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  1. Hello wetpixel.

    I am in Spain right now and I want to sell my underwater system. I have decided that it will be easier if I announce it also in international boards like this. I will send it to anywhere.



    -EPL-2 body and mzuiko 14-42 II lens with vivitar filter

    -VF-2 viewfinder

    -Original battery and charger, manuals and other three batteries

    -PT-EP03 housing with original port

    -PMLA-EP01 lens adapter

    -Olympus PTMC-01 macro lens

    -Zoom ring for 14-42 II and 9-18 lens


    It can be still bought in online stores for over 1500 euros. I'll sell it for 900 euros plus shipping, really in mint condition. I'll try to help as much as possible with that. I don't really like paypal and would prefer other methods, but I will accept it sharing fees. I'm open to other payment suggestions.


    I could finally upload pictures, I hope it's ok. I'm adding too a ef-m43 adapter (no chip) and a camera skin. The viewfinder is not shown, it is like new.



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