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  1. Hey all. Thanks so much to everyone that tried to help me problem solve. The problem is not going away and I cant seem to figure it out. It must be something with this particular model strobe and my canon camera which uses a flash trigger *see attached. Thanks for letting me know that the D2s are ultra sensitive. This is all that it could be. There is a strong white light being produced by the flash trigger on both sides of the trigger. The flash trigger works with the D1s. Also weird that the D2Js work and not the normal D2s. I wish I had known this before buying and shipping one of them all the way out to Mozambique during Corona times. They should come with a warning and hopefully stores can start letting people know that this might be a problem so that it doesnt happen to others. For now I will have to return to the D1s. Thanks everyone.
  2. Yes I am using fiber optic for all of the systems. The fiber optic cables work on all of my camera systems with the Sea and Sea D1s and they work with the D2s on all systems except my Canon 5D Mark IV (Nauticam housing). So it cant be the cables. The fiber optic cables trigger the D2J strobe on my 5D Mark IV Nauticam housing fine just not the D2 (normal one). As I said I would have thus concluded it was the strobe but the D2 strobe fires with my cables on two other systems just fine. So the only thing left would be the Nauticam housing itself, except everything works fine with the D1 and the D2J strobes just not the D2 strobe. I really cant understand it. I am pretty good at trouble shooting and fixing camera related gear. I have a PhD for goodness sake but this I really cant seem to get my head around. Sadly I live in the bush in Mozambique. I cant take it to anyone or ship it to anyone. I am a marine biologist and am dependent on my camera system working. It is Corona times. I have not been able to leave for a year. If someone on this group cant help me I officially give up. Thanks so much to those that have replied already. I appreciate you taking the time to think about it. I assume *hoped it would be an obvious problem or that it was a manufacturing issue that comes up with this strobe and camera all of the time. Anyone out there successfully using the normal D2s with a Canon 5DMarkIV Nauticam housing?
  3. Thanks guys. I always shoot in manual. Camera and strobes, my whole life. I have been a semi professional photographer for 20 years. I have really checked everything obvious. Jumped on here because I had exhausted all other possibilities. Was just wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue with this specific camera or strobe before. It is super bizarre to me that the strobe works with two other systems. If I put my old US-D1s back on my my system they both fire fine. The D2s are almost the same strobe so I have no idea what is going on or what the problem would be. I would think the one new strobe was faulty except it works on other camera systems. Blowing my mind...
  4. Hey, wondered if anyone had had a similar issue or could help me trouble shoot. Just had someone bring me 2 new strobes for my camera. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV in a Nauticam housing. Both are YS-D2s but one is a YS-D2J and the other is not (just a YS-D2). I have been using the YS-D1s for ages. Never had an issue. First time I set up my camera with my new YS-D2 strobes one worked and one did not (the J one worked). I tried the strobe not working on 2 other camera systems, a compact Sony RX100 Mark V and my old Nikon D800 both in Nauticam housings and it strangely worked on both of these systems. It is not the sync cord. I have changed out for several new cables. Strobe wont even work on my system set up as a slave. It is blowing my mind as it works without any issues at all on the other two camera systems I described above. Am I loosing my mind? What could it be?
  5. Hey, Andrea Marshall here. Research mantas, founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation, photographer and avid research diver.
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