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  1. Also, do you all think this is a fair price? What would you suggest? I really need to sell : p
  2. Hey yall! I'm going back to school so unfortunately am selling my underwater camera and gear as a package deal: Nikon D200 with charger and battery and memory card Ikelite 6812 Housing for Nikon D200 Ikelite SLR Dome Ikelite SLR Zoom Sleeve Tokina 10-17 mm f 3.5-4.5 DXF for Nikon AF (All of this cost me around 3000 dollars) I AM SELLING IT FOR $1800 OR BEST OFFER (trying to pay for school) Talk to me! I love this gear but really need to sell. Thanks! Nika
  3. Hey! I'm Nika from Florida, looking to learn more about underwater portraiture : )
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