chest becauce she is trying to keep the air.. Negative dives are hard.. ofeen follow by a panic atac off the model that whant to go to the surface.. but begative dives make the model heavy and with some train the get the idea how much air they need to exhale to be neutral in 2 meters.. Is hard to find models.. and even harder beatiful models.. but its worth it..
  23. Right Alex.. i think its true with companys and logos I have desaturate nr 3 So you have the same suit.. lucky guy.. this is a hell off a suit.. really one off the bests
  24. I like to the 2 & 3 most.. Its true James.. this technic is best for portraits and photos with much detail as photo 2 that is my favorit Strange think. I have shoot a serie off photos from this swimmer that plan to swin the Amazonas RIVER!!!!! and he whant some photos for the sponsors as Speedo etc.. Now the strange think is that Speedo love the photo 2 (that its look really great in high resolution) I was newer thinking that this kind off extrem retush will be a commerical product- Maybe becuace as James say they are Edgy and the swimmer is to.. Strange world
  25. I have test today to retush in a diferent way some photos from this morning Just like to know what you are thinking???
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