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  1. Hi Not into U/W video YET ! (can't afford the housing) BUT i use a Sony HVR-A1 (HDR HC-1 with added shotgun mic and lens hood) on land for work. I can'r recommed it highly enough. I was looking for a Sony PD110 or PD150 when I bought it but they are discontinued and a pro friendrecommended the HVR-A1. The BBC have started using them for some of their documentry stuff (the type of things where the people film it them self). The camera is very small but so small it's difficult to handle, the battery life is quite good, BUT the picture quality you get is unbeleiveble for such cheap small peice of kit. I know not many people use the HD yet but when you convert to DVD the quality is much better than a standard miniDV camera and it won't be long before HD is the norm so you won't be left behind. I know Ikelite do a housing but don't know abot anybody else. As for editing I use a Mac and iMovie for basic stuff or FinalCutPro for most of my work. I also sometimes use Premer Elements on a PC but not very often as I'v got access to a full on Mac editing suite. I know a few people who've also ha som good results with pinnicle. I'd second the advice above about sticking to tape instead of HDD. Apart from tape being cheaper it's easier to take a few tapes with you on a divign holiday than a load of HDD and a laptop!! As I said I haven't got into U/W video yet but from my experience of U/W still and Dry video that's my 2p worth. Hope it helps.
  2. Don't know it will work but something you could look into maybe. I've seen some stick on things to correct vision in masks. I've also seen other stick on magnifiers round. You could try sticking it on the housing instead of the mask. May work ???
  3. A few of my friends have these cases for their cameras (or something similar). Cases I think thats the sort of thing your looking at.
  4. I have a canon S50 and canon case and have never had any problems. I do a lot of big white water kayaking including some small waterfalls (10-20ft) and some kayak surfing and my camera quite regularly comes with me. I don't think you can go far wrong with most of the Canon's the S70 is very good and the waterproof case is quite cheap. You can also get plastic waterproof bag type cases that some of my friends use for kayaking and they've never had a problem either. If it's just surfing you want to shoot one of those will do the job and be much cheaper. As the previous post said make sure you keep up the maintenance and wash it in clean water after every use. I've attached a surf pic. The quality is not that hot as they've been cut down for web use.
  5. I currently have a Canon S50 in Canon housing and Inon D2000 strobe. I'm getting some quite good results (I'm still learning) but find the AF and shutter lag to slow. I'm also finding the F stop range a bit small on the camera. I'd like to upgrade to something faster with a better lens. I don't want to spend too much and would like to get something that I can use my current strobe with. Is there any point in changing for another compact or will I only get the speed from an SLR (which I can't afford at the moment). And if so what should I look at? Thanks for your help.
  6. It's a common work around canon use. I have a S50 and it has the same type of workaround which took me ages to find out. Like most men I don't read instruction manuals !! A lot of digging arund the net gave me the answer and it's common to a lot of their models. Now I now about it I find it works really well. I hold the camera in 2 hands anyway when used with my Inon D2000 so the 2 handed operation is not an issue.
  7. Ah !! Thanks for the info. good to know !! Is this true ChangyDiver do you run Scubacam ? And if so do you have in stock the goodies I need to get strobed up ?? AND is there such a thing as a Wetpixel discount ????
  8. Do Scubacam have a website ? I'm going in winter because thats the only time my girlfriend can get time off because she's a teacher and can only go in school holidays.
  9. HI I'm off to NZ next week stopping off at Singapore on the way. I'm going to be diving off the north island (poor knights and Rainbow W). I have a canon s50 and it's about time a got my self a strobe (instead of borrowing off friends!!). I think I've decided I want an Inon D200. Any comments ? Also if that is a good choice anybody know if there are any dealers in Singapore or NZ where I may get one a big cheaper ??? Cheers Rob
  10. I could tell you where but then I'd have to kill you !! You are correct it's not around Swansea ! They were taken with Canon S50 (canon housing) and Epoque ds 150 strobe. It was Babbacombe nr. Torquay. Taken last weekend. Was hoping to get some shots of cuttle fish but they don't seem to be around yet. Thanks for your comments. Your right the blendy is a tad out of focus.
  11. Hi My 1st atempt at british u/w photography. Any comments or tips gratefully received. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your feedback James. I'll try to keep it in mind on my next dive with the camera.
  13. This was taken on Tiran, Sharm in June 2004 (depth approx. 20m). It was my 1st atempt of UW Digi Photgraphy. My only other experience was with cheap, basic point and press 35mm. Setup used : Canon S50 Epoque ES 150-DS I'd be grateful for any tip on how I can improve. ** The image has been cropped**
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