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  1. Ohh James Thanks Genial technic.. SÃ¥ that means that i aim my strobe so that in 2 meters i light the person total but in .5 meters i light him with the corners off my strobe but what you mean with "aiming your strobes out a bit." in wich direction ??
  2. Thanks James roll the f-stop up as the diver comes closer a good thrick.. but only in manual mode.. Hmm the nikon D200 have a funtion that you can over & underexosue in the A modus to.. have newer try it but maybe this is a way to do this.. if i am fast as superman..
  3. James .. i was thinking to on Capture NX but is so slow .. layer mask or ´layer masks are they way i do it untill now.. I love the photo and especialy the color and movement off the hair... is so beautiful..
  4. I am really new with underwater strobes and i have a old subtronic gamma plus that i use manual Everything works perfect if the subject is not moving very fast but is imposible to use for action photos underwater where freedivers moving fast to me.. I mean i have situations where the diver in the 1 frame is 2meters away then is 1 metter then .5 metter I have not the time to adjust the strobe or the camera.. So i was thinking if a New Digital Ittl strobe is the solution I have to read somewhere that if you have a ittl strobe you can send the info to my old subtronic so its kind a second ittl becuace the amount of light is controled by the master strobe Anyway .. what are you thinking Solution?? back to my Magic filters again ;-)
  5. Hehe Texas.. yes you are right!!!! Its not Sweden The most hard think that you have to fight is color off the skin.. Dark or white or yellow dessent matter. Anyway for me this is the chalenge and if you look close to some photos that you have home you see the the skin chainge colors Like the arm is light brown the front leg is perfect color and the back leg is goit to the cyan blue color Now what can you do?? hmm nothing ;-) I was on some profession underwater photoshootings and i have give up.. they use 2 -3 big studio lights with magnum reflectors to illuminate the subject from above the same underwater using gel filters to control the light Total 5-7 lights. Extrem expensive hobby. The last photo is extem beautiful in terms off composition & posing.. very light and the angle very nice.. i really like it is a peacefull photo almost the feeling she is in space and not in the water. Your Greek Friend Lambis
  6. Alex on ebay but i am searching all the time now the last 3 months. Then it is the other forum in GERMAN Julians www.uwpix.net there they are a lot people that use subtronics & hartenberger.. I am lucky becauce i speek German ... But now that i know that you are to looking for a A second hand strobe I will have my eyes open BTW 700 euro for a second hand Subtronic Mega Color, 350 Watt. Is it a good price?
  7. I need a second strobe to pair with my Subtronic Gamma Plus , 250 Watt I will use it most in pool sessions but sometimes for full body WA shoots Now i have thinking that: 1. I go with a Subtronic Mega Color, 350 Watt (have found one used for ca 700 euro) 2. A new subtronic Nova, 270 Watt but it will cost me much more money I was thinking to stay with subronics becauce of the color temperatur,, want not to mix upp diferents strobes and becauce they have a slave mode so i can place one far away from the camera.. But anyway.. if you have any othe suggestions and tips you are welcome Lambis
  8. Oh thanks Alex... Ha ha .. i hade the problem and becauce i was going nuts i have turn my subtronic to 1 /128 so that the strobe light not mesh upp my available light photos.. And the subtronioc was going and going... hehe Now I know better... Thanks man really a great help!!! Lambis
  9. James As i told you on Mayhem.. great shoots.. the last one i like a lot.. The one on night... do you use dual strobes? I remember i have shoot "Newerwhere" and "Clean waters" with one inon and it was like hell.. very hard to iluminate.... Your photo i like a lot. That what i have discover over the time is that warm strobes maybe be better. My subtronic have a color temperatur of 4300 K BUT!!! if you are not very carfull the skin is becomming to yellow and to fix skin in postprocessing is very hard. As i see you have the same problem like me.. thats meen you have warm strobes. You can see it in the skin neck area. Not so importand for most off the shooters but very importand if you work with modelling agenties. But I am so F....ing happy that you like this kind off photos. Now just keep it up so we have much to discuss... he he BTW..... i like you pool man!! Can i borrow it ;-) Lambis
  10. Maybe i have done something wrong but i have follow problem When I have connect my subtronic gamma plus to my Nexus 200 via Nikonos V sync cable i can trigger the strobe in the off mode to I mean that sometimes i close the strobe to make some available light photos and the strobe is still triggering On my old D70s Nexus hosuing i had not this problem... I think that i do something wrong with the Nikon D200 settings I have them now on command mode
  11. Luiz reason that i like to do that is that i ma not happy with the Tokina 12-24 To much chromatic aberation and only f4 for my way off taking photos.. Now my port is this but its look lite stramge if they will work with all those lensesAthena opd 170
  12. For those that know me, they know that i am not so good on technical thinks.. In general the only that i know about this subject is that a dome underwater create a virtual image and that the lens that u use must focus on this virtual Image or it kan't focus att all. I use a old Athena OPD 170 dome to my Nexus D200 housing Those domes are not more in production but they are exelent in Glas quality and so on. Athena buid same domes now for the Sea & sea housings .. can I use those recommentations that athena have for the sea & sea housings? The dome works great with my Nikon 10,5mm and Tokina 12-24 but i love to use it with some lenses as Nikkon 24/2,8D and Sigma 15mm Is there any formula or way to see if the dome will work with those lenses before i buy and test them? I know that may I sound silly but i have not the posabillity to find or rent a lens for testing. Then one more question.. If the lens is focus corectly that means that i dont need diopters or can it be that with a diopter the image quality may be better?
  13. Joe I use one.. its true what alex say its heavy but i like it a lot You get a way better control av vertical and more freedom with batterys...
  14. Yes i can try with my sb 800 strobe... i have a fantasea housing for this.. but the color temperature will be a issue... The best way i think is to get a second subtronic and with this a even light.. A have a ginat Lasolite reflector for studio work but i a worried to put him under water
  15. reflector, maybe painted board??? good idea.. also as we do in studio? Any more concret , i really dont get it 100% :-) Lambis
  16. softer (diffused) lighting??? How i can make it?? Is there enay way to arhive it with one subtronic gamma plus? The tiome i have to take a photo off a baby is about 1 second.. The skin is the mosst hard think for me to archive a great skin color and still have the sourounding in blue... maybe i will use next time a magic filter?
  17. First time that i have try to shoot underwater babys. Not so easy as i was thinking.. they are hard to control over water and underwater imposible... This was the same time that i have test my d200 underwater. I am not really happy with the lighting.. i use one subtronic strobe but i still not get wich will be the best arm setup to light more even the babys.. Anyway her some shoots. Any advice is welcome
  18. Alex i dont try to keep my techniques secret! Just some ;-) O.k. Lets go as a back drape... its a big plasic drape (Plastic becuace is dsry very fast and i can transport it with train & airplanes. I put some weight on the bottom and try to fix depenst off the pool My biggest problem is that i have not one pool where i take photos.. so all the time i do it on diferent pools and on diferents times.. sometimes night sometimes day sometimes i have the sun where i have problems with reflections bubbles etc... What i do is to see the situations and try to make the best to fint the best spot and the best angle to get rid of the bubbles on the drape.. I take them away with my hand... i know much work but this is the only way. The sessions are long.. 3 houers pereperations for a 10 minutes photoshooting I am lighting entirely UW i use for thoese photos one subronic Gamma strobe.. I still try to learn to use it corectly.... Offen I use the sun as a creative light. I shoot Manual.. look on the Histogram only and underexpose lite most off the time I use capture one for lite Creative White balance and Photoshop to get rig of bubbles or some reflections. Very offen the background is not really black or clean but with some photoshop work is easy to make it black.. My lighting technic is the same as in Macro the same as i have learn it from Wetpixel. high speeds and the models are more or les in the middle off the pool.. so the light of my Subtronic dont hit the walls and as this i keep them black. Freediving lessons for the models is the other toll that i use. I really teach my models feediving. How the exhale air and open the mouth without to look strange.. haw to move how to pose.. how the clothes and hiar can be controled underwater... Make up is the ohter secret... underwater make up is not easy... soon i am a make up artist he he I have no secrets just good preperation and long houers in the poll.. Lambis
  19. Some more Model pool photos that i have shoot.. Those are the last with my D70s :-( I hope the d200 wil do the same great job as my old workhose... Enjoy
  20. Hi from Sweden I have a sb800 housing from Fantasea.. have used it only one time.. new in the box Take a look att: http://www.fantasea.com/product_details.asp?id=92 Lambis
  21. Sam D70s is for sale same Nexus housing & 16mm Lens!!! I am to waiting for the Nexus d200 to
  22. Thanks Giles aka International Supermodel ( i like it, hehe) but my photos are not about naked woman or nudity.... newer was my intension to shoot nudity under water. One think more... i have used all the time manual white balance and i am not very traditionla on those thinks. I shoot always so that i know i can get later the image that i have on my mind.. So sometimes "creative" white balance make wonders the same is exposue. I have see that, the same way as in a studio, exposue works wonder in therms off contrast and saturation. Off cource we can do almost everything in Raw Programs but i have see that if you get the photo as you like the raw result is better. Then I try to fix 99% of the photo in Capture One and try to avoid photoshop as much as i can.. Maybe i am wrong but i think that with this my photos keep more info and details.. i mean all the photos not just underwater... One big lesson for my was that i have began to shoot on studios and topside trying diferent methods. Its really help when you later are underwater becuace the rules are the same. I have much to learn about UW lighting, just scrached the surface but the one think that i know is that you can do much more thinks as just iluminate a subject. BTW my name is Lambis not Lambo - Don't play around with a Greeks name, we take is serious ;-)
  23. thanks All is controled via exposue.. i have used one inon z220 so not much space for creative lighting. If you look on the shadows you will see how i put the light,,, Background is underexposed and i have shoot in a dark pool.. some tricks i have use but i really dont remember much becauce i play all the time with the camera settings. for almost every shoot. Model is great first time in the water and deliver exeptional. I will work more with her in more advanced projects. One think to know is .. try to work as you are in a studio and take control about everything..
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