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  1. Finaly i had the change to play for the first time with a strobe and take some pool photos Thanks to Julian that borrow me a Inon z220, my subtronics was not her then. I have just play around and try to see what i can do with just one light and test lite for upcomming sessions that i have plan. The pool was very shalow 1.4 meters deep and small All photos are dome with a tokina 12-24 and my new Athena 170 port More Underwater modeling photos you can see on my webpage apneaimages.com under "sessions" lambis
  2. Alex is right.. the 16mm works great with all domes incusive my 170 athena The problem with the 120 dome is that is special designet for the 10.5 So normaly this dome is only for the 10.5 & NOT the 16mm misleading information from Nexus USA have make this problem.. Anthis nexus original webpage say nothing about the 16mm compatiblility But anyway.. with a doiter the 16mm works. and you can use the small dome with 2 off the famous lenses..
  3. The 16mm need no diopters on my Athena 170 dome.. only in the Nexus 120 and removing the rear filter will not help on the 120. You need a doipter
  4. You replace the filters that normally come with the 16mm lens with a diopter.. So the diopter goes on the rear lens, u just replace the filters They work well with the 16mm and give excellent close focus. I have order my from Peter Rolands. Maybe he have still some becuace they are custom made.
  5. tim I have use same setup as you The 16 mm lens work only with a 0,5 or +1 diopter with the amazing Anthis/Nexus 120 dome. I have it and i know... NexusUSA dont know what they write.. hehe You need one 0,5 mm or +1 mm diopter for the 16mm..
  6. This topic is going nuts, its like those religious wars .. hehe I dont own a subal & seacam but people do you really think those housings are the best of the best?? Maybe before 1-2 years but now more and more manufacturers comming out with housings in exelent quality , big viewfinders and great ports & glas domes. I have still a nexus d70s housing and a 170 glass dome from Athena... what can give me Seacam & Subal that my rig cant give me? A viefinder only and on this Nexus is buidling one right now... We all only like what we use, right Alex & James :-)
  7. James have a good point!!! I general terms i have look last month closely to canons and have used a 20d for a test. If we forget all bell & whispers that every camera housing have and look only in the image quality i dont think that nikon , as it is now , have the advance over Canon. Sorry to tell you this guys,, i am to a nikon user... but truth is truth.. About low noice in high isos is a canons think becauce they use a FF sensor.. is a myth. O.k. is true:less noise because pixels are larger but the canon 20d still have a low noice and is a crop sensor camera. Low noice in high isos have nothing to do with full frame only.. is canons secret. something that they do better that Nikon. Full frame on the other side is always a benefite above & underwater especially if every uw photographer use anyway high quality lenses. Imaging you need to crop you image? so how it will look if you crop a d200 and a 5D?.. the noice will be stronger or? and the size of the noice to We just talk pixels now not additional features etc... for the image quality i would go with Canon and if i hade the chance again to start over i would take a Canon. So if you can put some money together a Canon 5D is a exelent choice... Lambis
  8. If you whant to use a 105 mm Macro is better, i think, to get a macro port for this For the Tokina 12-24 i think the NEXUS zoom gear 735 will fit but Ryan knows better.. As for domes i have the 120 dome and i use it with my 10,5mm & 16mm (with a +1 diopter. Without a diopter the 16mm lens is not working. Forget what nexus webpages tell you!!) But as Ryan tell you best choices are the Nexus 160mm glass dome port or an Athena OPD 170 dome port I was lucky and have found one old Athena OPD 170 used port I think that the tokona 12-24 will work with a 30 extension and with a 20 extension u can use lenses as 24 - 28 -35. For 10,5 & 16mm you dont need a extension but if you go with big ports as 170mm you lose some angles ( ca 10-20 degress) with the 10,5 Thats the reason i use my lite nexus 120 port. Hoppe thats help... Lambis
  9. Steve thanks thats is the reason that the cable is 10 meters long and the lights will be triggerd trough a radiotrigger and other modifications that i am prepearing. Lambis
  10. I am trying to control studio lights above water :-) I have found on the end a German manufacturer tat can build a 10 meter cable for me... exaclty as i love to do it.. http://www.mike-dive.de/ Lambis
  11. i have used both ur-rpo and fl_d with a oly 5050 if you stay shalow FL-D works great otherwisew UR-rpo is the way to go But best is magic filter..... lambis
  12. Everybody was waiting for a new canon in the pricerange of the nikon d200 and with more features that the cosmetic lift of canon 30d. 20d-30d is the same as 70-70s But maybe Canon dont need to doit att all. I mean they have the canon 5d now that is out and working just great and they have canon 1ds mkii with 16 MP. So if one must come out with a new model thats nikon, funny but true. Nikon have a d2x with 12MP. Thats all. And with that d2x is competing with the Canon 1ds mkii & 5d... I just have read a German photo magazin. they compare Nikon d200 with Canon 20D, what can i say.... I am a nikon user and still will be in the near future but lets talk serious, Canon have not the need to come out with a Nikon killer.. they just do it the way they like and as i see they do it right..
  13. Peter Schulz have a great help on his webpage take a look Nikon D70 Notes Nikon D70 Chart Lambis
  14. I am searching for the longest Nikonos V sync cable that is existing. 2 meters or longer. My nexus have nikonos v bulks and i need it to plug on to one end a Nikon TTL-Kabel UA-72 any idea who make those long sync cables? Lambis
  15. I am searching for a Nikon TTL-Kabel UA-72 Lambis
  16. i just have found follow item from Nikonos if i put it on the end av a long nikonos V cable (Who sell long ones 2-3 meters) and isolate it will silikon i can use it over water with a radio trigger or any strobe... the other solution may is the ikelite wireless TTL Slave Sensor on long sync cable over water but i dont know if its can trigger studio lights Lambis
  17. I have test it and this is what i know You can use EL3e in a D70 You cant charge a EL3 on a EL3e charger (as is come with the Nikon d70s) i have thry it and the battert is loading and loading for days The EL3e will work with the Nikon d200 Lambis
  18. I own the Nexus 4" dome and for fisheyes as james say its just perfect but for wideangle i need a bigger one. As they told me big domes have a small disadvantage, in my case my 10.5mm will lose some degrees field of view about 10-20° if i use a bigger dome and not my sexy lite 4" nexus. Lambis
  19. I will shoot some modeling photos on the beginning off Mars in a pool As lighting equickment we will have pro Studio strobes around the pool with difusers etc... I have no strobes and the pool is max 2 meters deep. Is there any way to trigering the studio lights when my d70 is inside the housing? There are some radio devices but they are to big to fit inside the housing. Maybe trough the Nikonos V bulk? or trough a UW strobe? maybe a solution is a uw housing for my sb800 strobe... but will be the siganl stronge enough to go trough the water? Maybe with some extra long cord i will put the sb 800 in the surface.... Any ideas solutions etc.. are welcome... Lambis
  20. Right Julian tax/custom will kill me... anyway i am thinking if the manufacturers dont get this problem and are not flexible enough to help with solutions then is nothing to do. I just will go with a other housing manufacturer... Now they are many great out there.. The monopol of exlusive housings is over...:-) Lambis
  21. WOW Guys i was hopping for some response, but this..... Alex You are right about finding a good dealer. But if i cnat find one or the one that is good is in USA? Maybe i will do it , guys as Ryan Scubapix, UW Photo Tech, Stephen Frink etc is the way to go.. but still sad that i must go to usa and not around the corner in Europe..... Lambis
  22. Peter i have contact the manufacturer and explain the issues ,... I have done everything that you guys tell me to do... I am not just angry without reasson .. i have my reassons .. and i dont care how frustratet a stocking reseller or local distributor is if he doesnt do the job but only sitt on distirbutor rights and rip off the people. I mean look att Ryan, oceanoptics, Frank etc.. they are just great doing her job.. Those resellers and distributors are what we need not those that a: not can help & b: offen give wrong infos. Lambis
  23. William Yes my english is not high standards. I was never in a eglish class in my life... :-) Maybe a manufacturer would service my housing but service beginn before prusale. As questions about ports & lenses, buttons , features, prices etc.. I have try both ways Send a email to resealler.. and he contact the manufacturer and I wait and wait... Send a email to manufacturer and he forward to resealler that send me a email and tell me that he have contact the manufacturer and I wait and wait... So whats the point?? If i was i USA i will bye from Ryan´that is readdy and know the job, In U.K. htere are many releallers that are good. In Taiwan i get ansers that i can get in my country so whats the deal to buy from a resealler? I pay much money for housing and ports and options.. i dont get the items for free... Lambis
  24. Her the story. I have a Nikon d70s and a Nexus d70s housing. Both are great in quality i just was on the way to replace my Nikon d70s with a Nikon D200 altenativ Canon 5d I was thinking to check the european manufacturers and see who will have a housing finish on the beginning off mai becauce i love to shoot my next big photo asigment with my new camera.. Now the problem.. I am living in the wintertime in Sweden and in sommertime in Egypt & Greece. Becauce off that i like to order directly from the producer so i have the support in whatevery counry i am and becauce Greece & Egypt have not resealers. Can you belive it that they told me that if you in the time you housing is ready you are in Sweden YOU MUST BUIT it from Sweden representator. Now you will say what wrong with that.. off cource if i have a guy her around that seel housings and he know about UW housings and have great service, what the hell no problem but if i have one that everytime I ask something he must contact the producer and then everything is going back to him and from there to me and it take 1-2 wekks just to get a price, i just lose time.. not to forget that offen i know more about the subject as him... No only that i pay my money to a new producer but in the same time i would make great promotion for him as i will on end off August speek for the Swedish professional Photographers assosietion about UW photography and Gear.. What better promotion you will have if every pro in Sweden know that the XY housing is good and works and and and... I dont get it that as a cosmopolit that lives in many countrys i must pay my money to someone that just cant help me the way i whant and dont support me the way i like. I pay not just for a housing. I pay for support to and with this producers know that a I will be A loyal and B (in my case) i will make free promotion... On the end I feel that i will again go with japan becauce untill now i have a service from there and great prices to..imaging this better service from japan.... To make a great housing say nothing. to seel it and keep happy customers is the way to go. Sad bad true... Just my two cents Lambis
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