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  1. Never dived in a current before, but don't want to miss out on some of the best dive sites during your next trip in Bali? This article is...

  2. Check who Darta saw today in Padang Bai! It is Mr Mola Mola if I'm not mistaken... http://t.co/XAKOsEjutQ

  3. Ready to collect moments, not things! There are great times to be had in Bali's underwater scenery... http://t.co/9LNLEFDJ1D

  4. If you complete(d) the PADI Divemaster course with Geko between 1st July and 31st December, you can win one of... http://t.co/VBYWHxgsJ4

  5. Rebecca and Mel Join the Geko family. Well done team. http://t.co/rbBPrDBGi9

  6. Congratulations to Lucy on passing all exams. http://t.co/XChKsHjllz

  7. It appears we have a winner: Estrela Em Viagem just became our 1000th fan!Congratulations, you have earned one... http://t.co/3rit6aAWY9

  8. OK divers, it looks like we're going to make it to 1,000 people liking this page soon!To show our appreciation,... http://t.co/XTOO57YfYL

  9. Today we had a grand total of 5 divers seeing mantas for the first time.Do you remember your first time?

  10. Whoops I did it again!!!! Brittney would be so proud! http://t.co/sc6BlqrFqo

  11. For those interested in the potential effects of dredging close to coral reefs, have a look at this:... http://t.co/AFqPUhbfop

  12. And the geniuses ended up beaching the dredger... Cry or laugh? http://t.co/rSzbIPNnzG

  13. More Happy divers join the Geko Family http://t.co/8oVtDvdpCJ

  14. More happy Geko's qualified by Mr Darta. Hope to see you all again soon. http://t.co/923jSzCtu6

  15. For our Brit friends out there http://t.co/pphsawpdtY

  16. Beyond scuba... With the Geko! http://t.co/dArTZXvVOB

  17. One dive day in Bali: Where would you take it?: : ???Did you forget to take your pill Wingy??? http://t.co/033jc4YoMw

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