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  1. My D810 has not faultered, I'm always happy with images, when there is any blur I can see that it's my fault, hand holding long VR lenses expecting them to soak up 3-5 stops and starting with 1/125 at 300mm (on land). At times people forget the basic principles of photography. One I've used for years is simple. Shutter speed should equal focal length at least, even with VR. It's true that VR helps but it's not to override Basic principles of obtaining sharp images. There are people out there with more money that knowledge on the topic and will happily be upset with results created by their own foolishness at times. It will happen topside mainly I guess when not shooting flash. We expect so much of VR and it can and does help, but better to apply principles that have been used for years. Try and stationary subject with flash I'm sure it will be perfect. Craig
  2. I get exactly the same and treat it exactly as Larry has, sometimes a wrench in needed some not. What I found increases the problem, is leaving the ports or rings in situ for multiple days. I'm just glad the fit is so perfect that's it's making a good seal lol. Using bad language and calling it names also helps I find !!! Lol Craig
  3. I'm just in Bali at present using mine. Works a total treat. I grabbed mine from EBay if that helps anyone. Regards Craig
  4. You need to measure you optic diameter with a set of calipers You can then select the next largest size from their range mine was 0.3mm oversized which was a perfect fit. Regards Craig
  5. Hi Adam Thank you , hope your well and all is good. I thought that might be the case. I'll grab a subsee or FIT 67mm Regards Craig
  6. Hi all Do you know if the Inon UCL 100 +10 will work with a 67mm flip on an SLR system ? 105 macro Can't find out much information or do any testing. Regards
  7. It's a total of £70. I don't think it will hit with customs as the value is low. The seller just shipped via standard international. If anything it will be about £10 by the time RM have slapped a handling fee on it lol. Regards Craig
  8. Hi All Just thinking about changing my old 105d for a 105VR. Need to get some dimensions of the 105 VR, including switches. The NX compact system might just about take it. I have got 89mm internal diameter of the ports including any threads. Is some using this combo ? That would answer it swiftly. Thanks Craig
  9. Thanks for your input folks I have in the end gone with a 48can Norchill. Size matters in this case and I need it to absorb my macro rig. http://www.norchillcoolers.com/product/norchill-boatbag-marine-cooler/ Purchased direct with Norchill off eBay for £70 inc shipping. It's big enough I rekon to absorb a few cans of beer also lol !
  10. Cheers thanks Richard , will take a look, where did you fine cinebags in the U.K. ? I think looking at my macro rig its going to have to be a 48 can size. Had the tape out and from viewfinder to front of ports it's >10" I'd have to compromise somewhere I'm sure.
  11. Hi All I'm looking to grab a 48 can cooler for my trip to Bali Difficult to find good products here in the U.K. So I'm happy to eBay something or Amazon. Found Norchill and AO coolers to be the products available. I've emailed Norchill and asked about of the zipper on their bags. They are not water tight. Are AO bags zippers water tight ? Watched lots of YouTube vids with AO used and abused . Norchill having water poured out of the zipped bag. Thinking of this rinse tank scenario or should I say over thinking it ! Proberbly don't even need to worry about it as long as it's keeping the housing damp for a few hours. Suggestions please and thoughts all welcome. Thanks Craig
  12. Guys Thinking out loud, 60mm with 1.4x or 105mm, for capturing Pygmy's , I'm sure I've used 60mm in the past with a diopter but my memory is failing. Thinking that 1.4x will bring me in greater than1:1 Thanks C
  13. Hi Luko Thanks for your assistance. The dive at PB jetty is on my list of to do's list for sure ! this has come from many sources now so I cannot miss it ! Would you recommend spending an entire day at this site ? Regards Craig
  14. Thanks Elmer I'm in contact with Aquamarine at present. Regards Craig
  15. Thank you Tim Will take your advice on all of that. Regards Craig
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