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  1. Try Bluewater Photo - not too far from you https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/rentals
  2. I insure mine through a special rider on my homeowners insurance (State Farm). Similar to how one might get a rider for your special jewelry. I've used it once for a flood and once for a big scratch on my dome port. I've also had some luck with travel insurance - although there is usually a limit (like $250 - $500 USD) per item. Its under "baggage" reimbursement although you wouldn't think so. Luggage / baggage is not just what you put in the belly of the plane. I once dropped a lens on a dive boat and $500 was covered under my travel insurance policy. The lens cost more than that - but $500 was better than nothing. I was surprised it was covered at all.
  3. CATARACT / SURGERY / DIVING QUESTIONS - Mind if I dust off this topic? My brother (and dive partner) found out (today) that he needs cataract surgery in BOTH eyes. His vision has been decreasing, at an accelerated rate, for a few months. He has been using a singular contact (monovision) to help him see his gauges and camera settings on his LCD screen (no viewfinder)... but because we haven't been diving for 2 years - the one contact approach may not be enough anymore) :-( We have a macro underwater photography trip scheduled mid January - a month from now. He is willing to get cataract surgery asap on one or both eyes - BUT - - How long does he need to wait - post surgery before he can dive (given the pressure) - Will his vision (post surgery) improve over time, or magically all at once? Important to know so he can make the appropriate accommodations for his vision on the trip. - Any suggestions would be helpful to help us figure out the best approach to this first world dilemma. Thanks so much! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I've been doing a bit of research on the subject found that a number of the travel insurance policies (at least in the US) will insure you for COVID-19. While that sounds good, you need to read the details. They will pay (reimburse) IF you get sick with COVID while on your trip or if the fact you have COVID prevents you from going on your trip (you have to actually have the virus. Being scared to travel doesn't count). No doubt there are lots of terms and conditions that have to be met. Some plans are specific to scuba diving trips. I like the fact they will reimburse if weather or illness (even a stuffy nose) prevents you from diving a day(s) on your pre-paid dive trip (with the proper documentation). DiveAssure, for example, even has a specific rider for liveaboard trips. Again - careful with the terms and conditions... The dive specific travelers insurance plans (like DiveAssure) don't seem to have "pre-existing condition waivers" or cover you in case your family gets sick and you have to cancel your trip. Regular travel insurance (not dive specific) will often cover you if you have to cancel due to a sick family member, lose your job, get stuck in jury duty and some, under certain conditions, have "pre-existing condition waivers". Since they are not "scuba diving specific policies) they may or may not reimburse you for cancelled dive days. Careful too when it comes to what they call "extreme sports". Some companies exclude coverage for scuba diving all together, whereas some companies allow diving to 100 feet with a dive master. www.squaremouth.com is a good aggregator of travel insurance in the US. Think of them as the Amazon of travel insurance. I have used Squaremouth numerous times to select the right policy to meet my needs for each particular trip. They even have a "no complaints guarantee" (which I have used) whilst fighting an insurance company for one reason or another. (my guess is that Squaremouth does soooo much business in the US that travel insurance companies don't want to piss them off). I haven't found their prices to be any different that bypassing them and going directly to the insurance company.
  5. I have a Raja Ampat trip in 2022, for which I want to get travel insurance. I've had DAN insurance for 20+ years (their annual plan) and always an additional "trip-specific" policy when I travel overseas. (overkill?) (Trip-specific meaning a separate plan I buy for a 2 week (+/-) day dive trip). I only take a couple trips a year. I'm wondering what travel insurance plans people are getting these days for overseas trips? Do I need a "trip-specific plan" if I have annual coverage? Do you prefer DAN or DiveAssure for the annual plan - or another? Do I need annual coverage at all? What "trip-specific" carriers have you had good luck with? In a perfect world, the plan would include coverage for the following: All the normal stuff (medical, trip cancellation, travel delay, lost bags, repatriation of remains ...) and so forth - but ALSO Cancellation for days you can't dive (for sickness or weather or...) Some sort of gear / camera loss coverage Covid coverage (many seem to have that now - although I'm not sure how good it is) Competitively priced I've had good luck with Generali, RoamRight, and IMG. I have never insured my trip-specific holiday through DAN or DiveAssure but they appear to have interesting coverages for those things I listed above. Thank you!
  6. Thanks TIM! I hope to do all (or the bulk of) the editing whilst on the trip. Once I get home - tough to find the time. Thanks for the specs.
  7. I was about to start a similar thread - when I found this one. Glad to see the info. I currently have Dell laptop for travel but it has a beastly shiny screen which distorts the colors so badly can't really edit while on trips. I run Lightroom Classic and Photoshop at the same time. I've heard MacBook Pro 15" is the way to go but I see now that there are is a Windows option with the Surface. A couple questions, please: 1 - What about size? 13" or 15" ? I'd like to stay small and lighter is always better - but have heard one needs 15" for decent editing. 2 - Both have only one USB port. How do you deal with that? 3 - What specific model should I be looking for? I only use it for travel so I'd like it to be economical - but don't want it to be a slow beast either. 4 - Minimum specs - ie: SSD, RAM, processor, etc... Thanks so much!
  8. Thank you Pavel. This worked perfectly - unfortunately my strobe did not fire. Guess that means the issue is probably the bulb and hence a $200+ repair bill. Next question - would it make sense to cut my losses and buy a new little INON strobe for $350 instead of paying $200 + shipping, insurance, etc to get the Sea and Sea repaired? Is it a problem to mix strobes? INON S-2000 S-TTL: Guide # 20, Recycle time 1.5 sec, Color Temp: 5400K ... also has wireless slave mode (which is a plus for me) Sea and Sea YS D1: Guide # 32, Recycle time 1.9 sec, Color Temp: 5600K What do y'all think?
  9. Patel - this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!!!!! Pavel - you're the best!!!
  10. Im trying to trouble shoot one of my YS D1 strobes that slowly quit firing last weeek. I've already checked all the obvious stuff (batteries, fiber optic cable, flood, water, settings...) The strobe power indicator lights still glows - so I know it is getting power... it is just quit firing (my second strobe works fine) I was told that I could trouble shoot the strobe by manually firing it in the following manner.... I'm not clear on these directions, so please let me know if you know how to properly do this: 1) remove the sync cord cap 2) using a metal object (like butt end of tweezers) push in the center pin 3) at the same time, press two of the 5 pins (which ones???) This is supposed to trigger the strobe. Can anyone provide more insight into this process - and / or other ideas to trouble shoot the strobe? FInally - if it is the "bulb" it will cost upwards of $200 USD to fix. Is it work the price to fix or would I be better off buying a little INON strobe for $350 instead? Thanks so much!
  11. Thank you Draq! THat did the trick. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the firmware update. Worked like a charm. Thank you!
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