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  1. Thanks ken, I took it for a splash in capernwray quarry up north at the weekend, viz was as you'd expect Crap used the camera in manual mainly. thanks for your info on iso wb settings using the menu, good tip that i did find it a handfull using the normal method of button/dial regards craig are you setting any in camera enhancements or i.e Sat +
  2. Hi All to Follow Alex M's theme on coming off TTL ........ My name is craig and i'm just coming of Hard Transparencies after Appox 6 years. Got myself rigged up with a Sea & Sea housing for my D70 using my SB-105's and a 15mm FE along with 60mm micro any tips regarding Usage and camera Menu settings i.e WB etc would be most welcome obviously i'm shooting manual flash & Raw thanks craig p.s I'm having a little trouble getting my Backgrounds that wonderful blue i'd normally get with a slide .....????
  3. Cool thanks thats even better then. thanks craig
  4. I'm really now interested in using this lens with my D70 , all things said, i'm assuming that i will get approx 22mm using this Right/Wrong ? is anybody using this lens that can add a few comments on it. thanks craig
  5. Hi Mike & thanks was just thinking the very thing actually, 16mm i usually use a 24mm to shoot diver portraits anyway Just a note for anybody else reading Has anybody used any of the latest sigma zoomers ? 10-20mm 12-24mm, just a thought, i would'nt have to use the zoom underwater i'd just preset it on land prior using a Sea & Sea DX70 housing and have a NX compact domeport anybody know what MAX lens lenght that can be fitted into this port kind regards craig
  6. Hi All please pass over your views on Suitable Wide Angle primes for use Underwater with my D70. I'm not interested in Zoomers , only primes Sigma 15mm Diag Nikkor 10.5mm sigma 14mm HSM Any others, i'm just looking to get the angle i would usually get with my 20mm AF-D thanks craig
  7. Hi All i have the following complete package forsale. 1x Olympus 5060wz 1x olympus PT-020 Housing 1x Mike Dive Olympus TTL / Bulkhead to Nikonos Coverter 2x Ys90 Duo Flash Guns 1x Sea & Sea Dual Cable (nikonos fit) 1x epoque DCL-20 WA conversion lens 0.56x 67mm conversion 1x Ultralight Base tray With dual handles 2x Flexi Strobe arms (sea & Sea Loc-line Type) Everthing above has been used on a proffesional Basis and has been well cared for. All the items are BOXED and as New , I look after my kit !!! For more information please feel free to email me i may split some of the items but generally i'd like to sell this setup as a complete package. I'm based in the UK but would be willing to ship anywhere but you must cover the shipping via UPS or like carrier ISURED only I'm looking for £1300 for the complete package thanks craig (aquaimaging photography) www.aquaimaging.co.uk
  8. Hi all can someone please post exactly what function buttons on the camera body are covered by this housing. or it may just be easier to list whats NOT covered. kind regards Craig
  9. Hi Colin To answer you question, yes your about correct, The flat lens of the port coupled with the air gap between your lens and the glass, leads to about a 25% incease in focal lenght of your lens so 105mm macro would come out at about 130mm.... 105 x 1.25 This can be a bouns to us when shooting macro as it means we can stand off from our subject that little bit more & not not scare the hell out of it. personally i've used nikkor 60mm micro tamron 90mm macro nikor 60mm micro with 2x teleconverter all behind flat ports, i've used zoomers behind domes and of course all my primes go behind domes. as the previous message says to maintain my lens's angle of view once it goes below the waves all work extremely well with my setups.. hope this helps a little regards craig . Aquaimaging photography
  10. Hi, does anyone have a nikonos sc100 dual sync cord or Ikelite Dual cord (nikonos to 2x SB guns) for sale thats in good condition thanks craig
  11. Hi there. just a few possible answers for you regarding this setup Your Ys30 has slave functionality (i think) you could run this from the 5050 only if the internal flash can be set to SLAVE, this will disable preflash, thus triggering the ys30 correctly as for you ys60 Sea & Sea, not really sure here, but i suspect that your going to be out of luck. also try Mike Finger at www.MIKE-DIVE.DE mike does a Olympus to Nikonos converter for the 5060 pt020. i use one and its brill. with 2x ys90's mike is a wizard at converting housings, give him a shout regards craig P.s if you want to shift the ys30duo, give me a shout i'm looking for one at the moment. you'd be better off with a ys90dx really you could slave that from the pt-15 no worries and its preflash compatible. give me a shout @ craig_sharon@yahoo.co.uk based in staffordshire UK
  12. To answer this question then, according to the post above. My F80 will use a 5 segments which are linked according to the focus sensor used to run the Balanced fill flash protocol named TTL Multi sensor Balanced Fill Flash, if it did monitored pre flash and coupled with a D lens it would be 3D Multi Sensored balance fill flash. i'm suprised actually that the SB-105 has this function enabled considering its age but its straight from the Horse's mouth.. I'll give it a test with a 20mm and see what happens, when i get the 105's thanks for all the imputs craig
  13. just got this from nikon usa craig Subject N/F80 Flash metering system Discussion Thread Response (Rob M.) 03/21/2005 11:46 AM You would get Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill Flash with a Nikon non-D lens or D-lens with the N80 and the SB-105 underwater speedlights. Thanks for using Nikon products! Nikon Inc. (USA) Support / Service http://support.nikontech.com
  14. Hey thanks to everybody just what i wanted, going to get a couple of SB105's anyhow thanks craig
  15. Hi tom, i know what you mean, but they insist on putting all these functions into our cameras i want to explore them the question i was asking ref: above comments was not about SPOT TTL BIAS even when using the flash these cameras can use a reduced segment matrix meter that will Bia's to the area (segment) which is near to the focusing point... so nikon tell me thus TTL metering is ZONED, (canon term) over sections of your 12 segment matrix... but you need to use particular guns... My Old canon EOS 5 was split into 3 vertical zones, dependant on which focus sensor you selected out of the five it would Bia's its TTL to an appropriate zone. now i know that when using these cameras F80 F90 F100 in MANUAL MODE it goes straight to centre weighted TTL, that has been confirmed by NIKON the others A, S P modes suppose to use TTL BALANCED FILL FLASH, but sea and sea told me that even in those modes due to their strobes it still went to centre weighted....mmmmmm i'm just not sure about that, maybe they thought i was indeed using the camera in manual mode. i do when shooting macro but i tend to use Aperture priority when WA regards craig keep the answers coming please.
  16. Does anyone have information regarding how the following strobes are treated by NIKON cameras namley the F80/F90/F100, read on........ I recently contacted Sea & Sea to find out What flash metering mode My F80 will use when a YS series strobe is attached and turned to TTL. The result was ... even if the camera's meter was set to matrix, that the flash meter will default to centre weighted when a ys series strobe is attached. What strobes on the Market, Past and presnet allow my F80's Flash to work in Matrix mode TTL.. so for example when i select the far right focus piont, the flash TTL will also be metered from that piont. Do Nikonos Sb-105's enable this or Ike's ??? forgive my breif discriptions....... I know this was a FILM camera question, its just somthing that is on my mind and needs answering.. kind regards craig
  17. Thanks guys for the response's i think the Sb800 idea has gone out of the window.... i cannot be bothered with re-wiring my gear. so i'm going to go with good old fashioned sub strobes, not sure which to get myself though, as i say already own 2x ys90's might just get another ys90.. or trade them off and get 2x sb-105 as they have more manual controls... mind you... the INON 220 is looking nice. craig
  18. Hey guys Hi Mike just to mirror mikes suggestions really nico, i use my setup with dual ys90duos and run it in M mode most of the time, strobes to TTL. if i require a little more light i somtimes increase the flash compensation on the camera to +.7 or 1.3 or if i'm lazy i'll use A and set -1stop under on EXP comp just to underexpose the background a little then fill in with flash set to 0 exp comp. if you wish to see some images from this setup please email me on craig@aquaimaging.co.uk. regards craig
  19. HI Guys, i'm not sure if your aware but there is a oly TTL to nikon TTL converter availble for the PT-20 housing, from www.mike-dive.de I use one with mine and run dual ys90duos from it in hard wired TTL and it work brilliantly if you want to see some sample images contact me on craig@aquaimaging.co.uk basically the system converts the silly olympus bulkhead into a Nikonos 5pin standard then a electric conversion circuit to convert the olympus TTL signal into a NIKON signal, you then use a normal sync cord and away you go regards craig
  20. Hi Luiz thanks for that, so what folk are saying is that even if i house the Sb800 i still have to change the socket on my housing ? i've been intouch with Sealux about their housing, and they said that i needed a somthing added to the housing call FLEXIBLE CONACTS which allows me to use it with my sea and sea housing ( i Think) there is a little bit of a lanuage barrier just awaiting confirmation from them, they made it sound like i need to use a S&S sync cord to get it intergrated into my system... mmmmm its all seems not as easy as it appears. maybe just getting a couple of SB-105's or a YS120 is a much better option what do you guys think ? regards craig
  21. Thanks for the replies so far, KEEP THEM COMING as for the Matthias ITTL converter, Sorry but i really cannot be bothered with mucking about with my new housing, i'd rather just simply shoot manual or use the SB800 in a housing. but its all good stuff thanks again keep'em coming craig
  22. Hello All i'm looking for information from folks that have/are using the D70 underwater. currently i own Nik F-80 sea & sea, Oly 5060wz pt-20 and a D70, awaiting a housing Sea & Sea what i need is some good information on your choice of strobes currently i use 2x ys90's on my f-80, & have to Rob a ys90 for my Oly5060 when both units go underwater. so i'm looking to purchase a new strobe or flash housing to set both systems up complete until i get my D70 housing. i understand about the issues we have about ITTL and only shooting manual with the D70 with anything but the sb800 in a housing. before i part with yet more hard earned cash, some reasearch needs to be done what are you views on housing the Sb800 , i've been talking to SEALUX about the CX-800 housing and it fits the pocket coming out at about £380.00 sterling. i'm a little concerned about using ys90 duos on the D70 as the minimum ISO on the D70 is 200 and manual control's on the 90's are only full & Half.. not a major worries as i can always use aperture to control the flash exposure anyway. i'd rather not spend £1000 plus on a strobe, i have numerous models flying around in my head at present YS90 again, Ys120, Nikon SB-105's, Ike DS125, Inon's, Subal Sn-800 housing the selection has to work with my housed F-80, as well as work well with the D70 Answers on a postcard please ................. any information would be great.... regards Craig
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